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Blowout at Z343

Zapruder frame 343

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#41 Guest_Darren Hastings_*

Guest_Darren Hastings_*
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Posted 07 February 2015 - 06:00 PM

If the alterations were designed to be discovered then it took approx 40 years and huge advancements in video processing software (and people like Robin) for that objective to be met.

I don't see it realistic that the charter for the editors/creators of the film included making sure the alterations were done in such a way as
1.) cover up the complicity of SS/conspiracy
2.) erase evidence of multiple shooters/conspiracy
3.) make sure the alterations were discoverable

The risk is such that if 3 occurs before 1 and 2 are sold to the public, CONSPIRACY is proven and the whole foundation for the layers of bullshit collapses.

#42 David Joseph

David Joseph

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Posted 30 August 2015 - 02:40 PM

I would suggest to guest Darren that he look at the film in the light of Phase 1 & 2...  Mr. Scott's concise explanation for so much we saw occur...


If a Cuban conspiracy is desired... multiple gunman works to support this conclusion in addition to CIA asset Alvarado telling the Phillip's scripted red-headed negro story of $6500 and Oswald bravado.


Hit the brakes... no conspiracy.  - even though the films and photos, witnesses and backstory shows otherwise.


"The Evidence is what we will say it is and whatever we give them will be accepted as THE evidence".  - FBI .


How does a Cuban conspiracy turn into a Lone Nut action in 20 minutes? 

Oswald's part of the conspiracy was provided for with 3 shells and a rifle on which he spray paints his name.. and a duplicitous back story.  This same evidence is now him alone...  easy enough.


Did anyone film/photo anything of significance?


Gayle told her story, Muchmore says she didn't film the shooting. Hughes, not so much. Babuska and others are gone

Only Zap and Nix got it of the films we know of.


Moorman's photo... imo showing the shooter behind the fence to the right of the tree... was too hard to lose??? the one previous was lost.


I hope you don't find this too confusing - I plotted out what was caught on film by person by color with overlap...


Follow the color to where it converges to find the name of the person filming.  I did the same for photos yet only Moorman is of any consequence.


Other than removing Zapruder and Nix from consideration asap... the autopsy would be the only other significant evidence not in their control at that second... so they took the body and made sure the evidence provided showed what needed to be shown...  a shot from behind and above...  and another whole set of altered and created images is fostered upon us as the tautological argument's evidence about which we need to DISPROVE for the logic to make any sense.


I dubbed them "closed loop corroboration"...  within the defined universe the evidence works... but only within the defined universe.  add real world example or expectation and the corroboration falls apart...  used endlessly in the evidence by the FBI...  get them arguing apples while we harvest cotton.










The Evidence IS the Conspiracy

#43 Joey Montana

Joey Montana


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Posted 02 March 2016 - 12:22 PM

It appears first in 341 and is gone by 348.



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