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November Days

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Posted 07 November 2014 - 02:26 PM

November 7, 1963 Thursday
9:40 AM The President arrived at the office
9:30 AM The President received the State Chairman and Secretaries of the Presidents Committee on Employment of the Handicapped.
10:05-10:26 Honorable Frank Ikard, Mister William Vanghey, Mister Harold Decker – off the record
1:00-12:20 - off the record meeting on wheat
12:27-12:35-Ambassador to Switzerland Honorable William True Davis, Junior
1:35 PM The President went to the pool
1:45 PM To the Mansion (lunch)
3:55 PM The President returned to the office
4:00-5:00 pm Portuguese Foreign Minister H. E. Dr. Alberto Franco Nogueira, Honorable George Ball, Honorable Francis Maloy, Honorable William Burdett
5:00-5:25 p.m. Honorable Franklin D. Roosevelt, Junior – off the record
5:30-6:25-Honorable George Ball, Honorable L;ewellyn Thompson
6:30-6:50 the Honorable Dean Rusk

Discussion of Otepka and Gullion cases
7:26 PM The President went to the pool
8 PM To the Mansion

Remarks to Officers of State Governor's committee on Employment of the Handicapped November 71963
Chairman Macy and ladies and gentlemen:
 I want to express a very warm welcome to all of you to Washington.
  We appreciate what you are doing and the States and I think that it gives us a better idea, this kind of meeting, of what way we might be helpful. This is a matter of great interest to all of us. I hope that we will define handicapped so that we do make a major effort on those who are handicapped.
  We also have a program airport does whom we regard as mentally restored, those who pass through a difficult. But who are now fully capable of carrying their burden. In addition, as you may know, the Civil Service Commission itself give some of its tests in braille said that those who are blind may occupy a useful place in society. But I hope we can do more in the National Government, I hope you will do more in your States. I hope private industry and labor will also realize that those who are handicapped frequently are more compensated by their desire to be useful and to play a gainful role.
 Of course, the key is to maintain will employment to the extent that we can in our society. If we have a pressure for jobs, then those who are, in a sense, on the AHU are handicapped in some ways – it is easier for them. So the central responsibility, of course, is to try to develop a climate in this country where there is as close to full employment as we can get it, and then to give particular attention to those who are handicapped, it seems to me, and also those areas of the United States which, because of technological change, had left a good many men adrift – thousands in some parts, particularly in the older coal mining sections. This is not directly in your area of responsibility, but it is still tied into those who have been handicapped in one way or another.
 I want to express a very warm welcome to all of you. I hope you have a few minutes to go through the White House and to see that this is where a good deal has happened in the past and, we hope, even a little in the future.
Thank you.


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Posted 08 November 2014 - 12:55 PM

Friday, November 8 1963

9:30 am The President arrives at the office

9:35-9:45 am  The President received the delegates to the 1963 Session of the Management Council of the Consultative Committee on Postal Studies-Universal Postal Union

10:00-10:27 am The Ambassador of Tunisia pays a farewell call to the President, Gov of Maryland G.Mennen Williams

11:03-11:55 am His Excellency Mohammad Tazid

11:55 -12:00 Noon Off The Record with the Producer and Director of the Opera Vanessa

12:00-12:10 pm Dr Glenn Seaborg (Off The Record)

12:15-1:15- Grain Trade Meeting

1:45 President went to the pool

2:00 pm To the Mansion for Lunch

4:00 pm National Commander United Spanish War Veterans

5:05 pm The President departs the White House Grounds by helicopter for Andrews Air Force Base Md.

5:15 pm Departs Andrews Air Force Base headed to New York, New York

He went to New york where he was presented with the Protestant Council's "Family of Man Award" because of his support of human rights.

His speech,which I noted further down ,was given in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel.

"Surely the Americans of the 1960's can do half as well as the Americans of the 1950's.Surely we are not going to throw away our hopes and means for peaceful progress in an outburst of irritation and frustration. I do not want it said of us what T.S.Eliot said of others years ago: "There were a decent people.Their only monument:the asphalt road and a thousand lost golf balls."

Afterward he attended a black tie party-where he spoke with William and Rose Styron-" He asked them "How did they get you to come here?They had a hard enough time getting me." -TC JFK'S LHD



The Remarks to Delegates to a Committee of the Universal Postal Union was given at 9:30 am in the White House Flower Garden

Ladies and genttleman:

   I am delighted to welcome you to the United States. I understand this is the first time in 65 years that this country has been the host to this organization,and it is a source of satisfaction to us that this organization took its present form during the Administration of President Abraham Lincoln

100 years ago.

  That so many countries are able to cooperate so successfully in moving mail which in essence.of course,communication between people,I think should be a source of pride to us all wherever we live.I hope this kind of intimate association,cooperation for the benefit of our people,may be extended to other fields.

  We welcome you to this House which is identified with major periods in American history,and I regard this as one of the most satisfying. You are very welcome here.

   Ladies and gentleman thank you very much. We appreciate the stamps,and if you will write me, I'll collect some more from all your countries. Thank you very much.

-Public Papers of the Presidents -John F,Kennedy 1963 pg 838


Message To Chancellor Erhard Following a Mine Disaster in Lengede ,Germany

Dear Mr.Chancellor:

 The news that it has been possible to rescue more of the miners that were trapped underground in the disaster at the Mathilde Mine in Lengede has been received with relief in America.Along with the German people we have followed intently efforts to bring up the survivors,whose courage we admire.

  I know I speak for all Americans in asking you to extend our sympathy to the families and friends of those men who lost their lives in this tragic accident.

John F. Kennedy

PPOP-JFK 1963 PG 838


Remarks at the Dinner of the Protestant Council of the City Of New York -There remarks are 4 pages long. if someone wants to read then I will post them here. They are in the PPOP-JFK PGS 838-42

But i did find the opening sentence of his  remarks quite sad knowing what we know now.

" I had wondered what i would do when I retired from the Presidency,whenever that time might come....."

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Posted 08 November 2014 - 02:54 PM

Saturday, November 9 1963 Sunday November 10

The President is in New York City awaiting Secret Service Report

Executive Order 11127-Creatring an Emergency Board to investigate a dispute between the Florida East Coast Railroad Company and certain of its employees,


Later in the afternoon on Saturday, The President arrived at his home Wexford to be with Mrs. Kennedy and the children,by this time ..they had enjoyed the home so much they planned on enlarging the stables and and a wing with more guest rooms and servants quarters. Toni and Ben Bradlee were guests at what turned out to be Jack's last weekend there.

  Jackie had organized an  informal horse show but it had rained so much that the road was rutted and none of the other peoples vans could make it,so Jackie and Caroline rode their horses in the meadow..Jack and the Bradlees sat on the stone wall at Wexford drinking bloody marys while Jackie jumed hurdles on Bit O' Irish.

 Later on leaning up against the house Jackie led John's pony Leprechaun up next to Jack and gave him some sugar cubes to feed the horse , the horse poked Jack in the side looking for more sugar-everyone was laughing.  Jack called to Cecil Stoughton " Are you getting this Captain? You are about to see a President getting eaten by a horse."


  Jack spends time with his children. John plays soldier, he wears an over sized helmet and carries a toy rifle on his shoulder,his father is concerned about John's fascination with guns,but indulges his son saying he just sees to much of the real thing.When John salutes with his left hand,his mother attempts to show him the right way to salute,She told him Daddy would be taking him to a ceremony tomorrow were he would see soldiers saluting daddy and he might want to salute daddy too.but to everyone's delight John persisted in doing a left handed salute.

Jack also teaches his daughter Caroline how to swing a golf club Jack spent time relaxing on the patio and talking with John while Caroline went swinging on her new swing set.


On Sunday the Kennedy's attended mass at St.Stephen the Myrttyr Church in Middleburg Va They left Wexford at 10:58. were at mass form 10:00-10:50 and were back at Wexford by 10:58.


Jumping Hurdles



Teaching John to Salute



With John






Leprechaun going for sugar













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Posted 11 November 2014 - 03:03 PM

November 11,1963 Monday

10:52 am The President departed the White House and motored to Arlington National Cemetery to participate in the Veteran's Day Ceremony. He is accompanied by Gen. Chester V.Clifton, Gen. Godfrey McHugh, and Captain Tazwell Shephard

11:01 am Arrived at Arlington National Cemetery

After formal greeting, The President was escorted to the tomb of the unknown soldier

The President laid a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier assisted by Sgt.First Class Thomas C.Bone

Entered the stage of the amphitheater

11:10-11:23 am Address by the President at Arlington National Cemetery in observance of Veterans Day

11:29 am Departed Arlington National Cemetery and motored to the White House

11:40 am Arrived at the White House

11:50-12:00 Noon Gen Maxwell Taylor

                             Hon. Walter W.Rostow


12:50-1:55 Hon.Dean Rusk   (Off The Record)

                  Hon.Robert McNamara

                  Gen.Lyman Lemnitzer

                  Gen. Maxwell Taylor

2:00 pm The President went to the pool

8:00 pm (Private Dinner at the White House-Black Tie)


The service that day lasted 28 minutes (1101-1129 am) there were 4000 in attendance. JFK is seen here just after he placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Taps were being played by US Army bugler at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider (1945-62) and member of the US Army Band at Fort Myer (1944-62) US Army Sgt First Class George William Myers (02.11.1920-06.21.1998). Behind JFK (L to R)-Superintendent (1951-1972) of Arlington National Cemetery John C Metzler (05.08.1909-05.25.1990), US Army aide to the POTUS Major General Chester Victor Clifton (09.24.1913-12.23.1991), US Air Force aide to the POTUS Brigadier General Godfrey T McHugh (08.01.1911-07.05.1997), US Navy Captain Tazewell Taylor Shepard (01-22-1921-06.21.2013) and lastly Thomas Stirling (03.31.1893-0.02.1969) the National Commander of the American Legion of Valor (1961-62). The man beside JFK is US Army Major General Paul Amos Gavan (07.18.1903-02.01.1979) the Commanding General of the Military District of Washington DC (1961-07.31.1963).-Thanks Mark.


Jackie decided to spend an extra day at Wexford, so the President took Caroline and John back to the White Hose with him because Caroline had school today. Today was "Daddy's Day" at Caroline's school were the father's would attend their child's class with them. JFK missed the first class but before heading to Arlington,He stopped by the class at recess and thanked the teacher for the good job she was doing.

   As promised the day before,JFK had decided to take John with him to the Ceremony at Arlington today. John was fascinated by the men in their military uniforms and he loved watching them march by.

   When they arrived the President told Secret Service Agent Bob Foster to keep John near the car during the beginning of the solemn ceremony. But John could see the soldiers from where he was. 

By the time the ceremony was over the President knew that John would be getting restless so he asked that his son be brought to him. John delighted his father and the others by imitating his father by walking up to him with his hands clasped behind his back. He made his father smile in spite of  his trying to keep a serious face at this solemn event. He was not paying attention to the military in the least he was focused on his father..he walked up and hugged his father's leg in a show of affection. Everyone smiles.

   Once they are in the car however,the President decided to play with his son and JFK gives his son a push.. John pushes back...."I'm going to tell Miss Shaw on you." says John "Well,replies his dad, "I'm going to tell Mrs. Lincoln on you," and they both laugh.


-The President remarks to Robert McNamara That Arlington was a beautiful place and he could sped eternity there.


-Waiting for Daddy







President Arrives



Eyes Only For Daddy










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Posted 15 November 2014 - 09:32 PM

Thank you Michelle, for all the remembrance photos, wonderful memories...best b
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Posted 16 November 2014 - 11:46 AM

November 12 1963 Tuesday

9:35 AM – President arrived in the office
9:30-10:08 am - Honorable H.E. P Dr. Pedro Thetonio Pereira Ambassador to Porugal paid farewell call to the President

10:13-10:30 am- H.E Mr.Juan Felipe Yriart Newly Ambassador to Uraguay

                           Mr. Sterling Cottrell

10:30-11:30 am Off the Record Meeting on Cuba

12:00-12:30 pm-Mr. Berthold Bietz

                         Mr. Joseph E.O'Mahoney Dept of State

1:10 pm The President went to the pool

1:55 pm To the Mansion  LUNCH

(No official appointments the President conferred with various staff members throughout the afternoon)


Mrs. Kennedy returns to the White House from the Kennedy Home in Atoka Virginia
Visit to the president's office by FBI liaison Cartha Deloach
Memo from the President to James Webb NASA Administrator reguarding cooperation with USSR.


Letter to the President, D. C. Board of Commissioners, Concerning Howling Projects November 12, 1963
Dear Mr.Tobriner:
  I am pleased to have your letter of November 7, 1963, transmitting the recommendation of the Policy Riser Committee with respect to the North Leg of the Inner Length and the additional Central City Potomac River Crossing, and advised me that the Board of commissioners concurs in those recommendations.
 The recommendations are likewise acceptable to me, and will be included in my budget recommendations to the Congress in January.
 The Policy Advisory Committee is an example of the possibilities for cooperative action among Federal and District agencies in resolving difficult problems, and the fact that it's recommendations are unanimous is particularly gratifying. The concurrence of the Board Of commissioners in those recommendation should assure that the entire District Highway Program can now move forward.
John F Kennedy


November 12 1963 Memo to NASA

The subject of the memorandum was: Classification review of all
UFO intelligence files affecting National Security.

The body of the memorandum reads:

"As I had discussed with you previously, I have
initiated (blacked out) and have instructed James
Webb to develop a program with the Soviet Union in
joint space and lunar exploration. It would be very
helpful if you would have the high threat cases
reviewed with the purpose of identification of bona
fide as opposed to classified CIA and USAF sources.
It is important that we make a clear distinction
between the knowns and unknowns in the event the
Soviets try to mistake our extended cooperation as a
cover for intelligence gathering of their defence and
space programs.

When this data has been sorted out, I would like you
to arrange a program of data sharing with NASA
where Unknowns are a factor. This will help NASA
mission directors in their defensive responsibilities.

I would like an interim report on the data review no
later than February 1, 1964.

/S/ John F. Kennedy"

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Posted 16 November 2014 - 12:51 PM

November 13, 1963 Wednesday

9:40 AM – the President arrives in the office
9:40-9:50 am The President is presented the first 1963 Christmas Seals, to open the 1963 campaign
 Miss Ann Landers
National Honorary Chairman of the 1963 Christmas Seals campaign Mister Peter James President, National Tuberculosis Association
Mister George Rose, Public Relations Council
Mister Joe Ranson, Associate, Public Relations
Congressman John Fogarty
10:10-10:28 am Honorable Dr. Kerei Duda newly appointed ambassador to Czechoslovakia
Honorable Angier Biddle Duke
Mister John Dennis officer in charge of Czechoslovakian affairs, State
10:35-11:25 Honorable Chester Bowles
12:00-12:10 pm-Honorable Henry Fowler
                       Honorable Lawrence O'Brien    (off the record)
                       Honorable Myer Feldman

1:10 PM the President went to the pool
1:40 PM to the Mansion (lunch)
3:15 PM Returned to office
4:10 PM  The President and Mrs. Kennedy went to the South Lawn and greeted the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) lead by Major Wednesday Gray. After greeting the group, the president and Mrs. Kennedy joined Caroline and John on the South Balcony and watch the program. (During the welcoming, Major Gray presented the President with a Black Watch officers dirk (dagger)
5 PM the President returned to the office
5:00-5:25 pm  Kentucky Crash Program Meeting
5:30-6:25 pm Honorable Dean Rusk out by 6:15 PM
                    Honorable Christain Herter
                    Honorable McGeorge Bundy
6:30-6:55 Doctor John A. Hannah Chairman, Civil Writes Committee
7:15 PM the President went to the pool
8:03 PM to the Mansion

A strategy meeting is held with the 1964 Presidential Election Campaign


Also in the audience watching the Royal Highland Regiment is children supported by the United Givers Fund invited by Mrs. Kennedy

Also that day photos were taken of Caroline sitting next to her father on the South balcony when her arm around her father's neck.

That evening the Kennedys had a special dinner guest, the reclusive film actress Greta Garbo, who requested that the dinner party be a small one. The invitees included Lee Radziwell (the first lady's sister), designer Oleg Cassini and Kennedy's boyhood friend Lemoyne "Lem" Billings, who claimed to know Garbo well.Kennedy asked Garbo to help him play a prank on Billings '

Kennedy had invited Garbo to come early so he could brief her on the prank that he planned to spring on his best friend. When Billings arrived, he bounded over to Garbo and exclaimed "Greta!" She turned to Kennedy with a puzzled look on her face and said, "I have never seen this man before." Billings was too mortified to eat. He listed everywhere they had been together, but she insisted she had never met this "Mr. Billings." As he became increasingly upset and disoriented, Kennedy was solicitous, suggesting that he may have met someone resembling Garbo. When he finally put his friend out of his misery, everyone laughed uproariously. Billings grinned, trying to be a good sport, but later called the prank "one of the worst things I ever went through in my life."

Garbo became inebriated and shouted "I must go!" But she stayed and stayed. Jackie gave her a tour of the White House, and she took her shoes off and sat on Lincoln's bed. She refused an invitation to stay overnight because she feared it might have entailed what she called "a visit from the president." Kennedy usually retreated to his study after dinner. Tonight he remained at the party, pointedly telling Garbo that he never stayed with guests this long. Before she left, he gave her one of his prized pieces of scrimshaw, prompting Jackie to remark, "he never gave me a whale's tooth."

Here is the thank you letter that Garbo wrote to Jacqueline Kennedy after the event:

Letter from Garbo at end of post.


Remarks of Welcome to the Members of the Black Watch Management November 13, 1963
Ladies and gentlemen, Ambassador, Major Wingert Gray, boys and girls:
 it is a great pleasure for Mrs. Kennedy and myself to welcome the Black watch to the White House. We are proud to do so for many reasons – because the kernel in Chief of the Regiment is the Coin Mother of Great Britain, and this Regiment has carried the colors of the British race around the globe for several centuries, fighting all the way from Ticonderoga to Waterloo, to the Crimea to India – against us on one occasion, in the war for independence; with us on many occasions – World War I, World War II and Korea.
 So we are proud to have them here. And we are proud to have them here also because they are a Scottish Regiment, and that green and Misty country has sent hundreds and thousands of Scottish men and women to the United States and they have been among our finest citizens.
 We are proud to have them here, finally, because, speaking personally, the history of Skiving captured me at a very young age.
The United States, in fact all of us, love, I suppose, in a sense, lost causes, and on occasion the history of Scotland has been a lost cause. But in some ways they have triumphed perhaps more today there before. So we are glad to have you here, Major, and we regard it as a great honor to have the representatives of a great country here is our guest at the White House. Thank you.
{At this point major Gray spoke briefly and presented the president with an officer's dirk. The president resumed speaking}
  I want to thank the major for this presentation of a dirk of the Black Watch. The major just said that the motto of the Lack Watch is "Nobody wins us with impunity." I think that is a very good motto for some of the rest of us.
Thank you


After the performance of the Black Watch Miss Shaw brought Caroline.into say good night to their father. JFK laid out on the floor of his children could swarm all over him Evelyn Lincoln walked in and said "what would people think that they show the president down the floor?" Looking up from the floor he said, "After all Mrs. Lincoln I am also a father."

With Ann Landers accepting 1963 Christmas Seals



The President welcomes Major Wingate Gray and receives jeweled dirk




Watching from the South Balcony



Major Wingate Gray, Caroline Kennedy, The President, Mrs Kennedy and John Jr



The President and Family with children from the United Giver's Fund



Whales Tooth John Kennedy gave to Greta Garbo




Letter from Garbo to Mrs Kennedy


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Posted 17 November 2014 - 02:06 PM

November 14,1963


8:40-9:50 am Pre-Press Breakfast off the record
9:55 AM – The  President arrived in the office
11:00-11:30 am Press Conference at the Department of State Auditorium
The President returned to the White House
12:00-12:15 p.m. The President made a film off the record with Senator Gail W McGee, Senator Frank E. Moss, Senator Quentin N. Burdick
12:00-1:00 pm Bi – partisan Committee (National) on healthcare of the aged
1:35 PM The President went to the Mansion
3:19 PM the President departed the White House by helicopter and flew to Elkton, Maryland to participate in the dedication ceremony of the new Turnpike in Delaware and Maryland.
 3:19 PM at Elkton Maryland, President Kennedy cut a ribbon stretched across the Mason-Dixon line opening the missing link of a north-south highway. Joining President Kennedy in clipping the ribbon to open the highway were Governor Elbert N. Carvill of Delaware and Governor Millard J Tawes of Maryland

5:34 PM President Kennedy was greeted by Deputy Mayor, Edward Cavanagh Junior and Police Commissioner Michael Murphy at LaGuardia Airport

5:40 PM President Kennedy and Deputy Mayor Kavanaugh departed the main terminal at LaGuardia Airport Congressman Torbert McDonald Road in car #1

6:10 PM The motorcade arrived at the Carlyle Hotel,76th and Madison Avenue. The President was met by Mister Samuel Lewis, hotel manager and escorted to his suite (34 – W).

7 PM The President had dinner with Congressman Torbert McDonald, Mir Kenneth P O'Donnell, and Mr David Power

8:16 PM The President, Mr Kenny O'Donnell, and Mr David Powers departed the Carlyle Hotel and walked to the home of his sister Mrs. Jean's  Smith at 950 Park Avenue

8 20 p.m. The President and party arrived at the Stephen Smith residence

12:37 PM The President and Mr. David Powers departed the Smith residence

12:40 PM The President and Mr David Powers arrived at the Carlyle Hotel

The stretch of Highway the President dedicated this day would soon be known as the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway


Of note when President Kennedy left the Carlyle Hotel to attend the party at the apartment of his sister Jean Smith he slipped out the side door with his Secret Service detail leaving a large police due to a waiting in the lobby


The President also began a five day solo trip


Statement by the President in response to the report of the National Committee on Health Care of the Aged November 14, 1963

I am very pleased to have the report on financing health care of the aged prepared by the bipartisan National Committee on Health Care of the Aged under the sponsorship of Centers Anderson and Javits.
 The thoughtful proposals of this expert group of leaders from Madison, education, industry and in church should prove extremely helpful in her effort to obtain at in the Congress on this vital matter. I was for a pleased to see the that the report endorses the fundamental principle of financing certain basic health costs of our older citizens through the Social Security system; and I look forward to working with the members and sponsors of this Committee in ending the loan neglect of this growing national problem. This report might sure that the enactment by the Congress of this badly needed legislation.


 Remarks at the Dedication of the Delaware Maryland Turnpike November 14, 1963
Mister Moses, Governor Carville Governor taws Congressman Fallon a Maryland, Congressman McDowell of Delaware Mrs. Brister, representing Senator Brewster, who stayed on the Senate floor today distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

It is a pleasure for me to join the citizens of Delaware and Maryland in opening this new highway. This highway has been built by the dedicated efforts of the citizens of these two States, and it joins a great interstate highway which represents a cooperative effort between the United States Government and the people of the various States, through which this long ribbon will pass.
 It symbolizes, I believe, this highway first of all, the partnership between the Federal Government and the States, which is essential to the progress of all of our people; and secondly, it symbolizes the effort we have made to achieve the most modern interstate highway system in the world, a system which, when completed, will save over 8000 lives a year and 9 billion and costs. And third, it symbolizes the effort which we are giving and must be giving to organizing an effective communication system here in the United States of America.
 No industry has a greater impact upon the Nation and no industry has a greater opportunity to affect our economic progress. This administration has proposed a new, comprehensive, national transportation policy, calling for an examination of the relationship between highways, rails, air routes, and Water routes, and our goal is the development of the most efficient, economic and the safest transportation system for all of our people.
 Finally, this highway symbolizes a coordinated effort which is consistent with the approach which we must have to the problems in this section of the United States, for it may be only a few years when the whole area, stretching from Washington to Boston, will be one gigantic Harvard center. We have now undertaken a comprehensive study of all of the transportation needs which this area of the country will require in the coming years. But highway planning is not enough.
 Already one third of the people of the United States live in the 15th States through which this highway will pass. By the year 2000 days State would be to find housing and parks for 23 million more people, an increase of roughly 50% in less than 40 years. They wanted schools for 6 million more of your children. They were in a hospital and nursing home for some eight-man men and women over the age of 65, compared to the 41/2 million today. They would need to provide an additional to Bank out of water everyday.
 So we must clean base rivers and we must get freshwater from saltwater. These are some of the facts which the people of the Northeast, and the State governments must face them with them, and the Federal Government must take the lead. They may be facts which some would prefer to ignore. They may be facts which some would prefer to forget, what if the United States of America and particularly the north east United States, this 15 states are going to move the hand and provide a better life for the people of Delaware and the people of Maryland, and the people of the United States, then we are going to have to do something about it.
 Because people several years ago made the plans and took the initiative, this highway is now being dedicated. I hope in the year 1963 we will again take stock of the needs of the country over the next decade and we will begin today, this year, this decade the things which will make this country a better place to live in for the rest of the century.
 I congratulate you, the people of Delaware, the people of Maryland and the people of the United States.
Thank you.


Photo of Gov Carvell  Gov of Delaware the President, and Gov Tawes of Maryland November 14 1963




President's Arrival




The Ribbon Cutting





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Posted 19 November 2014 - 12:48 PM

November 15 1963  Friday


12:37 AM The President and Mr. David Powers departed the Smith residence  via limousine

12:40 AM The President and Mr Powers arrived at a Carlyle Hotel

10:45 AM The President and Secretary of Labor Wirtz departed they Carlyle Hotel via limousine

10:55 AM the motorcade arrived at the 52nd Ave. entrance of the Americana Hotel where the President was met by Mr. P Robert Tish, President of the Americana and Mister Thomas P Trey General Manager

10:57 AM The President and Secretary Wirtz were escorted by the above people to the elevator, to the second floor, (Imperial Court), where he was met by George Meany, President of the A F L – CIO.

11:02 AM the President was escorted to the stage in the Imperial Ball Room, and was introduced by George Meany

there were 4,200 members attending the AFL-CIO speech, and 3,200 teenagers at the drop off of the CYO Federation

11:30 AM the President completed his speech and was escorted back to the elevator, and to his car by Mister Tish and Mister Trey of the Americana

11:35 AM the President and Secretary Wirtz departed the Americana Hotel be limousine

11:40 AM the President and Secretary Wirtz arrived at the 54th St. entrance of the New York Hilton Hotel and were met by Monsignor Stevenson and Monsignor Carol of the CIO and Mister Joseph Bemma, Managing Director and Mister Everett Volt, General Manager of the New York Hilton Hotel, and escorted to the elevator and the fourth floor (Ballroom Balcony)

11:45 AM the President addressed the Seventh Biannual Convention of the Catholic Youth Organization Federation

11:50 AM the President completed his address and was escorted back to his limousine

11:55 AM the President and Secretary Wirtz departed the New York Hilton hotel via automobile

12:01 PM the President Secretary Wirtz arrived at Carlyle Hotel, were met by Mister Samuel Lewis, Hotel Manager and escorted to his suite: 34 A

2:21 PM The President and Congressman T McDonald departed the Carlyle Hotel via automobile

2:58 PM The President and party arrived at Idlewild Airport gate number 33
3:04 PM the President and party departed Idlewild Airport, New York City, via USAF#26000 enroute to Palm Beach Florida

Palm Beach, Florida

USAF#2600 arrived West Palm Beach International Airport, The President was greeted by
Town Manager B. Arnold (Palm Beach)
Mayor Ray Behn (West Home Beach)
City Manager Frank Lawler (West Palm Beach)
County Commissioner E. F. Van Kessell
County Commissioner George Warren
Chief of Police William Barnes (West Palm Beach)

5:20 PM The President the company by Congressman McDonald, and Mister David Powers departed for Ambassador Kennedy's Residence

5:45 PM the President and party arrival Kennedy residence


The President also gave a speech to the National FBI Academy


What was not known to anyone then – but would soon be heartbreaking one clear, this was to be the last weekend John Kennedy's life. He spent most of that last weekend at his dad's home in Palm Beach Florida with college roommate Torbert McDonald  but he would also go to Miami and Tampa Florida


Remarks In New York City at the AFL-CIO Convention November 15 1963

Mister Meany, Members of the Executive Council, fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen:
 The other day I met in the newspaper where Senator Goldwater past labors support before 2000 cheering Illinois businessman. I have come here to ask labor support for a program for the United States.
 I am glad to come to this convention, and I think that the AFL-CIO, that this convention, and looking back over the years, overdue century, can take pride in the actions it has taken, riding in the stand it has made, pride in the thing it has done not only for the American labor movement, but for the United States as a whole. It is no accident. I think that those who oppose what we are trying to do today could recall the comparative history of the years between world wars wanted to end the year since World War II. The 20 year period from 1919 to 1939 was marked by the 11 year depression, a two-year depression, eight years of stagnation in the 20s on the farms of America. And all of the efforts which were made in the 30s against almost comparable opposition, and on occasions even greater to what we do today – all of the efforts which were made in the 30s and later carried out in the administration of President Truman, I think Made it possible for us to have a far different history between 1945 through two 1965.
 Those 20 years, 1919 to 1939, those years from 1945 through 1965, tell the story of the progress which Franklin Roosevelt made in the 30s and on which we now live and benefit in the 60s. It is no accident – it is no accident that this country staggered through 20 years. And it is no accident – it didn't just merely happen that this country has steadily increased in wealth and strength in the years from 1945 on. It is because of the steps that were taken in the 30s to lay the foundation for progress in the 40s and 50s and 60s that make it possible for us to meet in these circumstances. And our obligation in the 60s is to do those things in the Congress of the United State and in the various States which will make it possible for others in the 70s and 80s to continue to live in prosperity.
 Three years ago, and one week, by landslide, the people of the United States elected me to the Presidency of this country, and it is possible that you had something to do with that majority of 112,000 votes. And I think it, therefore, appropriate to say something about what we had done, and even more appropriate to say something about what we must do.
 With your help and support, which are concerned, we have worked to try to improve the lot of the people in the United States. In the last three years abroad we have doubled the number of nuclear weapons in our strategic airlock forces. In the last three years we have increased by 45% the number of combat ready Army divisions. We have increased by 600% the number of our counterinsurgency forces; increase by hundred and 75% are procurement of airlift aircraft, do what our polarization Minuteman program. The United States is stronger today than ever before in our history, and with that strength we work for peace.
 Here in the United States we have encourage the piece will desegregation of schools in 238 districts, theaters in hundred and 44 cities, restaurants and hundred and 29 cities, and lunch counters in 100 cities, while at the same time taking a Executive action to open doors to our citizens into transportation terminals and polling places, and public and private employment. And finally, we have been working to strengthen the economy of the United States, through the Area Redevelopment Act of 61, do the Public Works Acceleration Act of 1962, through the Manpower development and training act of 1962
 we have increased industry's ability and desire to hire men through the most extensive and promising trade expansion act in our history, through the most comprehensive housing and urban renewal act of all time, through liberalized she Asian guidelines, and through over one be in dollars in loans to small businessman. We have boosted the purchasing power and relieve the distressed of some of those least able to take care of themselves by increasing the minimum wage to a dollar 25 which is still much to love, and expanding its courage by 3 1/2 million, which is still too little; by increasing Social Security benefits to men and women who can retire at age 62; by grinning for the first time in the history of the United States public assistance is several hundred thousand children of unemployed fathers; and by extending the benefits of nearly 3 man jobless workers.
 By doing these things, and others, we have attempted to work for the benefit of our people. And I can assure you that if we can obtain – and I see no good reason why we should not – if we can obtain the prop passage of the pending 11 being dollar tax reduction bill, we will be sailing by next April on the winds of the longest and strongest peacetime expansion in the history of the United States.
 Our national output three years ago was 500 be in dollars in January, three years later, it will be $600 billion a record rise of one be in dollars and 36 months. For the first time in history we have 70 me and many women at work. For the first time in history factory earnings have exceeded $100 a week, and even the stock market has broken all records, although we only get credit when it goes down. The average factory worker takes home $10 a week more than he did three years ago, and to a half-million people more are at work. In fact, if the economy during the last 2 1/2 years as grown at the same lagging pace which it did the last 2 1/2 years of the 50s, unemployment today would be at 8%. In short we have made progress, but all of us know that more progress must be made. That is what we are here about. I am here today to talk about the right to work, the right to have a job in this country in a time of prosperity in the United States. That is the real right to work issue in 1963. In spite of this progress, the country must move so fast to even stand still Productivity goes up so fast. The number of people coming into the labor market so increases. 10 million more jobs are needed in the next 2 1/2 years. Even this astonishing economic progress, which and the last thing the month has met that the United States has grown faster economically than France and Germany, than any country in Europe but to, even with this extraordinary economic progress in the last 18 months we still have an unemployment rate of violent half percent, 4 million people to work. Productivity goes up so fast, so many demands, into the 11 market, that unless we have the most extraordinary economic progress in the as juror country we cannot possibly make a day in the Bible half percent figure.
 So while we take some satisfaction in what we have done a tried to do, this group more than any knows how much work we still have left to do. And I hope the day woke never,, nor do I predict it, when the AFL-CIO will be satisfied with anything less than the best.
 4 million people are out of work. All of the people who opposed the efforts we are making to try to improve the economic climate of the United States, who talked to us so long about socialism and deficits and all the rest, said look at that bigger. For me and people out of work. And judging from last summer's statistics, three times that many have experienced some unemployment. And that hanging over the labor market makes it more difficult for those of you who speak for labor at the bargaining table to speak with force. When there are so many people out of work it affects the whole economic climate. That is why I think that this issue of economic security, of jobs, is the basic issue facing the United States in 1963, and I wish we could get everybody talking about it. A quarter of the people we are talking about are out of work 15 weeks or longer and their families fill it.
 This is a year of prosperity, of record prosperity – and in 1954 was a year of recession – yet our unemployment rate is as high today as it was in 1954. Last year's loss of man-hours in terms of those willing but unable to find full-time work was a staggering 1 billion workdays lost, equivalent to shutting down the entire country for three weeks no pay. That is an intolerable waste for this rich country of ours.
That is why say that economic security is the number one issue today. It is not so recognized by everyone. There are those who opposed the tax cut, the youth employment bill, who oppose more money for depressed areas in job retaining, and other public needs. And there are powerful and articulate. They are campaigning on a platform of so-called individual initiative. They talk loudly of deficits and socialism, but they do not have a single constructive job creating program other of, and they opposed the efforts that we are making. And I do not believe that selling TVA is a program to put people to work.
 There are those who support our efforts for jobs but say it is the number one issue. Some say that civil rights is the number one issue. This nation needs the passage of our bill, if we are to fulfill our constitutional obligations, but no one gains from welfare employment practice bill if there is no employment to be had; no one gains by being admitted to a much counter if he has the money to spend. No one gains from attending a better school if he doesn't have a job after graduation. No one thinks much of the right to own a good home and to steep and a good hotel or go to the theater if he has never work with and no money. The civil rights legislation is important. But to make that legislation effective we need jobs in the United States.
 Some say that the number one domestic issues education, and this nation must improve its education. What concerns me almost more than anything is the statistic that there will be 8 million in boys and girls coming into the labor market in the 60s and that not graduated from high school. Where they going to find jobs? Which of your union is going to be able to put him to work, 8 m then? But the best schools, the best teachers, the best books – all of those are of no bill if there are no jobs.
 That out of work college graduate is just as much out of work as a school dropout. The family beset by unemployment cannot seem a child to college. It may even encourage him to drop out of high school to find a job which he will not cheat. Education is a key to the growth of this country. We must educate our children as our most vital resource. We must make it possible for those who have until there college, but only if those who are educated and find a job.
 If jobs are the most important domestic issue that this country faces, then clearly no single step can now be more important and sustaining the economy of the United States then the passage of our tax bill. Now this will help consumer markets and build investment demand and small business incentives and, therefore, Perrine jobs were total addition to the economy of the United States in the next months of nearly 30,000,000.
 We dare not wait for this tax cut until it is too late, as perhaps somewhat have. On the average, this nations. A peacetime expansion before the downturn comes meeting to a recession, on the average it has lasted 28 months since 1920 and 32 months since the end of the second war war. Today we are already in our 33rd month of economic expansion, and we urgently need that tax cut as insurance against a recession next year. And we need that cut where it will do the most good, and the benefits mostly will go to those two three-man people who will, out of that deal, find a jobs.
 But tax cuts are not enough and jobs are not enough, and higher earnings and greater growth in record prosperity are not in the unless that prosperity is used to sustain a better society. We can take real pride in a $600 billion economy and 70 man jobs only when they are underwriting to the fullest extent possible to improve our schools, to rebuild our cities, to counsel argued, to assure our health, and to care for our aged and infirm.
 Next Monday the House Ways and Means Committee will open its hearings on a bill too long delayed to write hospital in church were older citizens. These hearings are desirable, but the facts are known. Our older and retired workers are sick more often and for longer periods than the rest of the population. Their income is only half of that of our younger citizens. They cannot afford either the rising cost of hospital care or the rising cost of hospital insurance. Their children cannot afford to pay hospital bills for three generations – with their children, for themselves, and whether parents. I have no doubt that most children are willing to try to do it, but they cannot.
 And I think that United States should meet its responsibilities as a proud and resourceful country. I cannot tell whether we are going to get this legislation before Christmas, but I can say that I believe that this Congress will not go home next summer to the people of the United States without passing this bill. And I think we should stay there until we do.
 Abraham Lincoln said 100 years ago, "all that serves labor serves the nation," and I want to express my appreciation for the actions which this organization has taken under leadership of Mister meaning, both at home and abroad, to strengthen the United States, to support assist that's to those who are trying to be free, to make it possible in this hemisphere for labor organizations to be organized so that wealth can be more fairly distributed.
 I saw this coming in here a housing project up 10 million, which AFL-CIO is putting into a housing project in Mexico. This hemisphere is our home and I cannot understand, as I read the debates of the Senate, and as I said yesterday, why is it possible for the Soviet Union with one half the wealth of the United States to puts as much resources and money and assistance into the single island of Cuba of 6 million people as this rich country does in its own backyard for all of the countries of Latin America. Can somebody explain that to me?
 Strength abroad and strength at home! And strength abroad and strength at home in the final analysis depends upon the I tally of the economy of the United States. If we move from recession to recession, if we are unable to master our economic problems and permit them to master us, if we move into a recession and 64 and demonstrate that the cycle which has been traditional is still with us, if we end up that recession with a loan I mean people out of work, what then is going to be said about the leader of the West what are we attempting to do at backs not only your members but all of the people of this country, and all those who around the world depend on us.
Space the United States is the keystone in the arch of freedom. However disappointing life may be around the world, the forces of freedom are still in the majority, and they are in the majority after 18 years because the United States has been willing to bear the burden. There are 1 million Americans serving the United States outside its borders no country in the history of the world has a comparable record. The country has ever sent so many of its sons and daughters around the globe, not to oppress but to help people be free. But we can maintain them, we can maintain our commitments, we can strengthen the cause of freedom, we can provide equality of opportunity for people only in the file analysis if we provide for a growing and we and progressive economy here in the United States and that is what we are attempting to do.
 A come here today and I express my appreciation to the AFL-CIO which, in the 1960s is attempting to do what it's fathers did in the 1930s and supporting a program of progress for this country of ours so we ask your help not next year but now. Marshal Lyautey , the great French Marshall, went out to his gardener and S2 to plant a tree. The gardener said, "Why plant it? It won't flower for 100 years." "In that case, "" the Marshall said, "when it this afternoon."
 That is what we have to do.
Thank you.   John F. Kennedy PPOP 1963  PAGES 855--59


Remarks in New York City at the National Convention of the Catholic Youth Organization  November 15 1963


Monsignor, Fathers, Sisters, fellow members of the CYO:
 I am glad to be here today. I said to the Monsignor coming up that I was pleased to see the Sisters, that in my experience Monsignor's and Bishops are all Republicans while Sisters are all Democrats! In any case I'm glad to see you and I want to congratulate you on effort that you are making.
 The theme of this meeting is Youth gives Service. And I can't imagine a greater cause in which to be engaged, to give the best that you have, then for the United States. Because upon the United States rests not only the burdens of Kerry for 190 mean people but also for hundreds of millions of people around the globe who today without hope look to the United States. Whatever we are able to do in this country, whatever success we are able to make of ourselves, whatever leadership we are able to give, whatever demonstration we can make that a free society can function and move ahead and provide a better life for its people – all this these that we do here have their affect all around the globe.
 The world is engaged in the most difficult and trying struggle and his long history. All of the great epics which have toward the world for the last 2000 years pale in comparison to the great ideological golf which separates us from those who oppose us. It is our responsibility not merely to denounce our enemies and those who make themselves our enemies but to make this system worked, to demonstrate what freedom can do, what those who are committed to freedom and the future can do. So I realized that this meeting is not only a meeting of the youth today but those of whom we expect so much in the future.
 Winston Churchill once said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the other systems that have been tried. It is the most difficult. It requires more of you – discipline, character, self-restraint, a willingness to serve the public interest as well as our own private interests. All of these Priests and Sisters who have gathered you together from all over the United States don't do it fairly because – even though they want you to do well – they don't do it fairly because they want for 5000 boys and girls to do well. It is because they regard you as the future leaders of the United States; as the future leaders of a great free country. That is why come here today. Not just because you are doing well and because you are outstanding students, but because we expect something of you. And unless in this free country of ours we are able to demonstrate that we are able to make the society work in progress, unless we can hope that from you we are going to get back all of the talents which society is helped develop in you, then, quite obviously, all the hopes of all of us that freedom will not only injure but prevail, of course, will be disappointed.
 So we asked the best of you. I hope you will spend your time now well, but I hope that in a long life that you will recognize your obligations to the Great Republic and to help those who need help, to help those millions of boys and girls who drop out of school, who Work, Who Live in underprivileged areas.
 I have been impressed by the fact that we have been able to get 10,000 young men and women to go around the world as part of the Piece Core. But look at all the sections of the United States, in our large cities, in Eastern Kentucky, parts of southern Illinois parts of Ohio, West Virginia where people view lives of desperation without hope; they look to this country, they look to you, and they look to me to serve. So I hope that all of you will serve – serve only not only your families, and your church, but also served this country. It deserves the best it has been very generous to us all. And we must be generous in return. So I congratulate you on what you have done, and most of all I congratulate you on what you're going to do.
Thank you.

John F. Kennedy PPOP 1963 PG 859-60

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November 16, 1963

9:40 AM The President and party departed Palm Beach for Cape Canaveral, Florida.

10:10 AM The President, accompanied by Senator Smathers, Mr Kenneth O'Donnell, Gen. Clifton, Capt. Tazwell Shepherd, aboard USAF#1, landed at the Skid Strip, Cape Canaveral, where they were greeted by Mr. Webb and Dr.Drydem, Dr. Seamans, Dr. Debus, and General Davis.

10:50 AM The President, accompanied by Mr. Webb and Sen. Smathers, departed Skid  Strip via motorcade

10:32 AM Presidential motorcade arrived in front of Saturn Control Center, Complex 37, where the President  was introduced to Mr. Love and Astronauts Cooper and Grissom, who briefed the President on the Gemini capsule

10:35 AM the President and his party entered the Lunch Control Center, where the president was briefed on manned lunar landing by Dr. Mueller


10:55 AM The President accompanied by Mr. Webb and Mr. Von Braun , departed the Launch Control Center

11:14 AM Though President and party departed Pad B via motorcade

11:15 AM Arrived Pad A, complex 37, where the President and his party, departed via helicopter forward overfly of the Titan III area and NASA Merit Island Lunch area

11:45 AM The President and party arrived at the Naval ship USS Observation Island, where the President need the firing of a Polars missile by the Submarine  Andrew Jackson

12:08 PM The President and his party departed the USS Observation Island the helicopter

12:25 PM Arrived at Skid Strip, Cape Canaveral, where the President and his party boarded USAF#1

12:30 PM The President departed Cape Canaveral aboard USAF#1 enroute to Palm Beach,Florida

12:52 PM The President and party arrived Palm Beach, Florida

While aboard the USS Observation Island he received a windbreaker that he put on right away (because it wasn't a hat)





Aboard the Submarine Andrew Jackson



Cape Canaveral





USS Observation Island



Getting the windbreaker and putting it on





My Photo-






After lunch, Jack, Dave and Torbert went back to Joe Kennedy's home in Palm Beach and watched They play Duke. Jack picked Navy and gave Torbert and Dave 10 points. And Jack won 38-25, and he wanted his winnings NOW support day ran upstairs to get their wallets.

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November 17, 1963

The President and Dave Powers attended Mass at St.Ann's Church in West Palm Beach, Florida


Most of the day spent on the patio that Jack's dad's home in Palm Beach. With Jack, Dave and Watching and getting on a football game tactic condo bears over the Green Bay Packers.His luck held. He won again! And then aiming they want to see Tom Jones, Jack loved it.

Read the Skybolt Report

Just before turning in he impulsively sang in his voice was reading in clear:

Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December
but the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns its lease to flame
One hasn't got time
For the waiting game

OH, the days dwindle down to a precious few
September! November!
And those few precious days off spend with you
These precious days off spend with you

check in the children spend the weekend Wexford


No one knows why the President decided to attend his last Mass at St. Ann's Catholic Church when it was known that the Kennedy Family always went to Mass at St Edward's Catholic Church- St Ann's was known as a Church for the "common" man. Bill Davis who attended church that day recalls the Priest saying " I see we have a distinguished visitor here today." Mr. Davis turned around -and amid the crowd of Secret Service he saw President John F.Kennedy..-



Patio 1095 North Ocean Blvd Palm Beach



St Ann's Catholic Church



Only known photo of the President leaving St Ann's Catholic Church November 17 1963





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November 18 1963


11:15 a.m The President and party departed Palm Beach via USAF #1 26000


11:45 a.m. The Presidential aircraft, USAF#1 26000 , arrived at MacDill AFB, Tampa, Florida. Upon arrival, the President was greeted by rebels and flourishes in hell to the chief11:47 AM The President met the recession party which consisted of general Paul G Adams,CINSTRIKE, general John K Waters CG CONARC, Lieut. Gen. Bruce K Holloway, Strick Command, Brig. Gen. Gilbert L Myers, MacDill, and Nick Nuccio , Mayor of Tampa. Honors were then rendered.

11:53 AM Motorcade departed for US Strike Command via motorcade

11:57 AM The President arrived at strike headquarters where he met with general Adams, general waters, and Lieut. Gen. Holloway for a briefing on Strike operations

12:13 PM The President departed Straight Headquarters for the Officers Club where he attended a luncheon with approximately 100 military and civilian personnel

1:10 PM the President was presented with a scroll by father Michael Cannon, director of missions Nombre de Dias San Augustine Florida

1:20 PM the President departed by helicopter for Al Lopez Stadium

1:30 PM the President arrived at Lopez field where he disembarked from helicopter and walked to the speaker's platform

1:32 PM invocation

1:33 PM Introduction of the President by Sen. Smathers

1:35 PM The President spoke

1:50 PM Benediction


1:55 PM The President departed Lopez Field via motorcade. The motorcade toured the downtown section of Tampa,Florida arrived at the Fort Homer Hesterly Armory

2:30 PM The President arrived at Fort Hesterly Armory where he was met with a Maj. Gen. Henry W. McMillan, Commander state national Guard and Mr. Harold Collee, Executive Vice President of the State Chamber of Commerce

2:45 PM The President walked to the speaker's platform

2:46 PM Introduction was delivered by Rev. George A. Foster,Palma Ceia Methodist Church

2:48 PM Gov. Bryant introduced Mr. Bowen, President of the Florida Chamber of Commerce

2:51 PM Mr. Bowen introduced the President

2:52 PM The President delivered an address, which was followed by a question and answer session with the Chamber of Commerce members

3:30 PM  The President departed Fort Homer Hesterly Armory and motored to the International Inn

3:40 PM The President arrived at the Crystal Ballroom entrance of the International Inn where he was met by Mr. Ed Stern, Vice President of the International Inn Corporation, Mr. Don White General Manager of International Inn,and Mr.and Mrs, O.L.Garrison , United Steel Workers Director for the Florida area

3:42 PM The President commenced his address

3:54 PM The President concluded his address and was then presented a box of Churchill cigars and a Spanish doll for Caroline by Marcelo Marseda, Mayor of Ybor City

3:55 PM The President departed International Inn by motorcade en route to MacDill AFB

4:15 PM The President arrived at MacDill AFB where he viewed a state display of the new F43 and C aircraft

4:35 PM The President was airborne for Miami on USAF#1 26000
Approximately 3000 persons attended a rally on the Presidents arrival at Miami International Airport, and approximately 1,200 delegates to the Inter-American Press Association convention attended the dinner at the Americana Hotel where the President spoke

5:10 PM USAF#26000 arrived concourse #1 , Delta apron, Miami International Airport

5:15 PM The President deplaned and ruffles and flourishes and how to the chief were rendered. The President was greeted by Mr. Lee Fields, Editor in Chief, Miami Harold, and Mr. Romula O'Farrell, President of the Inter-American Press Association

The President was escorted to the speaker's stand by State Sen. Cliff Merrill and George Hollahan. Appropriate dress was a business suit

5:20 PM Congressman Fascell introduced other US Congressman and Senators on the speaker stand, including Congressman Pepper

5:22 PM Congressman Pepper introduced Gov. Bryant, who introduced to President. The President spoke for about 10 minutes

5 30 p.m. The President left the speaker stand and, after shaking hands with many in the general public area and guests in the VIP section, boarded the helicopter

5:45 PM Helicopter arrived heliport, Haulover Beach Park

5:48 PM The President departed the heliport via automobile

5:50 PM The President arrived Americana Hotel, was greeted by Mr. Charles Bogdahm,, General Manager and Mr. Alvin LaFaivre , Vice President of the hotel, and was escorted to his suite

6:40 PM The President departed suite and proceeded via elevator to Suite 1169-1170 – 1171 – 1172 to greet selected local Democrats

6:50 PM The President proceeded via elevator to the lobby floor, was greeted by officers of IPA , including Mr. Hill's, and Mr. O'Farrell and escorted to reception for head table guest near maIN ballroom

7:10 PM the President proceeded to head table, and following embarkation by Rev. Byron W Shaw , dinner was served. Appropriate dress for head table guest was a black-tie

8:30 PM the President after being introduced by Mr. of peril spoke for 28 minutes

9 PM The President departed the hotel via automobile

9:02 PM The President arrived heliport

9:04 PM Airborne in helicopter

9:13 PM Arrived at Miami International Airport

9:20 PM USAF#2600 airborne en route Washington, D. C.

11:15 PM Arrive Washington DC Andrews AFB

11:35 PM The President arrived White House VIA helicopter



Remarks in Tampa on the 50th Anniversary of Scheduled Air Service November 18 9063

Mr. Chairman, Congressman, Sen. Smathers, members of the Florida congressional delegation, Mayors Tampa and St. Petersburg ladies and gentlemen:
 I am glad to come back to Tampa. Here in Tampa three years ago we talked for the first time about the Alliance For Progress, and effort by the people of the United States and the people of Latin America to provide freedom and progress for the people of this hemisphere. So I am proud to come back to the city which, in its own time, and particularly during the past 12 months, has borne a heavy burden in order to keep this country and the rest of Latin America free.
 So I am proud to come back here to the people who understand what the struggle means. A good many people have made speeches about freedom in this hemisphere and about Cuba, but 3000 men and women who worked in the city were put out of a job in order that women carry out our policy towards Cuba with any year ago. So this city understands what the struggle is all about, and I congratulate you for it.
 And I am glad to come here to take part in the 50th anniversary of a flight from Tampa to St. Petersburg by Tony Jannus. That flight took 20 minutes. The plane finally went bankrupt after four months, and it was forgotten. But because of Tony Janice, because of others like him, this country is number one in aviation, not only in this country, but around the world. And I hope in the 1960s that the United States of America will take the leadership again in space, in the air and around the world, so that the United States will still be number 100 years after Tony Janice's first flight. I understand in January they are building a duplicate of Tony Janice is playing the first passenger of that flight 50 years ago was the mayor St. Petersburg, and am competent at the first passenger on this mockup playing which they are putting together will once again be the mayor St. Petersburg. As a great Republican unknown he is going to step forward and commit himself to that, progress.
 The fact of the matter is that in 1963 where going to make a very important decision, to build a supersonic plane in which the 1970s will carry passengers at nearly month three, three times the speed of sound, and we are going to be making at Cape Canaveral and in other parts of the United States – we are going to be laying the groundwork which will permit people to fly at five times the speed of sound, and before the end of the century many more times than that.
 What we are attempting to do in the United States in 1963, both at home and abroad, is relatively simple, and that is to maintain the peace, to maintain the vital interest of the United States, to maintain the economy of the United States moving ahead fast enough to absorb the millions of people were coming into the labor market every year. I know if you sit here in this city and in Florida that you must sometimes wonder what our policies are. I think their execution is difficult. But what we are trying to do is simple.
Space first, we are trying to maintain the balance of power in the world on the side of the. We are trying to make it possible for those countries in Latin America, and in Africa, and in the Middle East, and in Southeast Asian – in fact, all around the globe, new countries, Olds countries different religions, different colors – we are trying to enable them to maintain their freedom said that in this diverse world the balance of power will remain with us. This makes it complicated and difficult. This involves us in alliances with dozens of countries. It involves Americans in combat 10,000 miles away. It has taken the country like the United States, which the of the hundred 50 years of its history in isolation, and has made it for the last 20 years the Keystone in the arch of freedom.
 And I think Americans can take the satisfaction in realizing that without the United States, without the effort of the one or 90 mean people of this country, are effort not only today but ever since 1945, not only in this administration but in the two previous administrations, it is the United States, and on many occasions the United States alone, which has prevented this claim from being dominated by her enemies. If it was not for the assistance which we have rendered to millions of people, if it were not for the alliances which we have made in SEATO, or associations with CENTO, our alliances with NATO, our alliances in the inter-American system, long ago this globe of ours would have been in the Communist advance weep over much of what is now free. And it is free because the people of this country who do so long in isolation have chosen to bear their share of the burden, and I believe we must continue to do so. And I believe we can do so because I believe the prospects for us today are bright.
 It is the Communist world in the last few years that has suffered the major setbacks in China, in the Soviet Union itself, in Eastern Year, even on the island of Cuba, which, while still communist, is seen a steady deterioration of the standard of living under a system which originally tried to promising much. We here at home what we are trying to do is all so simple, though its execution is difficult: that is to educate our children so that they are able to maintain themselves and their families in this free system, to find jobs for them when they have graduated from score college, to make it possible for them to need proof allies, and then in their old age to live in security.
Space in the next 2 1/2 years the United States 10 me and people will be looking for work. Where they go to find jobs? They are certainly not going to find jobs if we in Washington in unison turn your backs on this great challenge. I believe in the partnership would be cities in the state of Florida and the other 49 States of the United States working together for the benefit of her people. I do not believe the Federal Government is an enemy. I believe it is the United will of all of our people protecting the security of the United States and providing an opportunity for people. That is what we stand for that is what we believe in.
Space and we are grateful, on this occasion to manlike Tony Janice who took the long chance. In his case, finally it failed. But his work and the work of others like him here in this state and across the country have made this the great country ideas I hope in 1963 in Cape Canaveral, in Hawaii, and Alaska, and South Vietnam, in this hemisphere, and around the globe, other Americans would take the long chance to give leadership tour country and security to our people. That is what we stand for.
Thank you.     John F. Kennedy PPOP 1963 PG 860-62

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November 19, 1963
9:25 AM the President arrived in the office
10 – 10:15 AM The Poultry and Egg National Board presented to the President the Thanksgiving Turkey. The following were present for the presentation in the Garden beside the President's office. Chester B. Franz  St. Louis Missouri, and Mrs. Franz President of the poultry and egg national Board Lloyd H. Geil ,'Chicago, Illinois and Robert . McFerrin Sunny Mead, Illinois Mrs. McFerrin, President of the National Turkey Foundation Mr. C Small, Mount Morris, Illinois and Mrs. Small Executive's secretary Treasurer National 30 Foundation Morris G Smith Elliott city, Maryland
Sen. Edward p.m. Dirksen accompanied the group to the White House
1030 to 10:45 PM Hon. William P Mahoney Junior US ambassador to Ghana
12:55 PM the President went to the pool
1:20 PM to the mansion (lunch)
4 PM the President returned to the office
410 to 4:20 PM The President greeted a group of executives of State Education Association and Officers of the National education Association in the garden. Prior to the President grading the group of approximately 90 individuals, he met any office with Mr. Robert H Wyatt President of the National Education Association and Mr. William C Gar Executive secretary of the national education Association
4:35 PM Hon. Dean Rusk, Hon. Philip Talbot
5:00 to 5:30 PM Hon. Howard Pete Jones Ambassador to Indonesia
                        Hon. Roger Hillsman
                        Hon. James Bell
6:15- 6:45 p.m. Mr. Richard Helms
                      Mr. Herschel Peak
7:10 PM the President departed the office and went to the pool
7:55 PM to the mansion

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November 20, 1963
8:45 AM Legislative Leaders Breakfast
             Sen. Mike Mansfield
             Sen. Hubert Humphrey
            Sen. George Smathers 
            Congressman Carl Albert
            Congressman Hale Boggs
             Hon.  Lawrence O'Brien
             Hon. Kenneth O'Donnell
             Hon. Ted Sorensen 
            Hon. Pierre Salinger
915 9:30 AM Hon. Henry J Fowler
9:37 AM the President arrived in the office
938 and 9:40 AM the President greeted the following German students from Berlin High School 
                Heidi Marie Meuller
                Johann Hessing 
                Dietmar Schetl
they were escorted by Mrs.Kromenann
9:42-9:47 am The Eighth Armored Division Association Citation was presented to the President. The following were present for the ceremony
Maj. Gen. John M Devine, USA, Ret
Honorary President of the Eighth Armored Division
Col. Henry B. Rothenberg
Executive Director of the Association
Lieut. Gen. Edwin H. Burba
Commanding General second Armored Division, Fort Hood, Texas
Brig. Gen. Charles F. Colson, USA retired
Leesburg Virginia
Col. Henry W Holt, USA retired Richmond, Virginia
Col.L.L. Boyd, office of the Adjutant General, Army
Col. Morgan Roseborough , Joint Staff, joint Chiefs
Col. Tracey Harrington Chief Armor Brand, Army
Mr. Albert Brimmer, Meridian Connecticut
Chaplain John T Loftus Belmarine college Kentucky
Mr. Joseph B Copples Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania
Mr. Alexander J. Woehlle Delmar, New York
9:48- 10 AM Hon. George Smathers
                   Hon. Lawrence O'Brien
10:00-10:20 a.m. H. E. Gershon Beresford newly appointed ambassador to Sierra Leone (presented his credentials to the President)
Hon. Angier Bittle Duke
1`1:00-11:20 a.m. Mr. Joseph Mc'Connell Chairman of the US delegation at the Extraordinary Administrative Radio Conference on Space Communication in Geneva, sponsored by the International Telecommunication Union
Dr. Jerome Weisner
Mr. Harlan Cleveland
11:30-11:40 (Mr. Sydney Solman)   off the record (announced later following appointment)
                  (Mr. Richard Adler)
                  (Miss Carol Lawrence)
                  (Miss Lena Horne)
                  (Mr. James Athey)
                 (Hon. John Bailey)
12:00-12:20 pm Hon. Orvalle Freeman
                       Hon. Charles Murphy
12:20-12:35  Inter-American Committee Symposium
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Garcia tennis Mexico 
Fr Ishmael Quellins , Argentina
Jorge Elliott Chile
Newesio Antaney , Chile
Agosto Rodriguez Ponco Mexico
Juan Gurollo , Mexico
12:45 PM the President went to the pool
1:25 PM to the mansion lunch
4 PM the President returned to the office
4:00-4:420 Hon. Douglas Henderson ambassador to Bolivia
4:30 to 4:50 PM Hon. Carl T Brown Ambassador to Thailand
5:30-6:00 pm Hon. Alexis Johnson
                    Mr. Roger Hillsman
                    Mr. Frank Coffin
 6:30 PM the President went to the Mansion
6:30 PM Judicial Reception
Also that day-
Jackie returns to the White Hose from  Wexford
The President greeted the Supreme Court
The President gives statement on the  Geneva Radio Conference on Space Communications
He sends Congress an annual report on the United Nations
He signs a bill(his last) authorizing medals commorating the founding of the International ;adies Garment Workers Union
Jack and Jackie attend Bobby's birthday Party at Hickory Hill
Under Secretary Ball phones the President
Remarks by the President on the Geneva Radio Conference on Space Communication November 20,1963
I received  a report from Mr. Joseph McConnell,Chairman of the US Delegationat the recent Extraordinary Administrative radio Converts on Space Communications ability Geneva by the International telecommunication Union. This Conference has been one of the most successful of its kind held in these times. Mr. McConnell is commended for the outstanding leadership which he gave to the American delegation and for his many contributions successful conclusion of the Conference.
 The Conference allocated frequencies for communication sunlight and adopted procedures governing their use, this clearing the way for the establishment of an efficient will communication system. The Conference also allocated frequencies for meteorological and navigational satellites,research, and radio astronomy.
 This Government in the United States Communications Satellite Corporation can now take practical steps, in cooperation with the other governments informed business entities, to develop a single global commercial space communication system. It continues to be the policy of the United States that all countries which wish to participate in the ownership, management, and he said this is the will have an opportunity to do so.
 Aside from the many political, economic, social benefits, effective satellite communications can improve international understanding riding a broad new channel for the flow of information between peoples.
 The Many delegations which participated the end of this To be congratulated on a successful outcome.Message to the Congress Transmitting 17th Annual Report on US for Participation in the United Nations November 20, 1963
to the Congress of the United States:
 Pursuant to the provisions of the United Nations participation act, I transmit herewith the 17th and report covering the United States is patient and the United Nations during 1962.
 This record tells the story of deep United Nations engagement in the great issues of the 1960s. It demonstrates that despite the financial irresponsibility of some of its members, the Organization has, though executive executive action and parliamentary diplomacy, played an indispensable role in dealing with an impressive number of the world's problems.
 The United Nations political relevance – and it's developing capacity for effective action – is indicated by a brief look at several major aspects of the world affairs and at what the United Nations development in 1962.

                                    Great Power Confrontation

  When the Soviet Union Celtic altered the balance of nuclear power by installing missile bases in Cuba, the United Nations – as well as deep Organization of American states – proved an important instrument in resolving the most dangerous crisis of the nuclear era. The Security Council served as a form in which the United States government made clear to the world that its actions, taken in concert with its neighbors of the Hemisphere, were the reasonable response of rational man to a set of an unacceptable threat in their midst. The Secretary-General, only recently elected to his post after a. As Acting Sec. Gen., provided they useful point of contact in the early stages of negotiations with the Soviet union. The United Nations also could have provided an on-site inspection service at short notice have the Cuban government not refuse to cooperate with the world polarization, and made necessary a continuation of other maids of surveillance in the interest of hemispheric security. Finally, the United Nations provided an appropriate place for negotiating the many issues after Soviet missiles and then withdrawn.
 It was in 1962 that a major United Nations force in the Congo established a level of internal security which permitted a very substantial reduction in the size of the worst. The For Government of the Congo Assisted by the United Nations, Has Preserved the Parentheses in the Words of the Charter) It "Territorial Integrity and Political Independence" – and Thereby for Sonic Trip to International Peace – in the Face of Three Attempts at Secession: a Communist Sponsored Effort in the North, a Local Corruption in the Interior, and a Secession Back Lot outside Interest in the South. Assisted by technical a from most of the Specialized Agencies of the United Nations the government of the Congo has been well increased its past week to manage an economy of great potential in the face of their difficulties, including a crippling lack of trained manpower and experienced administrators.
 Into other fields United Nations has continued to be a vital instrument to affect a disengagement important sectors of our rotation. The organization has served as a form for encouraging an agreement for the secession of nuclear weapons testing and for promoting progress toward general sorrow. It has served, as well, as a mechanism for negotiating legal principles and technical cooperation in our space. We must be notice concerned with these persistent efforts to shape the future within the framework of the United Nations Charter then we are with United Nations operation designed to respond to the alarm bells of the present.

                       Other International Problems

During 1962 an impending conflict was averted in List New Ginny – the first para Tory administered by an international organization – by the work of a United Nations mediator. In the Middle These the United Nations Alerts Force, the United nation's Truce Supervision Organization Palestine United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Hellespont Refugees were on the job of removing and reducing tensions, and controlling those that could not yet be removed. In Kashmir, United Nations contingents patrolled under provisions of truce and cease-fire agreement. In Korea, and United Nations Indications that ready to help in the unification of the country in accordance with the solutions of the General Assembly. (Since the end of 1962 United Nations has begun another work of peacemaking, through an agreement for the disengagement in Human of the United Arab Republic and A Arabia.

                              Financing Peacekeeping

 At the 17th General Assembly United Nations received and accepted the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice that peacekeeping expenses of the United Nations in the Congo in the Middle East, earlier approved by the Assembly, are expenses of the Organization within the meaning of article 17 of the Charter. The failure of member states to pay their related assessments would subject them to the loss of the provisions of article 19. The courts opinion in its acceptance set the stage for what, based on the interactions by the Gen. assembly, promises to produce a sturdier sense of financial responsibility on the part of most of the members.

                                Colonial Questions
 Despite predictions of "another Congo", United Nations trust territory of Ruanda-Urundi move peacefully from the dependence under Belgian administration to independence as the Republic of Rwanda and the Kingdom of Burundi and then to membership in the United Nations. Organization continued to tackle problems of nonviolent taxation as awaken people's blue steadily toward independence from older colonial patterns. The remnants of the world colonial past still present some hard cases – the last precisely because they are hardest – which will test the capacity of the world community, and United Nations, to devise teachers and institutions of peaceful change.
 It's come to us as no surprise that the struggle for national self-determination should be so closely linked with other fundamental questions human rights. It has been so in our own country. As the colonization process nears any and – with recklessly little bloodshed – men and nations can shift their attention from national freedom to the larger issue of individual freedom.

                             The Drive For Modernization

 Though it's Specialized Agencies and regional communications – its technical assistance in pre-investment work... Each new project such as the World Program, the World Whether Watch, and regional planning institutes... It standard-setting in rulemaking roles in such bill says maritime safety and international radio frequency allocations... It's useful reports in its many conferences – the United Nations moved ahead as the principal International executive agency of the Decade of Development. We continue to believe it possible, the vigorous international cooperation, to achieve an average annual rate of economic growth of 5% in the new developing nations by the end of this decade.
Space in short, United Nations in 1962 was confronted in practical and operational ways – with a broad agenda of the great issues of our time. Like most institutions devised by man, the United Nations exhibited both accomplishments and shortcomings. But despite noncooperation from some members and wavering support from others, organization move significantly toward the goal of the system world wide in scope. United States continued to amend its bigger support in the building of the system John F. Kennedy – John F. Kennedy PPOP 1963 pages 880 – 82
Reception November 20 1963
Other happenings-
JFK was talking to Hale Boogs-his mind was wondering and he drew doodles of sailboats, riding them above "20th anniversary," and "August,"

He read a carbon copy of Jim Bishop some day in the life of President Kennedy and approved the manuscript without a single revision

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November 21, 1963
9:55 AM the President arrived in the office
1025 to 10:30 AM Hon. Thomas S Estes US Amb. to Upper Volta
                          Hon. Charles F.Darlington US Ambassador to  the Republic of Gibbon
10:50 am The President departed the White House by helicopter for Andrews Air Force Base
11:05 AM departed Andrews Air Force Base San Antonio Texas
1:30 PM Arrive San Antonio International Airport
1:40 PM depart airport – Car
2:25 PM Arrive Aero-Space Medical Health Center
2:30 PM Program starts  30 minute program

3:00 PM Program over
3:05 PM Depart Aero-Space Medical Health Center
3:25 PM Arrive Kelly AFB
3:30 Depart Kelly AFB

4:15 PM Arrive Houston International Airport

4:25 PM Depart airport by car

5:00 PM Arrive Rice Hotel

8:20 PM Drop in dinner – dance in Rice Hotel,sponsored by League of United Latin American Citizens
8:35 PM Depart Rice Hotel -car
8:45 PM Arrive Coliseum Congressman Albert Thomas Dinner
9:30 PM Depart Coliseum -car
9:55 PM Arrive Houston International Airport
10:00 PM Depart airport
11:05 PM Arrive Fort Worth Carswell AFB
11:20 PM Depart airport-Car
11:50 PM Arrive Hotel Texas (suite 850)
Remarks in San Antonio at the Dedication of the Aerospace Medical Health Ctr., November 21st 1963
Mr. Sec., Gov., Mr. VP, Sen., members of the Congress, members of the military, ladies and gentlemen:
For more than three years I've spoken about the New Frontier. This is not a partisan term, and it is not the exclusive property of Republicans or Democrats. First, instead, to this nation's place in history, to the fact that we do  stand on the edge of a great new era, filled with both process and opportunity, and era to be characterized by achievement and I challenge. It is an era which calls for action and with the best efforts of all those who would test the unknown and the uncertain in every phase of human endeavor. It is a time for Pathfinders and pioneers.
 I have come to Texas today to submit an outstanding group of pioneers, the men who man the Brooks Air Force Base School of Aerospace Medicine in the Aerospace Medical Center. It is fitting that San Antonio should be the site of this center and the school as we gathered to dedicate this complex of building. When decedent has long been the home of the pioneers in the air. It was here that City Brooks, memory we honor today, was born in praise. It was here that Charles Member and Claire Chennault and a host of others, and World War I and World War II and Korea, and even today have helped helped demonstrate American mastery of the skies, trained at Kelly Field and Randolph Field which form a major part of aviation history. And in the new frontier of outer space, while headlines may be made by others in other places, history is being made every day by the men and women of the Aerospace Medical Center without him there could be no history.
  Many Americans make the mistake of assuming that space research has no values here on earth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just as the wartime development of rater gave us the transistor, and all that made it possible, so research and 's and holds promise substantial benefit for those of us who are down. For our effort in space is not as some have suggested, a competitor for the natural resources that we need to develop earth. It is a working partner in a coproducer of these resources. And nothing make this clearer than the fact that medicine in space is going to make our lives healther and happier here on earth.
  I give you three examples: first, medical space research may open up new understanding of man's relation to his environment. Examinations of the astronauts physical, and mental, and emotional reactions can to just more about the differences between normal and abnormal, about the causes and effects of disorientation, about changes in metabolism which could result in extending the life span. When you study the effects of our astronauts of exhaust gases which can contaminate their environment, and you seek ways to alter these gases so as to reduce their toxicity, you are working on problems similar to those we face in our great urban centers which themselves are being corrupted by gases which must be clear.
  And second, medica; space research,may revolutionze the technology and the techniques of modeern medicine. Whatever new devices are creating, for example to monitor our astronauts, to measure their heart activity their breathing, their brain waves, they're out motion, this is an under difficult conditions, also represent a major advance in general medical instrumentation. Heart patients may even be able to wear a light monitor which will sound a warning that their activities exceed certain limits. The instrument recently developed a report automatically the impact of acceleration upon astronauts eyes will also be of help to small children who are suffering miserably on defects, but are unable to describe the impairment. And also by the use of instrument similar to those used in Project Mercury, this nation's private as well as public nursing services are being improved, enabling owners now to more quickly of patients their attention than they ever could in the past.
  Third medical space research may lead to new safeguards against hazards common to many environments. Specifically: our astronauts will be fundamentally new devices to protect them from the effects of radiation which can have a profound influence upon medicine and man's relations to his environment.
 Here at this center will Laboratories, the talent, and resources in new impetus to the final research in the life centers. I am not suggesting that the entire space program is justified alone but what is done in medicine. The spectrogram stands on its own as a contribution to national strength. Last Saturday at Cape Canaveral saw a new Saturn C-1 rocket booster, which, in spite of, when it rises in December of this year, will be, for the first time, the largest booster in the world, care and payload that any country in the world has ever sent space.
 I think the United States should be a leader. A country is rich and powerful as this which bears 70 Barnes and responsibilities, which has so many opportunities, should be second to none. And in December, while I do not regard our masteris anywhere near complete, while I recognize that there are still areas where we are behind – at least in my area, the size of the booster that this year of the United States will be had. I import have a low income. Many weeks and months and years of all, to light it. Setbacks and frustrations and disappointments there will be, as there always are, pressures in this country to be lessons. And so many others, and two cases do something else that is perhaps easier but this research your must go on. Space every muscular or. The conquest of is to move the hand. That much we know that much we can say confidence and conviction.
 Frank O'Connor, diaries right, tables in one of his books have, as a boy, he and his friend make their way across the countryside, and when they came to a ordure what would seem to into that would try to difficult to permit their voyage to continue, now to thought their hats and tossed in a little ball – and then they had no choice but to follow them.
 This nation has tossed his Over the wall, and we have no choice but to file. Whatever the difficulties, you become. Whatever the hazards, they must be guarded against. With the vital help this Aerospace medical center, they help others labor and space and, with the help and support of all Americans, we climbed this wall with safety speed – and you shall then explore the wonders on the other side.
Thank you.  John F. Kennedy PPOP 1963 page 882-3
Remarks in Houston to the League of United Latin American citizens November 21, 1963

Mr. Chairman,Mr Vice President, Mrs. Johnson, ladies and gentlemen:
 my wife and all are very proud to come to this meeting. This organization has done a good deal with this State and for our country, and I am particularly glad that it emphasizes not only the opportunity for all Americans a chance to develop their talents, education for boys and girls, said that they can pursue those talents to the very end of their ability, but also because you remind Americans of the very important links that we have with our sister Republics in this hemisphere.
 One of the things which I have taken the greatest interest in has been attempting to pursue an example which was long neglected. And that was the one set by President Franklin Roosevelt emphasized that take United States is not only good neighbors, which we were in the 30s, but also grants and Associates in a great effort to build in this hemisphere an Alliance for Progress, an effort to prove that in this hemisphere, from top to bottom, in all of the countries whether they be Latin or Court American, that there is a common commitment to freedom, to equality of opportunity, to a chance for all to do that prosperity can be the handmaiden of freedom, and to show the world a very bright star here in this country and, indeed, in the entire hemisphere so I'm glad to be here today. In order that my words will be even clear, I am going to ask you want to say a few words to you also. John F. Kennedy PPOP 1963 Page 884
Remarks at the Coliseum in Houston at a Dinner Honoring Representative Our Thomas November 21, 1963
Congressman and Mrs. Thomas, Mr. VP, Gov. Connally, Are Yarborough, Congressman Casey and the Congressional Delegation of Texas, Ladies and Gentlemen:
 When I came to the House of Representatives in 1947 is a fairly young Congressman Bob Massachusetts, I heard the old saying that you spent the first six months in the House of Representatives wondering how you got there, and the next six months wondering how everybody else got there!
 I spent the first six months as expected, but I must say that I never wondered how Congressman Thomas got there. It has always been clear to me. When I read the report that Congressman Thomas was thinking of resounding, I called him up on the phone and asked him to stay as long as I've stayed. I don't know how long that would be, but I wanted him to stay because I thought that he not only represented this district with distinction, but he also served the United States.
 The presidency has been called a good many names, and presidents have been also, but no president can do anything without the help of France. And I must say in the three years that I have been in this office, the three years really since I was here in Houston that night in this hall, I don't know anyone who has been a greater help in trying to get the job done, not just for Houston and not just for Taxes, but for the entire United States, and Albert Thomas, and I'm glad to be with his ranch here tonight. He may not be so well known outside of this district in Texas and Washington but I can tell you that when he rises to speak in the House of Representatives they listen, so do sums Senators, and so do we down 19 other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.
 He has one of the longest records of seniority in the Senate, in the house one of the shortest biographies. He has been consistently loyal to this party, but he has always stayed about partisan rancor. His record serves his constituents, but it served the United States. He has helped steer this country to its present eminence in space next month when the United States of America fires a largest Mr. in the history of the world into space when the first time, giving us the lead, fires the largest payroll – page load – – into space giving us the lead. It will give us the largest payroll, too exhalation point and who should know better than Houston. We put a little of it right in here.
 But in any case, the United States next month will have a leadership in space which it one have without Albert Thomas. And so will the city. He has been a stickler for efficiency in Government, but he has also been for progress and growth.
 He is 65 years of age this month, but has a young man's interest in the future at a young man's hope for his country, for he has lived with change and has sought to channel its force instead of combating it. He understands, has any Texan does, the meaning and importance of growth for he has served one of the fastest-growing countries and states and cities in the nation. And those who oppose progress should look at Houston and look at Texas.
 When he went to the United States Congress in 1936 and 27 years ago this month. The city had less than 200,000 people. What our Thomas had a vision of a modern Houston, which now has 1 million people and is growing stronger every day. He was not satisfied, nor the people of this city, with a channel which carried less than 30 million times a year. He foresaw that this city, despite the fact that it's located 50 miles from the sea – and I come from a city that is on the sea – yet the city today ship second two the city of New York around the world. And that is in part because of our Thomas. And he and you were not content with an airport serving a handful of passengers and industry of this than 300 planes, caring passengers of less than I have been revenue miles. He foresaw that this industry will provide six times as many planes, employing 19 times as many people, and serve more than 33 via passenger mile the year. Hearing Houston the number of passengers who go to your great international airport have quadrupled in the last 15 years. The city has done for with hope and commitment, and those who say "no" in Houston or in Texas, when the United States are on the wrong side in 1963.
 Finally, when Congressman Thomas went to the House of Representatives in 1936 he did not confine his site today Texas of best and six mean people, a Texas doing less than 500 million in manufacturing, a Texas in which 37% of its population lived on the farm. By 1963, that population had dropped 7%, the population of this state exceeds 10 million, the value of your manufacturing his club to 6 billion, and Texas today is one of the 10 most highly industrialized state in the union.
Space many of the products in the employers of this city and state were wholly unknown when Albert Thomas went to the house – electronic machinery, sophisticated it once, and preparations for the exploration. But those are the industries which help this date reached its high speak of prosperity in 1962, except for one year – 1963 in Texas and the nation, change has been the law of life. Growth has met new opportunities for this state. Progress has been new achievements. And men such as our Thomas who recognize the value of growth and progress, have enlisted this city and this state to rise with the tides of change instead of being swept aside an left behind.
 There were in 1936, as there are today, those who are opposed to growth and change, who prefer to defy them, who the back instead of four. Let Albert Thomas and those who work with him did not heed the that view in the mid-30s and the city, this state in this country are glad that they did not. And we dare not look back now, is 27 years from now, in the year 1990 a new generation of Americans is to say that we, too, look forward.
 In 1990, for example, this nation will need three times as much electric power as it has today, four times as much water. And that is why we are developing the Canadian River and the San Angelo and the Columbus band and other Texas River projects, and seeking at Freeport to find an economical way to get freshwater from salt, and building antipollution plants throughout the state in the nation, in a new and expanded program. In 1990 the need for national and state parks and recreation areas will trouble, reaching a total very nearly the size of Indiana. That is why we are creating Padre Island Seashore, and added the Anahuac Wildlife Refuge.
 In 1990 your sons, daughters, grandsons, and grandchildren will be applying to the colleges of this state in a number three times what they do today. Our airport will serve five times as many passenger miles. We will need housing 400 million more people, and many times more doctors and engineers and technicians then we are presently producing. That is what we are trying to do more in these areas as in the 30s. Albert Thomas and Franklin Roosevelt and others did those things which made it possible for not only Texas but for the entire United States to prosper and grow as we do in the 1960s
 in 1990 the age of space will be entering its second phase, and our hopes in it to preserve the peace, to make sure that in this great new see, as on earth the United States is second to none. That is why salute our Thomas and this Texans whom he sent to Washington in his time and since then, who recognize the needs entrance today in the 60s so that when some meet here in 1990 they will look back on what we did and say that we made the right and wise decisions "your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions," the Bible tells us, and "where there is no vision, the people perish"
 Our Thomas is old enough to dream dreams, and young enough to see visions. He sees in America of the future, in the lifetime of us all, with 300 million people living in this country with a 2 trillion economy which will happen in this century. Even more important, he sees in America as do we all, strong in science and in space, and health and in learning, and the respect of its neighbors and all nations – an American that is both powerful and peaceful, with the people that are both prosperous and just. With that vision we shall not perish, and we cannot fail.
 Behind the speakers disking House of Representatives their words from a great speech by great citizen of my state, Samuel Daniel Webster. It says, "let us develop the resources of our land, call for this industry, develop its resources, and see whether we also in our time a generation may not perform something more to to be remembered."
Space Albert Thomas didn't need to read those words. He has perform something working to be remembered.
Thank you.     -John F. Kennedy PPOP 1963 PG 884-6
Note: We all know these days so very well.. I see them in my sleep..I have tried to pick some rarely see photos but we may have seen them all
San Antonio Arrival
San Antonio Motorcade
Arrival at Brooks
Brooks Speech
Brooks Tour
Rice Hotel

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Posted 21 November 2014 - 09:08 PM

Rice Hotel Lobby




Albert Thomas Dinner



Suite 850 Hotel Texas


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November 22 1963

8::00 am Went to JFK Suite

JFK shaved,showered and dressed ( He looked at a dark blue suit then picked a blue-gray 2 button suit a white shirt with a blue gray stripe and a dark blue tie with small squares

8:30 am Orange Juice Coffee

Talked about Thursday,great crowds, Jackie

Glanced at paper -checked weather

8:40 am took elevator to lobby

8:45 am JFK Stepped out the doors of the Hotel Texas-walked across the street in the rain to talk to about 5000 in parking lot.The crowd cheered and asked for Jackie. He apologized for his wife not being there."Mrs. Kennedy is busy getting organized it takes her a little longer but,she looks better than we do when she does it."

8:45 am President spoke to crowd outside Hotel in the rain

9:00 am Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

9:10 am Mrs. Kennedy received a great ovation from the 2500

10:10 am Breakfast over return to room

10:15 am JFK called John Nance Garner at Waldo,Texas to wish him a Happy Birthday

10:35 am Depart Hotel Texas-car

11:10 am Arrive Carswell AFB

11:17 am Depart Carswell-Jet

11:37 am Arrive Dallas -Love Field

11:50 am  Depart Airport-Car

11:52 am Motorcade headed downtown Dallas

12:30 JFK Shot

12:35 Carried my President on stretcher to Parkland Hospital to emergency operating room #1

12:50 pm Father Oscar Huber pastor Holy Trinity Church administered the last rites of the Church

1:00 My President is dead

1:10 pm Ken told LBJ

1:30 pm Undertaker Vernon B. O'Neal-   1:26 LBJ Left Hospital

2:00 pm Left hospital for Love Field -Jackie rode with casket

2:15 pm Carried casket aboard Air Force 1

2:38 pm LBJ took oath of office as 36th President on Air Force One on the runway at Love Field Sworn in by Federal Judge Sarah T. Hughes

2:47 PM Air Force One took off for Andrews

5:59 E.S.T. Air Force 1 landed in dark at Andrews

6:03 pm doors opened

6:05 pm took JFK's body to Bethesda Naval Hospital ( Jackie and AG rode in ambulance with body Dave,Ken, Larry rode behind to Bethesda

VIP Suite in Tower 17 -Dr. John Walsh and Mrs Hugh Auchincloss

Dr. Charles J.Carrico was the first to see JFK  2. Dr. Malcom O. Perry


Sat.4:22 am Back at White House


This is the schedule as it should have been the way I wish it had turned out


12:30 pm Arrive Trade Mart Attend luncheon sponsored by the Dallas Citizens Council,the Dallas Assembly and Graduate Research Center of the Southwest

2:00 pm Depart Trade Mart -Car

2:30 pm Arrive Love Field

2:35 pm Depart airport -jet

3:15 pm Arrive Austin Bergstrom AFB

3:30 PM Depart Bergstrom AFB Car

3:35 pm Arrive Commodore Perry Hotel

4:15 pm Attend reception in hotel sponsored by Democratic State Committee

6:00 pm Depart Commodore Perry Hotel -Car

6:05 pm Arrive Governor's Mansion-Attend Reception

6:45 pm Depart Governor's Mansion

6:50 pm Arrive Commodore Perry Hotel

8:15 pm Depart Commodore Perry Hotel car

8:20 pm Arrive Municipal Auditorium

8:30 pm Seated at head table-fund raising dinner sponsored by Democratic State Committee

8:45 pm  Program Starts

9;15 pm Program over

9:30 pm Depart Municipal Auditorium -Car

9:45 pm Arrive Bergstrom Airport

9:50 pm Depart Bergstrom Airport -helicopter

10:20 pm Arrive Vice President Johnson's Ranch


Remarks at Rally in Port Work in Front of the Texas Hotel. November 22, 1963
Mr. Vice President, Jim Wright, Governor, Sen. Yarborough, Mr. Buck, ladies and gentlemen:
 There are no faint hearts in Fort Worth and I appreciate your being here this morning. Mrs. Kennedy is organizing herself. It takes longer, but, but of course she looks better than we do which he does it. But we appreciate your welcome.
 This city has been a great Western city, the defense of the West, cattle, all, and all the rest. It has believed in strength in this city, and strength in this State, and strength in this country.
 What we are trying to do in this country and what we are trying to do around the world, I believe, is part simple: and that is to build a military structure which will defend the vital interest of the United States. And in that great cause, Fort Worth, as it did in World War II, as it did in developing the best bomber system in the world, the B-58, and as it will now do in developing the best fighter system in the world, the TFX , Fort Worth will play its proper part. And that is why we Place in much emphasis in the last three years in building a defense system second to none, until now the United States is stronger than it is ever been in history. And secondly, we believe that the new environment, space, the new sea, is also an area where the United States should be second to none.
 And this State of Texas and United States is now engaged in the most concentrated effort in history to provide leadership in this area as it must here on earth. And this is our second great effort. And in December – next month – the United States will fire the largest booster in the history of the world, putting us ahead of the Soviet Union in that area for the first time in our history.
 And thirdly, for the United States to fulfill its obligations around the world requires that the United States move forward economically, that the people of this country participate in rising prosperity. And it is a fact in 1962, and the first six months of 1963, the economy of the United's states group not only faster than nearly every Western country, which had not been true in the 50s, but also very faster than the Soviet Union itself. That is the kind of straight the United States needs, economically, in space, militarily.
 And in the final analysis, that strength depends upon the willingness of the citizens of the United States to assume the burdens of leadership.
 I know one place where they are, here in this rain, and Fort Worth, in Texas, and United States. We are going forward.
Thank you. John F. Kennedy PPOP 1963, page 887


Remarks  at the Breakfast of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce November 22, 1963

Mr. Buck, Mr. Vice President, Gov. Connolly, Sen. Yarborough, Jim Wright, members of the congressional delegation, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Atty. Gen., ladies and gentlemen:
  Two years ago, I introduced myself in Paris by saying that I was the man who had accompanied Mrs. Kennedy to Paris. I am getting somewhat that same sensation as I travel around Texas. Nobody wonders what Lyndon and I wear.
  I am glad to be here in Jim Wright city. About 35 years ago, a Congressman from California who had just been elected received a letter from an irate constituent which said: "during the campaign he promised to have the Sahara modern mountains before state. Yet been office one month and you haven't done so." Well, no one in foreword has been that unreasonable, but in some ways he has had the Sierra Madre Mountains before stood, and here in Fort Worth he has contributed to its growth.
 He speaks for Fort Worth and he speaks for the country, and I don't know any city that is better represented in the Congress of the United States in Fort Worth. And if there are any Democrats are this morning, I am sure you would know that against him.
  Three years ago last September I came here, with the Vice President and spoke at Burke Burnett Park, and called, in that speech, for a national security policy and the national security system which was second to none – a position which said not first, but, if, when and how, but are. That city responded to that call is it has to its history. And we have been putting that pledge into practice ever since.
  And I want to say a word about that pledge here in foreword, which understands national defense in its importance to the security of the United States. During the days of the Indian war, this city was a Fort. During the days of World War I, even before the United States got into the war, Royal Canadian Air Force poets were training here. During the days of World War II, the great The reader bombers in which my brother flew with his copilot from the city, were produced here.
  The first nonstop flight around the world took off and returned here, and a plane built and factories here. The first truly intercontinental bomber, the B 36 was produced here. The bay 58, which is the finest weapon system in the world today, which has demonstrated most recently in flying from Tokyo to London, with the average speed of nearly 1000 mph, is a Fort Worth product.
  The Iroquois helicopter from four work is a mainstay in our fight against the guerrillas and South Vietnam. The transportation oh cruise between our missile sites is done in planes produced here in Fort Worth.
So wherever the confrontation may occur, and in the last three years it has occurred on at least three occasions, in Laos, Berlin and Cuba, and it will again – wherever it occurs, the products of Fort Worth and the men of Fort Worth provide us with a sense of security.
 And in the not-too-distant future a new four work product– and I'm glad that there was a table separating Mr. Hicks and myself – a new Fort Worth product, the T FX Tactical Fighter Experimental – nobody knows what those words mean, but that is what they mean, Tactical Experimental – will serve the forces of freedom and will be the number one airplane and in the world today.
 There has been a good deal of discussion of the long and hard fought competition to win the T FX contract, but very little discussion about what this plane will do. It will be the first operational aircraft ever produced that can literally spread its wings through the air. It will thus give us a single plane capable of carrying out missions of speed as well as distant, able to fly very far in one form or very fast in another. It can take off from rugged, short airstrips, enormously increasing the Air Forces ability to participate in limited wars. The same basic plane will serve the Navy's carriers, saving the taxpayers at least 1 billion and costs if they built separate planes for the Navy and the Air Force.
 The Government Of Australia, by purchasing hundred 25 million of T FX planes before they are even off the drawing boards, has already testified to the merit of this plane, and at the same time it is competent in the ability of Fort Worth to meet its schedule. In all of these ways, the success of our national defense depends upon the city in the Western United States, 10,000 miles from Vietnam, 5000 or 6000 miles from Berlin, thousands of miles from trouble spots in Latin America and Africa or the Middle East. And yet Fort Worth and what it does and what it produces participates in all these great historic events. Texas, as a whole, and Fort Worth bear particular responsibility for this national defense effort, for military procurement in this state totals nearly 1 1/4 million dollars fifth highest among all the states of the union. There are more military personnel on active duty in this state than in any in the Nation save one – and it is not Massachusetts – any in the Nation save one with a combined military – civilian defense payroll of well over $1 billion. I don't recite these for any part of some purpose. They are the result of American determination to be second to none, and as a result of the effort which this country has made in the last three years we are second to none.
 In the past three years we have increased the defense budget of the United States by over 20%; increase the program of acquisition for Polar submarines from 24 to 41; increased our Minuteman missile purchase program by more than 75%; doubled the number of strategic bombers and missiles on alert; doubled the number of nuclear weapons available in the strategic alert forces; increase the tactical nuclear forces deployed in Western Europe by over 60%; added five combat ready divisions to the Army of the United States, and five tactical fighter wings to the Air Force of the United States; increased our strategic airlift capability by 75%; and increased our special counter insurgency forces which are engaged now and South Vietnam by 600%. I hope those who want a stronger America and place it on some signs will also place those figures next to it.
 This is not an easy effort. This requires sacrifice by the people of the United States. But this is a very dangerous and uncertain world. As I said earlier, on three occasions in the last three years the United States has had a direct confrontation. No one can say when it will come again. No one expects that our life will be easy, certainly not in this decade, and perhaps not in this century. But we should realize what a burden and a responsibility the people of the United States have borne for so many years. Here, a country which lived in isolation, divided and protected by the Atlantic and the Pacific, and interested in the struggles of the world around it, here in the short space of 18 years after the second war war, we put ourselves, by our own will and by necessity into the fence of alliances with countries all around the globe. Without the United States, South Vietnam would collapse overnight. Without the United States, the SEATO-alliance would collapse overnight. Without the United States the CENTO alliance would collapse overnight. Without the United States there will be no NATO. And gradually Europe would drift into neutral is an and in difference. Without the efforts of the United States in the Alliance for Progress, the Communist advance onto the mainland of South America would long ago have taken place. So this country, which desires only to be free, which desires to be secure, which desire to live at peace for 18 years under three different administrations, has for more than its share of the burden, has stood watch for more than its number of years. I don't think we are fatigued or tired. We would like to be a as we once lived. But history will not permit it. The communist balance of power is still strong. The balance of power is still on the side of freedom. We are still the Keystone in the arch of freedom,, and update we will continue to do as we have done our past, our duty, and the people of Texas will be in the lead.
 So I am glad to come to this state which has played such a significant role in so many efforts in this century, and to say that here in Fort Worth you people will be playing a major role in the maintenance of the security of the United States for the next 10 years. I am confident, as I look to the future, that our chances for security, our chances for peace, are better than they have been in the past. And the reason is because we are stronger. And with that strength is a determination not only to maintain the peace, but also the vital interests of the United States. To that great cause, Texas and the United States are committed.
Thank you.   John F. Kennedy PPOP 1963 pages 888 – 90


Remarks prepared for Trade Mart (undelivered)



Also PPOP  John F. Kennedy 1963 pages 890-=94\


Remarks Intended For Delivery to the Texas Democratic State Committee in the Municipal Auditorium in Austin. November 22, 1963


One hundred and eighteen years ago last March, President John Tyler signed the Joint Resolution of Congress providing statehood for Texas. And 118 years ago this month, President James Polk declared that Texas was a part of the Union. Both Tyler and Polk were Democratic Presidents. And from that day to this, Texas and the Democratic Party have been linked in an indestructible alliance--an alliance for the promotion of prosperity, growth, and greatness for Texas and for America. Next year that alliance will sweep this State and Nation.

The historic bonds which link Texas and the Democratic Party are no temporary union of convenience. They are deeply embedded in the history and purpose of this State and party. For the Democratic Party is not a collection of diverse interests brought together only to win elections. We are united instead by a common history and heritage--by a respect for the deeds of the past and a recognition of the needs of the future. Never satisfied with today, we have always staked our fortunes on tomorrow. That is the kind of State which Texas has always been--that is the kind of vision and vitality which Texans have always possessed--and that is the reason why Texas will always be basically Democratic.

For 118 years, Texas and the Democratic Party have contributed to each other's success. This State's rise to prosperity and wealth came primarily from the policies and programs of Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Harry Truman. Those policies were shaped and enacted with the help of such men as the late Sam Rayburn and a host of other key Congressmen--by the former Texas Congressman and Senator who serves now as my strong right arm, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson--by your present United States Senator, Ralph Yarborough--and by an overwhelming proportion of Democratic leadership at the State and county level, led by your distinguished Governor, John Connally.

It was the policies and programs of the Democratic Party which helped bring income to your farmers, industries to your cities, employment to your workers, and the promotion and preservation of your natural resources. No one who remembers the days of 5-cent cotton and 30-cent oil will forget the ties between the success of this State and the success of our party.

Three years ago this fall I toured this State with Lyndon Johnson, Sam Rayburn, and Ralph Yarborough as your party's candidate for President. We pledged to increase America's strength against its enemies, its prestige among its friends, and the opportunities it offered to its citizens. Those pledges have been fulfilled. The words spoken in Texas have been transformed into action in Washington, and we have America moving again.

Here in Austin, I pledged in 1960 to restore world confidence in the vitality and energy of American society. That pledge has been fulfilled. We have won the respect of allies and adversaries alike through our determined stand on behalf of freedom around the world, from West Berlin to Southeast Asia--through our resistance to Communist intervention in the Congo and Communist missiles in Cuba--and through our initiative in obtaining the nuclear test ban treaty which can stop the pollution of our atmosphere and start us on the path to peace. In San Jose and Mexico City, in Bonn and West Berlin, in Rome and County Cork, I saw and heard and felt a new appreciation for an America on the move--an America which has shown that it cares about the needy of its own and other lands, an America which has shown that freedom is the way to the future, an America which is known to be first in the effort for peace as well as preparedness.

In Amarillo, I pledged in 1960 that the businessmen of this State and Nation-particularly the small businessman who is the backbone of our economy--would move ahead as our economy moved ahead. That pledge has been fulfilled. Business profits-having risen 43 percent in 2 1/2 years--now stand at a record high; and businessmen all over America are grateful for liberalized depreciation for the investment tax credit, and for our programs to increase their markets at home as well as abroad. We have proposed a massive tax reduction, with particular benefits for small business. We have stepped up the activities of the Small Business Administration, making available in the last 3 years almost $50 million to more than 1,000 Texas firms, and doubling their opportunity to share in Federal procurement contracts. Our party believes that what's good for the American people is good for American business, and the last 3 years have proven the validity of that proposition.

In Grand Prairie, I pledged in 1960 that this country would no longer tolerate the lowest rate of economic growth of any major industrialized nation in the world. That pledge has been and is being fulfilled. In less than 3 years our national output will shortly have risen by a record $100 billion-industrial production is up 22 percent, personal income is up 16 percent. And the Wall Street Journal pointed out a short time ago that the United States now leads most of Western Europe in the rate of business expansion and the margin of corporate profits. Here in Texas--where 3 years ago at the very time I was speaking, real per capita personal income was actually declining as the industrial recession spread to this State--more than 200,000 new jobs have been created, unemployment has declined, and personal income rose last year to an all-time high. This growth must go on. Those not sharing in this prosperity must be helped. And that is why we have an accelerated public works program, an area redevelopment program, and a manpower training program, to keep this and other States moving ahead. And that is why we need a tax cut of $11 billion, as an assurance of future growth and insurance against an early recession. No period of economic recovery in the peacetime history of this Nation has been characterized by both the length and strength of our present expansion--and we intend to keep it going.

In Dallas, I pledged in 1960 to step up the development of both our natural and our human resources. That pledge has been fulfilled. The policy of "no new starts" has been reversed. The Canadian River project will provide water for 11 Texas cities. The San Angelo project will irrigate some 10,000 acres. We have launched 10 new watershed projects in Texas, completed 7 others, and laid plans for 6 more. A new national park, a new wildlife preserve, and other navigation, reclamation, and natural resource projects are all under way in this State. At the same time we have sought to develop the human resources of Texas and all the Nation, granting loans to 17,500 Texas college students, making more than $17 million available to 249 school districts, and expanding or providing rural library service to 600,000 Texas readers. And if this Congress passes, as now seems likely, pending bills to build college classrooms, increase student loans, build medical schools, provide more community libraries, and assist in the creation of graduate centers, then this Congress will have done more for the cause of education than has been done by any Congress in modern history. Civilization, it was once said, is a race between education and catastrophe--and we intend to win that race for education.

In Wichita Falls, I pledged in 1960 to increase farm income and reduce the burden of farm surpluses. That pledge has been fulfilled. Net farm income today is almost a billion dollars higher than in 1960. In Texas, net income per farm consistently averaged below the $4,000 mark under the Benson regime; it is now well above it. And we have raised this income while reducing grain surpluses by one billion bushels. We have, at the same time, tackled the problem of the entire rural economy, extending more than twice as much credit to Texas farmers under the Farmers Home Administration, and making more than 100 million dollars in REA loans. We have not solved all the problems of American agriculture, but we have offered hope and a helping hand in place of Mr. Benson's indifference.

In San Antonio, I pledged in 1960 that a new administration would strive to secure for every American his full constitutional rights. That pledge has been and is being fulfilled. We have not yet secured the objectives desired or the legislation required. But we have, in the last 3 years, by working through voluntary leadership as well as legal action, opened more new doors to members of minority groups--doors to transportation, voting, education, employment, and places of public accommodation--than had been opened in any 3-year or 30-year period in this century. There is no noncontroversial way to fulfill our constitutional pledge to establish justice and promote domestic tranquillity, but we intend to fulfill those obligations because they are right.

In Houston, I pledged in 1960 that we would set before the American people the unfinished business of our society. That pledge has been fulfilled. We have undertaken the first full-scale revision of our tax laws in 10 years. We have launched a bold new attack on mental illness, emphasizing treatment in the patient's own home community instead of some vast custodial institution. We have initiated a full-scale attack on mental retardation, emphasizing prevention instead of abandonment. We have revised our public welfare programs, emphasizing family rehabilitation instead of humiliation. And we have proposed a comprehensive realignment of our national transportation policy, emphasizing equal competition instead of regulation. Our agenda is still long, but this country is moving again.

In El Paso, I pledged in 1960 that we would give the highest and earliest priority to the reestablishment of good relations with the people of Latin America. We are working to fulfill that pledge. An area long neglected has not solved all its problems. The Communist foothold which had already been established has not yet been eliminated. But the trend of Communist expansion has been reversed. The name of Fidel Castro is no longer feared or cheered by substantial numbers in every country. And contrary to the prevailing predictions of 3 years ago, not another inch of Latin American territory has fallen prey to Communist control. Meanwhile, the work of reform and reconciliation goes on. I can testify from my trips to Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and Costa Rica that American officials are no longer booed and spat upon south of the border. Historic fences and friendships are being maintained. Latin America, once the forgotten stepchild of our aid programs, now receives more economic assistance per capita than any other area of the world. In short, the United States is once more identified with the needs and aspirations of the people to the south, and we intend to meet those needs and aspirations.

In Texarkana, I pledged in 1960 that our country would no longer engage in a lagging space effort. That pledge has been fulfilled. We are not yet first in every field of space endeavor, but we have regained worldwide respect for our scientists, our industry, our education, and our free initiative.

In the last 3 years, we have increased our annual space effort to a greater level than the combined total of all space activities undertaken in the 1950's. We have launched into earth orbit more than 4 times as many space vehicles as had been launched in the previous 3 years. We have focused our wide-ranging efforts around a landing on the moon in this decade. We have put valuable weather and communications satellites into actual operation. We will fire this December the most powerful rocket ever developed anywhere in the world. And we have made it clear to all that the United States of America has no intention of finishing second in outer space. Texas will play a major role in this effort. The Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston will be the cornerstone of our lunar landing project, with a billion dollars already allocated to that center this year. Even though space is an infant industry, more than 3,000 people are already employed in space activities here in Texas, more than $100 million of space contracts are now being worked on in this State, and more than 50 space-related firms have announced the opening of Texas offices. This is still a daring and dangerous frontier; and there are those who would prefer to turn back or to take a more timid stance. But Texans have stood their ground on embattled frontiers before, and I know you will help us see this battle through.

In Fort Worth, I pledged in 1960 to build a national defense which was second to none--a position I said, which is not "first, but," not "first, if," not "first, when," but first--period. That pledge has been fulfilled. In the past 3 years we have increased our defense budget by over 20 percent; increased the program for acquisition of Polaris submarines from 24 to 41; increased our Minuteman missile purchase program by more than 75 percent; doubled the number of strategic bombers and missiles on alert; doubled the number of nuclear weapons available in the strategic alert forces; increased the tactical nuclear forces deployed in Western Europe by 60 percent; added 5 combat ready divisions and 5 tactical fighter wings to our Armed Forces; increased our strategic airlift capabilities by 75 percent; and increased our special counter-insurgency forces by 600 percent. We can truly say today, with pride in our voices and peace in our hearts, that the defensive forces of the United States are, without a doubt, the most powerful and resourceful forces anywhere in the world.

Finally, I said in Lubbock in 1960, as I said in every other speech in this State, that if Lyndon Johnson and I were elected, we would get this country moving again. That pledge has been fulfilled. In nearly every field of national activity, this country is moving again--and Texas is moving with it. From public works to public health, wherever Government programs operate, the past 3 years have seen a new burst of action and progress--in Texas and all over America. We have stepped up the fight against crime and slums and poverty in our cities, against the pollution of our streams, against unemployment in our industry, and against waste in the Federal Government. We have built hospitals and clinics and nursing homes. We have launched a broad new attack on mental illness and mental retardation. We have initiated the training of more physicians and dentists. We have provided 4 times as much housing for our elderly citizens, and we have increased benefits for those on social security.

Almost everywhere we look, the story is the same. In Latin America, in Africa, in Asia, in the councils of the world and in the jungles of far-off nations, there is now renewed confidence in our country and our convictions.

For this country is moving and it must not stop. It cannot stop. For this is a time for courage and a time for challenge. Neither conformity nor complacency will do. Neither the fanatics nor the faint-hearted are needed. And our duty as a party is not to our party alone, but to the Nation, and, indeed, to all mankind. Our duty is not merely the preservation of political power but the preservation of peace and freedom.

So let us not be petty when our cause is so great. Let us not quarrel amongst ourselves when our Nation's future is at stake. Let us stand together with renewed confidence in our cause--united in our heritage of the past and our hopes for the future-and determined that this land we love shall lead all mankind into new frontiers of peace and abundance.

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Posted 23 November 2014 - 04:58 PM

Thank you so much for your November Days tribute. I found it both fascinating and haunting. It is an invaluable resource into 1963 and the lead up to that fateful afternoon. President Kennedy's internal quest for peace saved our country from nuclear warfare. However the events on 11/22/1963 had the same impact with a death toll of only one. It changed the path of our country and it emotionally devastated the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

Thank you again for the posts

Jay Hernandez
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Posted 23 November 2014 - 05:38 PM

Thank you Jay! I will be posting some photos for the 22nd and the President's funeral I just want to try and gather some that are not seen everyday but it's hard I am sure i will probably post some we have seen before though,

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Posted 23 November 2014 - 06:28 PM

Nice job Michelle.
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