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A Hinge of History

What if

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Posted 18 January 2016 - 12:26 AM

I consider how much was changed by the MURDER of Our President and the attending cover-up to make all appear "business as usual" and continuity of government was intact.


Sure it was and the future of exploitation and wage slavery was secured for the benefit of those like Alan Greenspan and the Wall Street thieves' future exploits of ill repute after 2008.


I consider the Vietnam War and indeed the present age of constant war would never have been nurtured by Our Government and turned into to a by product of the MURDER, If...


I consider the pathetic state of what some conservatives call "race relations" at present to be another feature and product of the MURDER that would have been avoided if....


I consider the militarization of the "police" to another fascist face as a result of ending Jack Kennedy's policies.  "Protect and Serve" has clearly become "to fuck you up" as motto.


"Hands up Don't shoot!" and "I can't breathe... gag" ARE NOT passing incidents but indicators of how far from "protect and serve" the "protectors" have moved from serving WeThePeople.


DOD comes to your street, NSA comes to your way of life as normal.


When the WBu$h office of President pronounced "If you aren't doing anything, then you have nothing to worry about." The words were too Goddamn familiar: Hitler used that exact phrase in his


speeches while he stole civil liberty from his own people. They gave liberty away with willingly approval.


I consider the NASA private US to the Moon accomplishment to be a slap in the face of Jack Kennedy's effort to unify the effort in space with the USSR.


The end of the Soviet Union could have been accomplished decades earlier and without bankrupting this nation as punk RRReagan did as POTUS (unearned undeserved).


It might have been different by 1970.


The US In-Justice Department might have been doing its' job rather than empower assassination squads to deal with "dissidents" like the Black Panthers openly murdered by Pigs and the




They bragged privately about "taking that nigger and his bitch out!" Chicago PD in testimony later post "Watergate" exposures of official abuse of the


color of authority. Not in 2015 but 1975. 40 damn years before this date all was exposed and remedied! Sure it was, clearly so...NOT!!!


Or treating a sought redress of grievance as the RIGHT OF THE CITIZENRY rather than flipping the bird to CITIZENS protesting in peaceful manner. As the Constitution grants those rights,


but the US Government does NOT grant those rights to oppose their will. Not even today. 


Things might have been different.


I hope the next time a President has the guts to fight for right, WeThePeople will have the courage to preserve that President and embrace his time on this mortal coil as a gift.

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