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George Michael Evica: Mauled, Mangled, Misinterpreted

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#1 Charles Drago

Charles Drago


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 02:05 PM

On another forum, the work of my friend, mentor, writing partner, and comrade George Michael Evica is being mauled, mangled, and comically misinterpreted by half-wits who can't even get his name right.


Their bleatings are beneath George Michael's dignity and deserve no response other than laughter and dismissal.


Boy, if life were only like this (from 2:00, but worth the build-up):


"[Y]ou can't blame the innocent, they are always guiltless. All you can do is control them or eliminate them. Innocence is a kind of insanity." -- Graham Greene, The Quiet American

"If an individual, through either his own volition or events over which he had no control, found himself taking up residence in a country undefined by flags or physical borders, he could be assured of one immediate and abiding consequence. He was on his own, and solitude and loneliness would probably be his companions unto the grave." -- James Lee Burke, Rain Gods

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#2 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 13 December 2015 - 01:52 AM

I admit I have not and will not go to the other place which ever one it may be.


But I know the experience not of seeing the slandering of my friends/authors that I personally know, but I am aware of those that hi-jack the words of the diligent/honest authors/researchers to support a personal view, position or such.

Like the often encountered --- Fletcher Prouty said "xxxxxxx" or He supports the views of Mr. XXXXXX.

When no such thing is TRUE this is inexcusable.


Akin to stealing the work and spirit of Mr. Prouty or Mr. Evica or any honest person.

Seeking support from passed authors because a postion cannot be supported without special pleading to bullshit reference or flimsy implied innuendo is not scientific method.

Hell it isn't even worthy of consideration for one second.


Let the assholes prove they are assholes and disregard when robots spout bullstuff as wasted effort.

Poor advice - I know it is near impossible to not react when this occurs.

I guess I am relating how I wish I had reacted sometimes past when some jerk said Fletcher was a racist.




I know some measure of how difficult it can be to avoid being provoked by the punks.

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#3 Greg Burnham

Greg Burnham


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Posted 13 December 2015 - 10:46 AM

Yes, me too. I recently bit a whole clean through the center of my lower lip trying to keep my mouth shut!

Greg Burnham



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#4 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 13 December 2015 - 02:54 PM

The spectrum from bitten lip to

Bruxism and grinding molars once.

And still the crap flies and grrrr, damned elephant.

#5 Phil Dragoo

Phil Dragoo

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Posted 14 December 2015 - 12:58 PM


One never lets idiots and the enemy, or an idiotic enemy define the argument.


Nor mistakes the finger pointing to the moon for the moon.


Or in the case of the late disinformationists Dunkel & Bugliosi, let the enemy give you the finger or moon you.


I reiterate the allusion to the penetrating intellect by an author we encounter in current discussion:


Page 158:


There was something disturbing about the man, at his core, that she wanted to put on record while she still had time.  "Dulles had a certain arrogance in which he believed that he could work with the Devil--anybody's Devil--and still be Allen Dulles," she told her visitor.


Allow me to use this phrasing to again recommend to all who have not done so to avail yourselves of George Michael Evica, A Certain Arrogance, second edition with Charles Robert Drago's introduction.


By these multidirectional panoplies do we understand the enemies of peace.

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#6 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 15 December 2015 - 06:31 AM

I agree re: "A Certain Arrogance, 2nd Edition" with Charles' intro. I assure any that much AWDulles arrogance resides in those pages.


But I also must pay homage to "And We Are All Mortal" by George M. Evica too. Great for the background to the fables' destructions.



A thanks Charles for keeping on keepin' on to preserve and protect in a manner I do not resent.

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