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HSCA post report let down in the Reagan Era

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Posted 24 March 2016 - 09:25 AM

I didn't want to tack on this topic to another thread.


Pardon the old fart that lived in the days of hope and shattering abortion of the effort of the HSCA (77-79). When I heard people interviewed in that day I had hope of redress of my grievance over the Warren Report's bullstuff. When I heard Bob Tannenbaum amd others speak what they could before the House aborted the effort, I did have hope.


The original Mr. Sprague was telling truth and it wasn't the same old 'the KGB, Castro did it or the Mob', how could I not take hope in the context of the times?


A classic "L-ambush" almost directly quoted out of a Navy Tactical Guide as I knew too damn well was being discussed as operational methodology in the halls of Congress' lower house!


There is so much I didn't "know" then that we do know NOW!


In the context of the time I'll set the stage, Nixon and the "Law and Order BS" was soundly rejected as Unconstitutional and even the Supremes of the Court ruled such. The spooks had publicly been exposed and embarrassed for assassinations of foreign persons. In direct result of WeThePeople's disgust and demand to reject that bull a "new" investigation of the MURDER of Our President was being opened by not a select bunch of elites but selected Representatives of WeThePeople.


Naive I was. I didn't take into account Bill Casey and the fired spooks with 'friends' aborting that process and stealing an election in 1980.


Even after Flakey Blakely's crap was pronounced as the final answer WeThePeople would ever have, I did not expect what came in 1981 to present.


The Hard About Helm flank speed to starboard bearing orders I didn't expect. I should have.


The long and short of it was I chose to become inactive. Oh I still tuned in Mae and Gen. Penn Jones USA (retired) when I could but I was silent.


A decade of silence and no more research did I do. I knew enough to know I was screwed, blewed and tattooed but it felt hopeless in the days of Ollie North pissing on MY CONSTITUTION and getting away with it but being cast as a Marine Hero.

I know or knew a few real Gyrene Heroes and that crap really, really p***ed me off.


Mitch Page and Marion Carl and an anonymous Gunny no one ever heard of....it is a slap in the face IMHO.


By the late 1980s I began a slow burn over all the propaganda slaps to my cheeks.


I read Jim Marrs' Crossfire and Hurt's Reasonable Doubt. Better still I began discussing the Murder of Our President with other Ironworkers my age. I found I was Not alone in my rejection of the bull and further I was not alone in my outrage at what America was fast becoming.


In that the murder of Senator Kennedy spawned my original interest in the assassination of the Senator's brother, the bull attending the 1980s reignited my interest.


The enemy's mistake was assuming the issue was dead killed by HSCA pronouncements. It was the deception of the HSCA that kept the exact issues alive to some of WeThePeople.


It was the hard astarboard turn of the neocons in 1981 that forced to make my stand for liberty and truth.


By now it is clear we all know and can prove too damn much to let it go as before.


Weaponizing the knowledge as Charles promotes is CENTRAL to resolution of the issues of Bull.


I would ask the younger folks not to do as I did. Do Not become discouraged and silent. I regret my choice but I fully understand why I made that choice to be silent for a time.




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