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The CIA Successfully Conceals Bay of Pigs History

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#1 Adele Edisen

Adele Edisen

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 11:08 AM


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#2 Phil Dragoo

Phil Dragoo

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Posted 23 May 2014 - 02:29 AM

CIA blocks access to the truth of its betrayal of the president by design.  We expect no less.


I have seen the Bay of Pigs landing as a trap for JFK, designed to fail, to paint him as a betrayer thereby creating a small army of assassins from the Cubans and their CIA handlers who could then operate on command in a climate of justification.


The cancelling of the last raid, on which Greg has presented with great clarity, is seen by Prouty through the Taylor Report as the primary cause of failure.




Here is an excerpt depicting the critical cancellation of the final raid:


The Cuban Study Group's Report makes it appear that there was some doubt and some lack of understanding about this operation. At the combat level where it really mattered there was absolutely no misunderstanding.


Without introductory comment, the Report states starkly:


"At about 9:30 P.M. on 16 April, Mr. McGeorge Bundy, Special

Assistant to the President, telephoned General C. P. Cabell

of CIA to inform him that the dawn air strikes the following

morning should not be launched until they could be conducted

from a strip within the beachhead." [NOTE: That Bay of Pigs

site had been selected, because--among other advantages--

there was a suitable air-strip on the beach. The Brigade's

B-26's would operate from there once it had been secured.

That was the plan; but it was predicated upon the

destruction of Castro's jet aircraft first.]


Gen Cabell and Mr Bissell tried to persuade Secretary Rusk to permit the dawn D-Day strikes.


"The Secretary indicated that there were policy

considerations against air strikes before the beachhead

airfield was in the hands of the landing force..."

The Secretary added, with reference to the air strikes that

President Kennedy had ordered, "They were not vital."


The Report continues:


"The order cancelling the D-Day strikes was dispatched to

the departure field in Nicaragua, arriving when the pilots

were in their cockpits ready for take-off."


That CIA Air Operations chief in Nicaragua is an old friend of mine. After he had received that order from General Cabell, he called me at my home, at about 2 A.M. on the morning of April 17th and told me about that catastropic order. I could hear the B-26 engines roaring nearby. He urged me to call the CIA command section and convince them to cancel it. We all knew that the entire operation depended upon that air strike. I called them; but as we all know now, that order was never reversed, and as the Cuban Study Group reported:


"The cancellation of the strikes planned at dawn on D-Day...was probably the most serious of the causes of failure of the operation as it eliminated the last favorable opportunity to destroy the Castro Air Force on the ground."



#3 Greg Burnham

Greg Burnham


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Posted 23 May 2014 - 11:23 AM

Like so much of the "still to be declassified" materials from the JFK Administration including, not only assassination files, but Bay of Pigs files, as well:


The most important information may have already been released. The record that we already have paints a clear enough picture: JFK did not go back on his word at the Bay of Pigs.


However, by postponing the release of the documents indefinitely it allows doubt to remain in the minds of the uninitiated. It is a means to suggest that: "There is something we [USGOV] are hiding -- and that information is the smoking gun that either implicates JFK or exonerates him by implicating others." In reality, those records probably will do nothing of the sort. What this ruse accomplishes is the promotion of a continued state of cognitive dissonance. Aa a result, an almost palpable uncertainty exists in place of peace of mind.

Greg Burnham



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