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A Christmas tribute to our men and women in uniform...

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Posted 18 December 2016 - 02:49 PM

No matter the politics of the election season, this is also a non-political holiday season, as well.


No matter our abhorrence of war, the need for a strong military persists.


And that means that there will always be good men and women in harms way.


Living in the city of San Diego, which is among the largest military presence of any city in the world, affords me the opportunity to interact with servicemen and women on nearly a daily basis. Some are our neighbors, some are our friends, some are strangers, and some are our clients.


In my experience, without exception, these fine men and women are some of the most respectful, loyal, and dependable people I have ever met. When representing them in real estate transactions their ethics are exemplary; they say what they'll do and they do what they say. I have yet to have a member of the armed forces challenge an earned commission, renege on an agreement, or otherwise engage in dishonest dealings with me or the other party to the transaction.


We also deal with the families, husbands and wives, of those deployed. These are the unsung heroes of our military whose sacrifice can never be adequately appreciated unless you have yourself been in their shoes.


And so it is with deep gratitude that we extend a special thank you to those who will not see their loved ones during this Christmas Season.


If only there were a way...


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