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Kennedys denying the W/C autopsy and X-ray photos...

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Posted 15 June 2014 - 08:30 AM

The story that Robert Kennedy had denied the WC the autopsy and X-ray photos

Was a lie….also the mention that the Kennedy family did not want them shown at the hearings….that Specter had told to Humes and Finck, which they did pass along in their appearance before the ARRB ……Specter knew the stories were bogus….he in an Apr 64 memo to Chief Council Rankin, urged him to obtain them ,he knew the Ryberg medical illustrations could not substitute for the forensic evidence..He had learned and mentioned that SS inspector Thomas J. Kelley that the AT “ wanted to be satisfied that they were really necessary”..he did not hear back from Rankin, and wrote again, for staff access to such..he knew that Rankin expected to wrap up the WC in June. (1).At the time Specter was not privy to the fact that the WC ,Rankin, had the autopsy photos, as well as the X-rays they had kept this information from the assistant councils and staff. Most of the Commissioners being lawyers, knew the solid rules of evidence but chose to sit through the testimony in which their key witnesses were denied “the best medicolegal evidence”........just as they had refused to raise an eyebrow when Humes spoke of burning the autopsy records (2)….

Several years later Commissioner McCloy appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation”..they discussed that day in Dallas and he stated…””for the sake of completion “”,”” they had not looked at the late president’s autopsy X-rays and photographs..””..then told millions of Sunday viewers ,”” We were perhaps a little over sensitive,”” to the wishes of the Kennedy family., who”” were against the production of colored photographs of the body and so forth..””…He struck the right pose of repentance , and then McCloy went on to tell the TV audience …”that even without reviewing the autopsy pictures the Commission had “..”” the best evidence ( on the autopsy) in the sworn testimony of the doctor..””…..(3)..

Page 171..

From .."Breach of Trust" :

Gerald D.McKnight...2005: University Press of Kansas..Professor at emeritus history at Hood College, Frederick, Maryland

Notes: page 412..

(1)..Arlen Specter to J.Lee Rankin..April 30/64..Warren CD 10079, NA,Washington.DC..,1-2 “Specter to Rankin, 11,12/64,J.Lee Rankin Papers,box 37 folder 473,NARA..

(2)..When John McCloy asked about the “raw material for the autopsy….the colored photographs of the President’s body …..do we have these?”..

Rankin acknowledged that they had the “raw materials” photos,and X-rays. See WC Jan.21/64, executive session transcript ,NARA, 35. Two years after the Commission submitted it’s final report on the assassination ,former assistant counsels W.David Slawson and Norman Redlich reported to Burke Marshall that the Commission had NOT seen the X-rays and the autopsy photos ..See W.David Slawson to file ,10/7/1966,Dept of Justice ,Criminal Division, file 129-11.1-2.

(3)..McCloy’s Face the Nation comments can be found in FBI clipping of the Washington Capital News Service ,7/6/1967..FBIHQ Liaison with Commission File 62-109090-601..

McCloy’s continued exercise in blaming the Kennedy’s for withholding crucial evidence was part of the FBI’s campaign,to cover up it’s further embarrassing failure to not get a copy of the autopsy report before submitting its report CD 1..on the assassination to the Commission..These lies,misinformation and blaming the victim’s family, was so unpalatable to even J.Edgar Hoover…that he noted on an FBI memo ..”The confusion…would never have occurred if we had obtained the autopsy report originally. The Kennedys never asked us to withhold it and if they had we should have disgarded it.”

Notes: page 412,,

Rosen to DeLoach ,12/7/66..FBIHQ,JFK assn file,62-109060..4235..

Also J.Stanley Rotz..to SAC ,Baltimore,10/18/66..Main Baltimore JFK Assn File..89-30-268: 89-30-262 and 267

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