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Can You Please Provide Additional Shots-related Question(s) for a DP Witness ?

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Posted 02 July 2017 - 12:53 PM



"Can You Please Provide Additional Shots-Related Question(s) for a DP Witness ?"

(a.k.a. "The Shots-related Questions that Some Folk Chose Not to Ask Witnesses Then, and, the Shots-related Questions that Some Folk are Still Transparently-Afraid to Ask Witnesses Now)



     Good  Day .... I just want to  share with you + all of Our great, dedicated 112263 researcher Friends that  if + when you have a  chance to interview any 112263 witness who was actually in Dealey Plaza  (or, within earshot and heard the shots),  that with respect to the gunshot audible muzzle blasts and/or bullet bow shock  "silenced"  N-waves that the DP witness remembered hearing  ((((or  *could*  hear)))),  could you,  please, Please, PLEASE be sure to ask the DP witness to answer in as much detail all of the following questions, if they can.  (Yes, yes, most researchers are aware that witnesses can be incorrect sometimes,  butcha' know what?,  = most credible researchers also fully acknowledge that witnesses are also correct in their observations default_biggrin.png)


     From the many interviews that we  dedicated 112263 researchers,  ALL,  have watched, listened to, and/or read about, it still sometimes absolutely  astounds  me how way,  Wayyyy  too many of these very  important  questions for each + every DP witness are never asked by the interviewer. (or forgotten to be asked.... and/or.... ((deliberately ?)) never asked) 


........ = This is not  'rocket science',  My Friend,  = Every one of these questions is,  imho, a  fundamental, critical-to-help-us-ALL  question, + all of them should be + must be asked, every time.


     The following is the attack shots related  prepared questions list that I always try + make sure to ask every one of the 46 DP witnesses that I have interviewed.


     If you can think of any, please provide additional important shots-related question(s).   Thank  You  in advance.


 ====>  During the attack audible gunshot blasts and bullet bow shock waves,  exactly where was the witness located in DP?   = If you can, have them simply mark their location on a xeroxed DP map if you can provide.   = my Free  Dealey  Plaza  Detailed  Map  is always currently available for you + everyone, here.... http://i.imgur.com/QcAKTOp.gif .... (The  Dealey  Plaza  Detailed  Map  has been updated with additional evidence's, information's, witnesses + photographer's, etc.,  ++ and after multiple double-checking's to ensure 100%, precise accuracy, i will be providing the new link for everyone default_biggrin.png


 ====>  What is the DP witness' specific level of prior experience being around weapons when they were fired,  and/or, what was their prior number of years experience for actual weapon(s) firing practice?   + their skills level?   + firing what kind(s) of specific weapon(s)?


 ====>  What did the DP witness first think each blast/shock wave was? .... If he/she recognized any of the blasts/shock waves as being triggered from a weapon, what kind of weapon did they think it was? (hand gun?, rifle?, or a specific type/caliber of handgun or rifle?, etc)


 ====>  The location(s) the blasts/shock waves seemed to originate from?  (have them simply mark on a xeroxed DP map if you can provide)


 ====>  Did the blasts/shock waves each sound the same,  or different in loudness and/or pitch-tone?  (if different as several witnesses have detailed for us, which blast/shock wave within the shots-sequence they could hear sounded the same + which sounded  different in loudness and/or pitch-tone?)


 ====>  How many seconds did it take from the 1st blast/shock wave, to the last that they could hear?


 ====>  Were any of the blasts/shock waves bunched closer together than the other blasts/shock waves?


 ====>  Concurrent with a blast/shock wave they could hear, did they see the results of a bullet  striking the street,  a street curb,  the grass,  a tree branch,  or anywhere else?


 ====>  Could they still actually see JFK himself, and/or, the limo, and/or other limo passengers during the blasts/shock waves?   (if so, what was JFK doing just prior to  and/or   @ the same instant of the first blast/shock wave the witness could hear?   How did JFK and/or each limo passenger person physically react to each shot in the shots-sequence?)


 ====>  Relative to DP landmarks and/or the relative distance to the DP witness, where was the limo when the blasts/shock waves started and/or ended?


 ====>  Could they see any other murder-cade limo-trailing, or  other car-riding participants during the blasts/shock waves?   (if so, how did each participant person physically react to which numbered shot in the shots-sequence?)


 ====>  Relative to DP landmarks and/or the witness, where was that limo-trailing car when the blasts/shock waves started and/or ended?


 ====>  Did he/she see  gunsmoke?   In what location was the gunsmoke?   How long after the last blast/shock wave did they first start to see gunsmoke?   For how long did they see gunsmoke?


 ====>  Did he/she smell gunsmoke?   How long after the last blast/shock wave did they first start to smell  gunsmoke?   For how long did they smell gunsmoke?


 ====>  How did the DP witness you are interviewing react right after each of the blasts/shock waves that they could hear?


 ====>  Did the DP witness you are interviewing first look towards a specific location(s) upon hearing or immediately after each of the blasts/shock waves that they could hear?


 ====>  How long after and/or to what location did the DP witness you are interviewing move to after the attack ended, or, did they stay in the same attack location and for how long did they stay there?


 ====>  Was the DP witness also in DP with a Loved One and/or Friend?  (Please be sure to also ask for permission for you to speak with the Loved One and/or Friend, and, ask for their contact information)


 ====>  Did the DP witness you are interviewing see how other DP witnesses reacted right after each of the blasts/shock waves that they could hear?


 ====>  How long after and/or where to did these other DP witnesses move to afterward?


 ====>  During the shots and/or afterward did the DP witness see anyone on the ground in DP with a weapon?   If so, where was the armed person located and where was the DP witness at that same moment?   How far away was the DP witness from the armed person? 
  How long was it after the 1st blast/shock wave that the DP witness could hear did he/she see the armed person?



     Best  Regards  in  Research,

+ ++     Don
Donald Roberdeau
United States Navy
U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, plank walker
Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges clearly

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