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It's Looking Like a Perfect Storm For a False Flag.

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#1 Chuck Barlow

Chuck Barlow

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Posted 03 December 2016 - 11:50 AM

 It's looking to me like the powers that are have quit pretending to hide their efforts to incite the American people into violent conflict. There are three simultaneous "in your face" affronts taking place.


1. The North Dakota Standing Rock confrontation. There are at least 2,000 military veterans who have arrived or will arrive shortly to confront the hired police goons.


2. Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to either ignore or label as "fake news", the PizzaGate pedophilia scandal has gone viral.


3. Those who refuse to accept the recent Presidential election results are still foaming at the mouth and seem willing to advocate violence in order to change the result.



It  seems they are testing how far we can be pushed before violence erupts. They either want an excuse to impose martial law in order negate the election or else really trigger a civil war so that the last pretense of elected civil government can be done away with and we can live in our fascist dictatorship openly.


#2 Greg Burnham

Greg Burnham


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Posted 03 December 2016 - 01:58 PM

We can also add the so-called sanctuary city "soon-to-be" stand-off, among these hot spots.


The narrative floated by those supporting sanctuary cities is false.


Namely, to support their position, they cite the fact that our nation was built by immigrants.


Of course it was and nobody is arguing otherwise.


What they fail to mention is that the vast majority of those immigrants who "built this nation" entered the country LEGALLY.


Thus the problem with this fallacy, masquerading as a legitimate argument, is that it is a straw man.


I oppose sanctuary cities, but I do NOT oppose LEGAL immigration.


The federal government--not the mayors of unlawful sanctuary cities--is clearly responsible for enforcing our borders and upholding immigration law.


Those who would paint citizens who are opposed to UNLAWFUL immigration with the same brush as they paint racists--who are opposed to ANY immigration, lawful or not--are disingenuous.


So the battle lines have been drawn between those who would follow federal immigration law and those who would defy it for all of the wrong reasons.


Those who want our borders secured and the end to sanctuary cities are being falsely painted as racist bigots and xenophobes.


In my view, the best way to solve this should not target families so much as it should include an extremely stiff penalty levied against employers of unlawful workers, including both jail time and fines.


The employers of UNLAWFUL immigrants are exploiting those immigrants by paying them sub-minimum wage and offering no employee benefits.


These unscrupulous employers also fail to employ LEGAL immigrants to whom they would be required to pay at least minimum wage and employee benefits.


These companies gain an unfair competitive advantage over companies who play by the rules.


In such an environment it is no wonder that so many jobs are being exported.

Greg Burnham



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#3 Chuck Barlow

Chuck Barlow

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Posted 12 December 2016 - 05:10 PM

I've never seen anything like it. The CIA's Mighty Wurlitzer is playing non-stop at full blast volume.. The  amount of misinformation/disinformation being spread on numerous topics at once is staggering.  Even those with a score card would have great difficulty trying to keep up.


Here's a partial list:


1. Pizzagate

2. Alleged Russian hacking of our recent election.

3. Efforts to get defectors among the Electoral College delegates to not vote for Trump

4. Sanctuary Cities wet dream.

5. Wikileaks being compromised by CIA

6. Questions regarding Julian Assange's whereabouts/health or even if he's still alive.

7. Reports of a CIA led coup against Trump

8. Reports of an FBI defense of Trump from the CIA.

9. The whole topic of Fake News and the demonization of alternative news sources.

10 The jaw dropping scope of corruption in the Clinton Foundation.


I know most off these stories are just crazy speculation, but there's no doubt the pot is being stirred at an unprecedented pace. 

Whatever the purpose for all of this craziness is, I don't feel it bodes well.

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#4 Chuck Barlow

Chuck Barlow

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 11:36 AM

On the above list I forgot Antarctica.


WTF is up with Antarctica?   


Within a few days of Kerry's visit there during the election, wikileaks releases among the the Podesta e-mails a series of 23 photos of Antarctica. They seem inoccuous enough, just landscape photos. !!!??? but why? of what significance are they?  


There's been a string of visitors to Antarctica this year


In February it was the Russian Orthodox Church's equivalent of the Pope.

In March President Obama 

Then Kerry in November

80 something year old astronaut Buzz Aldrin who had to be medically evacuated and shortly afterwards tweeted somethiong about we're all in danger and it's evil. then the tweet was deleted. Senile ravings? 


just more weird stuff during a time of ALOT of weird stuff.

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