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How Fascism Prevails Over Freedom and Liberty

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Jim Hackett II

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Posted 20 June 2014 - 10:26 AM

I salute Sandy Serrano and others that tried to do what was right even in the face of the Fascist Enemies.


First I am going to redefine Fascism away from the German/Nazi position and emphasize the historic ways of Fascism. It is nothing so new as 1920. The total control of information is a characteristic of most totalitarian systems of control,

Governance by Corporation can only thrive when a false definition of the common good is used to replace the reality of common good for all citizens as opposed to the corporate definition of people as subjects. Subjects of the will of those in control of the Fable Makers' controllers.

History even as written by the 'winners' is not lacking in examples of patsy fables, false flag fables and the like as depiction of events to suit the desires of the 1%.


Last night as I surfed over to BOR for a good interview of Lynn Mangan Sirhan's Researcher that Len did it occurs to me there a few better examples of fable making taking the place of truth and 'promoting the general welfare' than the way this American Game has allowed the murder of Robert Kennedy to stand as another Lone Nut deranged fool's assassination.


The golden state and my nation are or damn well ought to be hanging all their heads in shame over the predominance of the LIE permitted to continue for 46 years unchallenged by the Justice Officials in letting it all stand as an open and shut case in direct contradiction of first hand evidence sufficient to at the least cast deep suspicion on the "way it was all done". At the least!


Only because WeThePeople let it all stand can this state of affairs exist posing as reality, I write of American citizens responsibility in citizenship as avocation sadly missing in the Senator's murder so called investigation. In four more years the same Media Whores will trot out the same old long ago dis-proven Fables as they did in Dallas in 2013. I expect LA to be handed over to the same assets of the enemy of freedom, the friends of Fascism in 2018.


Now I am mightily offended by any damn fool I see with "SS" runes tattooed in their body. But I am not thinking of neo-nazi punks that Moe Dees would have worried about.


The effect of Len's show last night was I got down some references for the RFK murder to refresh my thinking.

I think it may benefit some of us to re-examine the anything but "open and shut" case of Sirhan Sirhan caught with a smoking gun in his hand in the act of supposedly firing a weapon at Robert Kennedy.

"T'ain't necessarily so McGee".


I think this is important enough to dig again into the turdbirds of the SUS with parts of LAPD as well as to recognize the heroes of the LAPD and the Media and witnesses that didn't "play ball" with the FBI and SUS.


I have dug out three books in particular, 1) The RFK Assassination by Phil Melanson, 2) The Assassination of RFK by William Turner and Jonn Christian and 3) Shadow Play by Phil Melanson and William Klaber.


It will take time to type the excerpts from those but I hope worth the effort though only a product of secondary research.

I am forced to conclude that by letting falsehoods and manufactured perceptions stand in the place of truth the future cannot bode well for this nation and globe when BS is allowed to proliferate.


More to follow and I would hope the members would help and collaborate with their input too. Where one may overlook something the community would be more likely to catch and correct misinterpretations or present other ideas.

We can be the Change but it won't be as easy as registering to vote and doing so.

It might even require standing up and waking out of a lecture being willing to take the ire of a bloviating teacher or professor or two.

Or engaging in direct political action and civil disobedience peacefully.

Americans were never a bunch of cowards unwilling to make a stand for freedom and liberty, Ask George the Third the lunatic king.

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Jim Hackett II

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Posted 20 June 2014 - 03:37 PM

I would be remiss not to make large notice of Ms. Lisa Pease two part article originally from PROBE 1998 Vol. 5 num 3 (first segment).

An excerpt is on the CTKA site.

The Grand Illusion is the first segment's title.


For both parts complete see "The Assassinations" or the PROBE CD or the PROBE issues (V5 N3 and N4)


It is the best overview of the situation I have ever read.

It is too strong and note worthy, so much so that I can't cut pieces out of it to post.

It just wouldn't be proper.

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