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When a Government fears its' own people tyranny follows

drones creeping fascism

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#1 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 31 August 2014 - 05:00 AM

Yesterday my brother and I planned to go to Muncie to a model airplane meet.

It is a good gathering of scale modeler's and their works of art that fly.

However for fear of rain we decided to go to the USAF museum in Dayton for some full scale aircraft.


Relevance to Camelot? Easily explained I ask bear with me for a minute.


Two things I saw kind of bothered me.

I got thru their metal detector check keeping my thoughts mostly silent as I do not mind confronting the creeping encroachment of fascism into my life.

I did say "They need to figure out the American people didn't do anything to excuse this crap".

And I let it go at that in conversational tone.


An over abundance of military folks but hell it is a really nice thing the Air Force does on its original test flight center base with a tiny segment of our tax funds stolen.

Propaganda stuffed it may be, but also tribute paid to some fine Americans. Pete Quesada and Don Gentile I really do admire much.

It isn't all Gordo Cooper and Deke Slayton USAF blue.


On to the show I have no problem walking by displays except of the individuals and the airplanes. Its about the aircraft and the people flying them and fixin' them.


Later I was shocked vigorously when I saw a 20 something punk with close cropped hair and the demeanor of Reinhardt Heydrich with his girlie on the arm.

All that didn't phase me, what busted my chops was the Blackwater T shirt front and back bullshit logos the deluded white citizen wore.



My reaction was to growl lightly and maintain observation discretely and growl my low rumble of medium offense.


Offended you ask by another's choice of apparel? You damn betcha.

I know that corporation no longer exists by that name, but the issue is law enforcement accountability.


In the aftermath of storm Katrina devastating New Orleans and the coast there abouts, those Blackwater PUNKS were indeed shooting poor folks simply trying to walk out of the hopeless and abandoned poorer wards of town. I have shame when I remember not just my reaction at my government being so clearly fascist and power driven.

I care not what the MSM reported about looting and riot. From folks I know, I do know the mercs of Blackwater were KILLING poor folks FOR NO VALID REASON other than attempting to abandon the abandonment on foot.

I also know what the MSM called looting was primarily in fact people doing what they had to do to get WATER and FOOD and CLEAN CLOTHING.


I know that at PCola Naval station where were staged the HUGE hovercraft assault machines manned by my brother Gyrenes that could easily have been dispatched to aid people as soon as the storm surge relented within hours of the storm passing with SURPLUS FOOD WATER AND UTILITIES (clothes).

But these are all things one had to try to find out for one's self. So few know.


It busts my chops 'cos I can't understand where the hell Americans that admire the Corporate way of life come from!


I say again. Only sick f**ks that can enjoy harming or the act of harming another?

I really no joke don't get the convolutions of the bully punk mind? psyche?



I'll finish this later today.

They'll stone ya so early in the morning,

They'll stone ya .....

I'm becoming 61 today, damn where did the time go?

Ya know I still love people and WeThePeople in particular,

but I detest my Government.

Bout Nuff Said

Coming Up...


walking UNDER the Drones....Grrrrr.. you slimy overseers!

#2 Brian Kelshaw

Brian Kelshaw

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Posted 31 August 2014 - 08:59 AM

Yeah Jim, the world's full of them, I've stopped watching the news on TV now (yes, the BBC :-) and only watch Abbey Martin on RT or Jesse Ventura "Off The Grid". I find I'm pulling every damn news story to bits every time I tune in, so I've just abandoned it.

#3 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 31 August 2014 - 04:08 PM

Ain't it a shame that we MUST seek the truth from other places than broadcast "news"....

Orwell called the turn on this matter.

Must run.


#4 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 01 September 2014 - 05:50 AM

I do enjoy airplanes and aerospace. I bet most knew that already.

I model aircraft for two reasons, first I can afford the models as long as the materials are not composite and expensive beyond my means,

and second I enjoy building the models almost as much as flying them and much more than crashing the aircraft.


That being said I admit a vicarious thrill just being around aircraft and racecars.


Standing next to and sneaking a touch of historic planes I like, I violated the request not to touch the planes three times, for contact with a P-51A razor back Mustang, a Spitfire mk 9, and a Mitsubishi Zero.

For the most part I obeyed their request not to touch.


I couldn't expect the USAF to properly honor Doug Douglas' Dauntless carrier based dive bomber. They ignored the fact that less than 50 US Navy Dauntlesses stopped Japan and turned the momentum of the Pacific war in June 1942. Interservice rivalry runs deeper in the command authority than in the ranks I promise you that.

The USAF declined to note that no USAAC attack aircraft did more than wet the decks of Japanese warships with splashes from misses through out the 3 day battle of Midway.


Favorite exhibits of planes? All of them. It is the progress of engineering that I love, in that I can admire German and Japanese and Russian aircraft, as I do not honor totalitarian governments.

I do lean a little to the Sailplane trainers used to train the glider pilots to troop carries from WW2.

And naturally the L-4 military version of Piper's beautiful Cub that Judge Jim Garrison flew, I think I could fly either one if I could get the medical certificate today.

Consistently impressed by preserved history of flight I'd say was my reaction.


It was nice see to the Materials Command USAF to admit that we have and had V-2s and display one. I am old enough to remember the ungainly B-36 nuke bomber fortunately never used but for testing.

Same for the B-47 a hot rodder's bomber if ever there was one. And even the BUFFellow B-52 should be given its' due for longevity of service if nothing more.


As I wound thru the exhibuts of the Korean "conflict police action" and into the Cold War there was a distinct lack of ICBM displays, no atlas, no titan.

Plenty of Corona satelites and KH spy satelites and a U-2 hanging from the ceiling with a deceptive display about Gary Powers being shotdown under beneath it.

I don't read those placards peddling BS, I could see from the attending materials the lie was right freaking there -Again!


Past the Vietnam era Spads ( i forget the real name of the aircraft prop driven bad boys) good at air cover for infantry given the right pilotage).

The Hun F-100, the F-4, AC-130s a second generation of Puff The Magic Dragon and I really like the F-104 Starfighter of Lockheed.

They put up a stair so I could peer into the cockpit from beside it. That was another aircraft a pilot strapped on and wore, I doubt I could ever have fit in the thing.

Maybe 40 years ago when I was thinner by 40 pounds.


on to the Stealth Age and F-117, the B-2 and EF-111 Aardvarks.

And then there I saw the SR-71, the spyplane no one could shootdown.

Observation by spyplane I can accept or I did before the age of Satelites doing the job.


Very near the exit there were the Global Hawk and Predator Drones mounted far over the heads of "visitors", without doubt a subliminal message to visitors of Big Brother is doing more than watching you.

I was offended. I did comment to my brother that there is no accountability, If one invades my privacy I have no idea who ordered the flight into my private effects, papers, home and thoughts.

Who do I hold accountable for vilating the Constitution? SECDEF Hagel? Please don't jerk my chain with BS thank you very much.


{next p'graph added from Word draft I didn't use well}

Drones are not the next leap in model aircraft technology, the age of unmanned weaponry has arrived.

Imagine the U-2 hijacked in Eisenhower's second term without Mr. Gary Powers riding into geopolitical hell.

Or the DPD with an empowered Predator to take out Lee Oswald still untried but quite executed again...just let the 20 mm rip for a nanosecond.

I suppose the art of flight has been weaponized way early on and now requiring a really Brave New World.

Drones are easy weapons to decide to use for the unaccountability of classification.

Classification to keep bad things hidden I have a problem with.

Classification for real valid reasons I don't.

Accountable weaponry (does such exist? Did Truman sign off on the Little Boy or not?) I don't have problems with.

Unaccountable weaponry I do have problems with.

I heard something about nothing is beyond their reach, grrrrr!? rumble from the bill-o-rights hud.


The potential of creating more hatred and more "terrorists" in place where civilians are seen as only collateral damage is obvious. Speak collateral damage to the Father that picked his dead daughter from the wreckage of his former home beside a target's "hideout".


Killing and population control have become too easy and too much taken for granted as an already won victory. Victory over enemies made and made-up, and over WeThePeople by "law enforcement".

Now in the ways of governance the Feds are invading my hobby of R/C remote vehicles, uh crap I thought I was only building miniature aircraft for my own enjoyment.

The excuse is the regulation of corporate drones of delivery, but the real reason I can only guess at.


But their agenda is clear.

WeThePeople are in the process of being designated the enemy too.

We walk under the drones here and all over the world.


Once again my concept of the "consent of the governed" (from Tom Jefferson's Declaration of Independence) is being ignored, ridiculed and belittled.

Don't ask me what I would do if I spot a drone, I don't want to say here.

I may have to walk and live under the drones but I do not have to approve their deployment and use here or "over there".

It just is not right.


And to think I was once so ignorant to think "All men are created equal" was a global concept.

Sure seems to me Jack Kennedy held that long view too.

#5 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 06:37 AM

One more thing from my draft of the post above.


I can never throw rocks at the service persons.


As a non-active duty Gyrene I want to be the kind of Gyrene Smedley Butler was before and after honorable separation from the USMC.


I don't think I have any choice in the matter. It is the internal moral compass I picked up somewhere, I err and it doesn't err as often as I.



#6 Chuck Barlow

Chuck Barlow

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Posted 13 October 2014 - 07:24 AM

Jim, (You can call me Chuck. I'm just 4 years older than you and I'm no stickler for formality)


Anyway, your mention of Gen Smedley Butler got me to thinking. We tend to try and believe that the country started its slide down the shithole after JFK's assassination.  Butler's War is a Racket recounts the history of Big Business using your beloved USMC as its private army for financial gain in Central America, since before the turn of the 20th century. We have a long history of labeling Central American political leaders who tried to help the poor get  livable wages in the sugar cane and banana plantations as dictators in need of immediate removal.


Perhaps there never were The Good Old Days. The only difference between pre and post JFK is that since JFK's assassination it's America's own citizens who have increasingly become the the target for financial manipulation by wall street. When it was screwing with faceless brown people who were out of sight and out of mind, that was okay. Now that the machinations of the unseen hands are making it difficult for us here at home, suddenly we get aroused from our sleep and indignantly wonder WTF?


Once the bankers saw that they could manipulate the game with impunity and that the majority of the people were indifferent to JFK's assassination even 50 years past the event, they felt even less need for caution and they are emboldened to be even more pushy with their agendas. "We'll give them 5 nights of NFL per week, ramp up beer production and label the handful who can still add 2+2 as crazy conspiracy theorists"

#7 Phil Dragoo

Phil Dragoo

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Posted 13 October 2014 - 02:24 PM

Jim, there's the aerospace museum in DC we went to when attending the USNA commencement.  How small is the Spirit of St. Louis.


Chuck, Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, Gerald Colby and Charlotte Dennett, 1994, is a study in that access to exploitation you mention.


Ike warned of a military-industrial complex, but the rise of Germany was fostered by the usual suspects in Guido Giacomo Preparata, Conjuring Hitler, 2005.


At the Andrews air show the cordoned F-117 looked like it was built in somebody's garage with fabric and resin, I told the amiable spokesman in the beret.


I bet you have all kinds of paint to apply after each mission.


He smiled and agreed.


Use of Lethal Force Authorized


Now add information supremacy


and as Greg notes the ability to convince your opponent resistance is futile


It worked for a while for the Romans

#8 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 13 October 2014 - 03:35 PM

The Spirit of St. Louis is tiny....just enough for gas and a pilot.


In light of Greg's note of the ability to convince all that resistance is futile,


the first F-117 I saw was in broad daylight over southern Indiana in the vicinity of Camp Atterbury.

At double tree top altitude and not going as fast as other military A-10s and such that used that air strip covertly for years and years.

All the way back to F-86s in my youth out of Hulman Field and Atterbury. And F-51H Mustangs too.


Almost all friends I described the aircraft to wanted me to accept that I saw a UFO.

It flew funny but not that funny.

I in my mind bet it was a project under USAF development.


All that was in 1988. It was black, silent, subsonic and flew not by aerodynamics alone, I could see that with my own eyes.

I described it as an arrowhead shape that moved not like conventional aircraft but almost, just strange.


When the Nighthawk bomber went publc all was clear.

No lizards, no aliens, no levitating craft, just the next phase of air warfare out of the Skunkworks.


The most surprizing thing to me was how ready reasonable people were or are to accept "E.T." as reality.

The Day The Earth Stood Still .... for a while.

Really Strange indeed.


Cognitive Dissonance meets Klatu lost in space.

Or US top secret aircraft encountered by private citizen out fishing.

I know which version is reality and which is bull.


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