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The International Banking Cartel

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#381 Christina Gill

Christina Gill

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Posted 07 March 2017 - 03:40 PM

I just saw on Gayle Nix Jackson's Facebook page that Adele passed away three months ago. So sad.

Rest In Peace Adele :(

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie -- deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." -President John F.Kennedy


"A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people." -President John F. Kennedy


"Forgive your enemies but never forget their names." -President John F. Kennedy







#382 Phil Dragoo

Phil Dragoo

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 03:43 AM

Vis-à-vis Adele's banking topic, a friend styling himself Bob in New York advised me in 2000 to look into the suspicious death of Republic Bank president Edmond Safra December 3, 1999, in the billionaire's two-story penthouse in Monte Carlo located atop his Belle Epoque building.


I spent the next two years delving into the U.S. Senate banking committee hauling Safra and his people in to explain SARs, Suspicious Activity Reports--the rumors said he'd laundered eight billion in Russian drug money.


An Israeli radio host told me to note Banco Gottardo had a branch in Safra's building, that it was the bank used to launder Kremlin renovation kickbacks by Pavel Borodin.


Borodin was picked up in New York bound for George W. Bush's inauguration, held until Putin posted three million bond, then extradited to Switzerland.


The security team was at the estate leaving a nurse brought from New York by a Safra friend named Slatkin--this was of note when a CIA deputy director was one Nora Slatkin.  The mystery of Laura and Nora remains out there with Serling and Nimoy.


Dominick Dunne wrote my theory was close to his, and later would erupt when I pointed to his lauding the generosity of Safra's widow--


"F-- you, Dragoo!" et cetera, and all I'd done was mention the Vanity Fair writer was rather effusive over the Black Widow's kindness--


It was said by those who claimed to know she received 210M when her second husband shot himself twice in the chest.  Brazil is very animated.


The man convicted of the arson has been photographed with a troubled countenance evoking the boys of Gottlieb.




After the person was released, in 2006 I received a call from Laurence Leamer biographer of Kennedys.  He said he was writing a book on Safra and did I have a copy of the Monaco fire report.  I did and said I'd send him a copy of the sixty-some-page affair.  He said he'd read what I'd written, thought it was of interest, and what was my conclusion.  I said the bank was sanitized for sale and nobody's fingerprints showed.  He laughed and said he thought it was nothing so sinister.


I pushed him, suggesting that there wasn't a second gun in the Robert Kennedy shooting in his world-view.  "Oh no," he replied, "My friend debunked all that."


"Oh, your friend, and who's your friend?"


"Dan Moldea."


So it was last night I saw HSBC released from charges in a case involving drug money laundering.


A repost of a 2016 article took me back to Monaco when HSBC was poised to buy Republic.


HSBC escaped US money-laundering charges after Osborne's intervention


You see, the bank is too big to fail.


The US government decided not to pursue criminal charges against HSBC for allowing terrorists and drug dealers to launder millions of dollars after George Osborne and the UK banking regulator intervened to warn that prosecuting Britain’s biggest bank could lead to a “global financial disaster”.


And lo and behold who went to bat for it in 2012 but Eric Holder Mr. Fast and Furious, holder of many more badges of shame.


The report said the FSA [UK regulatory agency Financial Services Authority] was “problematic”, “weighed in very strongly” and caused a “firestorm”, which led the then attorney general, Eric Holder, to overrule the advice of his own prosecutors and not pursue criminal action.


And wouldn't you know it, the report linked HSBC to Mexican drug cartels--yet Holder interceded.


The 2012 settlement detailed how Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel and Colombia’s Norte del Valle cartel laundered $881m through HSBC and a Mexican unit. In some cases, Mexican branches had widened tellers’ windows to allow big boxes of cash to be pushed across the counters.


An insider turned whistleblower is certain the bank continues its practices.


Whistleblower believes HSBC still money-laundering


So we've got a former administration, an entrenched intelligence community, a complicit press all pushing a Russian menace as a deus ex machina to remove an inconvenient president, one who's not part of the business model which links the big bank with the drug octopus with the underbelly of the DOJ.


Cruz explained that after many repeated efforts, he gave up on the idea that HSBC senior management or bank security would pursue his allegations to investigate and stop the wrongdoing.


“My conclusion was that HSBC wasn’t going to do anything about this account, because HSBC management from the branch level, to senior bank security, to executive senior management was involved in the illegal activity I found,” he said.


Despite repeated attempts to bring the information to the attention of law enforcement officers, Cruz hit a brick wall until WND examined his documentation and determined his allegations were sufficiently substantiated to merit publication.


“HSBC is a criminal organization,” Cruz stressed. “It is a culture of crime.”



Phil's footnote:  U.S. presence in Afghanistan corresponds to spike in opium poppy production.  Sometimes the Deep State just pops out of the ground daring you to trip over it.


Put that together with bipartisan resistance to border enforcement and we have two cover stories for the business model.


A war on terror.  A war on drugs.


After all the blood and treasure, we still have both.


Comes the outsider elected to drain the swamp.  Suddenly he's the problem targeted by the Obama provisional government and Deep Spook.


Above, Adele is following with her typical perception and articulation.  An excellent age.




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