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Interesting Times ...Opinions Please.

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#21 Phil Dragoo

Phil Dragoo

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Posted 04 July 2017 - 04:17 PM

Mark, as we discuss "interesting times" we indeed conclude as you say:


[I]t was a long time coming, and it was not put in place merely for the removal of JFK.


The conventional armature was expressed by Priscilla Johnson McMillan in a 2007 Washington Decoded article A Word about Lee Harvey Oswald


Oswald was a believing Marxist, and his motive was to strike the deadliest blow he could imagine at capitalism in the United States.


In my view, Oswald was an intelligence asset presenting per legend, wasn't in the window, and did not fire a rifle.


And yet, with the universe of anomaly, why do government, academia and media stick like barnacles to the Big Lie of 1963?


I've had a handful of books as mileposts this past decade to amplify the question, and highlight your stipulation of the perennial rather than ad hoc nature of the cabal.


I believe Charles Drago brought Guido Giacomo Preparata's Conjuring Hitler to our attention.  Bank of England director (1922-1944) Montagu Norman worked with Deutsche Bank head Hjalmar Schact to build the Reich from the material preserved by Versailles (where Dulles and Dulles--raised by secretaries of state--interned) into the Wolf which worried the Bear while the Lion waited for the Eagle to land.  The world island was kept divided and the sea powers prevailed.


Patton sought to eradicate Soviet Communism and was removed before he could attain the presidential platform from which to proceed.  Robert Wilcox, Target: Patton, presents a credible collusion of U.S. and Soviet intelligence in creating a convenient accidental death.


Forrestal was a bar to Truman's military appropriations and an avid anti-Communist.  His Soviet commitment and "suicide" were the subject of David Martin/DC Dave's epic research:  Who Killed James Forrestal?


After Mao was facilitated in his successful Long March, he joined a four-way deal in the very Orwellian perennial peninsular problem described by former Army intelligence officer Hank Holzer in THE JUNE 25, 1950, NORTH KOREAN INVASION OF SOUTH KOREA: The Rest of the Story  The deal: 1) Kim Il Sung got to try to unite the peninsula; 2) China flexed its new muscle; 3) Stalin kept the U.S. and China apart; 4) Truman got his appropriation.  MacArthur was kept in the dark and U.S. military readiness was near zero--and it is in the headlines today.


Fast forward to September 11, 2001 and we have an event which presents as an Operation Northwoods--much as Putin's bombing Moscow apartments in 1999, and the Clinton OKC debacle (following GHWB's Weaver and Clinton's Waco abominations).  The Strategy of Tension is alive and well.


Today Europe is in the throes of jihadi invasion and the planned homogeneity serving the needs of the power elite.


With Saint John Philby empowering the Saudi house and his son, the Soviets, is it any wonder Angleton wore a perpetual sardonic grin.


Upstairs the four-dimensional chess game proceeds apace while we proles are to be content with checkers--and reality television.


And the once and former puppet of Soros servant of Nazis and "anarchists" treats with leaders of foreign governments, undercutting the power of the sitting president as once was left to the likes of Lodge and Lemnitzer.


The French have a saying for it--soon it'll be in Arabic.




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#22 Alan Ford

Alan Ford


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Posted 19 July 2017 - 01:21 PM

An interesting question, Mr. Barlow.


Physically speaking, I do not believe Mr. Trump is in any personal danger because he is one of the chosen few from the Deep State's Coke & Pepsi merry-go-round every election cycle. However, IF he somehow loses the ability to placate/resonate with the masses to keep them dumbed down instead of questioning authority, the Deep State could bench him in favor of going with Vice-President Pence, who they will tell, not ask, who to make his "Vice-President", akin to how those reigning in the deep shadows tapped one of their own in Gerald Ford when they pushed President Nixon aside. 


State Secrets are more important than addressing a growing epidemic of young American children going to bed hungry at night; spiraling out of control gang violence plaguing our cities across the country; and, let alone care to address the plight of our seniors struggling just to make ends meet after paying into a system that was supposed to reward them for their diligent efforts as hard working tax-payers. None of the above issues would go unnoticed even a week in the good old days when a genuinely free Republic thrived. Of course, that all ended on Friday, November 22, 1963.


Wish Mr. Trump a safe four years. There has been enough killing already (President Kennedy; Senator Kennedy; Dr. King; John Lennon; etc). Seems only those who dare question the Deep State end up being killed. Those who accept the thirty pieces of silver and play the game have nothing to ever worry about.

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#23 Greg Burnham

Greg Burnham


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Posted 20 July 2017 - 09:38 AM

Those who accept the thirty pieces of silver and play the game have nothing to ever worry about.


Trump has over a billion pieces of silver and can't be bought. Trump does not play games that he cannot win. Trump hates the Establishment / Deep State and they hate him. He was chosen? That is laughable.

Greg Burnham



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