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Fusion of Science

Doug Horne David Mantik John Costella

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#1 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 10 December 2015 - 10:39 PM

What about a fusion of Doug Horne's exposures of ARRB operation and the proven falsified X-ray "evidence" to fit the equally falsified Z-toon depiction of the murder of the President?


Between Mr. McKnight's book we know the Warren Comission was bogus from the inception. After Gaeton Fonzi showed me how the HSCA was aborted too.


Now even from the creation of the ARRB it was forbidden to investigate the assassination only to approve witholding of documents and information or to disapprove the witholding.


But a few on the ARRB skirted the restriction rather than brush away the effort until the uproar over the JFK film end credits placard revealing sealed records dissipated to impotence as seems to have been the original intent of the GHWBu$h administration by DCI (ret.) :-)


I think the ARRB enabled anyone that wants to investigate the opportunity as a by product of released info.


And that's us.


Here's to us and there are damn few like us.


I think the known science and testimonies that too few are aware of need to be exposed here abouts.


I tire of encountering Elephant dung on TV or in the print media that abuses me.



#2 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 13 December 2015 - 03:01 AM

I'll start with this excerpt from Doug Horne's IARRB V.1 p.114 & 115.

Mr Horne is describing his thoughts while Dr. Boswell was being deposed by Mr. Jeremy Gunn.


Gunn: Just one last point that I would like to clarify in my own mind is: On the piece for the markings for the 10 by 17 centimeters that were missing,would it be fair to say that when you first examined the body prior to and arrival of fragments from Dallas, the skull was missing from approximately those dimensions of 10 by 17?


Boswell: Yes.


Following this exchange, I kept asking myself the rhetorical question "How could anyone in Dallas have mistaken a wound of this enormous magintude in the top of the skull for a wound in the rear of the head?" I just did not think it was possible for so many trained medical observers to be wrong, and uniformly wrong, about the size and location of such a large wound..."

[italics in original and I like it]




Where I once discarded all the Bethesda material as so mangled and manipulated as to be useless to me. I accepted the Parkland information. Discarding the rest.


At age 10 I could tell the Doctors speaking at the press conference were telling me the truth that afternoon. So I adopted the Parkland work as reality in the 1960s.


Now I can retrieve the Bethesda operation to use proving TREASON and FRAUD.


I know even if the COWARDS of governance [and the prosecutors and the judges] ignore it. I know.

#3 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 13 December 2015 - 03:03 PM

Another excerpt from IARRB V.1 p. 163


Shortly before the Humes deposition, and many times subsequently, Jeremy [Gunn] asked me the 'big question,' although it was clearly a rhetorical one: "Was the intent of the autopsy photograph collection of President Kennedy in the National Archives to reveal [as should be the case in any autopsy], or to conceal?The reader should keep this question in mind as he tackles the testimony reproduced in the remainder of this chapter.



The photos speak to this question. It is a valid query given missing photos.


Coupled with Dr. Mantik's work demonstrating faked x-rays the issue becomes paramount to fraud and worse.


I am not just cherry picking the 'latest and greatest' but only seeking the long view of these events.


Dr. Mantik's book and work will get its' turn on the guitar when it comes around again....



#4 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 15 December 2015 - 10:28 AM

First an excerpt concerning Ms. Saundra K. Spencer and impressions of a telephonic interview.

V. 2 p. 300 - 1



Image content of the color negatives and color prints Spencer remembered developing the weekend of the assassination is sumarized below:


        views were body shots, and were not like the normal autopsy photographs she had experience with from her previous duty at Pensacola Naval Air Station, in the sense that there was no one in the background, and she does not remember any instruments in the photographs;


        the views were also unlike other autopsy photographs she had seen, in that the body of the President was "very clean," meaning there was "no blood and gore" visible;


       she remembered that no measuring devices were visible;


       she remembered no identification tags or cards visible in any of the photos;


       she did remember a wound at the base of the front of the President's neck which was circular, and about the size of the round end of a person's thumb;


       she did remember a wound in the back of the President's head which she described as a "blown out chunk" about 2 to 2.5 inches wide located in about the center of the back of the President's head, about 3 or 4 inches above the hairline;


       the top of the head was not visible in the photos, so she could therefore not tell us whether there was any damage to the top of President Kennedy's head;


       she remembered no damage to the right side of the President's head.


At the conclusion of this phone call the ARRB staff relayed its intent to have Saundra Spencer come to Washington for a more in-depth interview, and to view the autopsy photos in the National Archive. She agreed to come.




Better still is the fact that Ms. Spencer DID NOT recant her testimony under oath as Mr. Floyd Riebe and Mr. John Stringer had. When sworn both persons retracted quite similar descriptions of wounds in unsworn interviews predating the ARRB's sworn depositions.



A longer excerpt still concerning the autopsy photographs.

All emphasis in original.


V. 2 p. 387 - 8





Within the collection of autopsy photgraphs alone, there is overwhelming evidence of a coverup in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


         More film was exposed in terms of both quantity, and in terms of different formats, than are in the paper trail of official receipts. The numbers are not even close.


        As many as 18 different post mortem views known to have been taken of the body of President Kennedy are missing from the collection in the archives, if the eyewitnesses who made the claims are all correct. Even if only half of the claims are correct, this is a considerable number of different views to be missing, and too great to call a 'loose end.'


        Humes, Boswell, Ebersole, and Stringer all signed an inventory on November 10, 1966 which falsely stated that all photographs taken at the autopsy were present, and that they had no reason to believe any were missing -- and they did so knowingly.


        Reliable witnesses at both Parkland hospital in Dallas, and at the autopsy at Bethesda NNMC, have claimed that a substantial portion of the back of the President's head was missing after he was shot on November 22, 1963. There are so many reliable witnesses who have said this, and said so under oath, that there is 'critical mass' here. Yet the photographs of the back-of-the-head do not show such damage. When the witnesses who say otherwise include experienced trauma room physicians; Secret Service agents; FBI agents; Navy doctors present at the autopsy (other than the pathologists); at one time or another, and to varying degrees, all three of the pathologists; embalmers; Navy photographers; and Navy radiologist at the autopsy --- and their observations are consistent about the fact that there was a large defect in the rear of the head devoid of scalp and bone --- then there is something wrong with the photographs showing the back-of-the-head intact. This could account for the real reason why the existing autopsy photographs were not introduced into evidence by the Warren Commission. They may have been privately used to persuade many in government that President Kennedy was shot only from above and behind, in order to combat rumors of crossfire and conspiracy --- but then kept 'officially sequestered' to prevent Parkland and Bethesda witnesses, who would have known they presented a false depiction of the wounds, from contradicting them --- from impugning their authenticity --- after the assassination. That effort succeeded initially, but it has now failed, thanks to the HSCA and to its Ida Dox drawings, and the two collections of bootleg photograqphs; and Americans are left with unacceptable evidence of having been lied to about a crucial event in their country's history, at a crucial time in their country's history --- at the height of the Cold War.


       All three pathologists have admitted to confusion and doubt regarding the back-of-the-head photos --- specificially, because they cannot locate, with any confidence, the entrance wound in the rear of the skull which they examined at the autopsy and wrote about in the autopsy report. While their recollections about where they saw it located with their own eyes, how they palpated the wound with their own fingers, and how they measured it at the autopsy were remarkably consistent, their individual explanations for the anomolies in the back-of-the-head images have varied greatly. Something is wrong here. The responses of these 3 men when questioned over the years about this topic suggest that they knew more than they were admitting to, but they could not get their stories straight. It is the biggest evidentiary mess of the Twentieth Century.


In Part II of this book, I will explain the 'big picture' --- how a false brain specimen introduced into the photographic record, a rewritten autopsy report, intentionally deceptive autopsy photographs, and fraudulent skull x-rays all complimented each other, and constituted the means by which "the big lie" was introduced into American society and politics.


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#5 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 15 December 2015 - 10:38 PM

Now those damnable X-rays and photographs.....






Just an ante.....for fusion of science and research.

#6 Phil Dragoo

Phil Dragoo

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Posted 17 December 2015 - 03:09 AM

Gunn v. Humes--Humes couldn't find his rear entry, neither where he said in the EOP or raised four inches/ten centimeters to explain the fragment trail.


Humes and Boswell smashed the skull.  Or sawed it.  From a "baseball" or two-to-three-inch to a ten (four inch) by seventeen (six and five-eighths inch) chasm--not a "mistake" by Parkland, but treachery by Bethesda.


Mantik noted an area P for patch in the lateral where we would expect to see the rear avulsive wound seen by over forty.


The trache slit of two centimeters closing to preserve the wound inviolate to the six centimeter gash with wildly irregular edges shows a frantic retractor and forcep scavenging.


Beyond science and research is political will to attain justice--which would have dragged Humes down to the basement for the full Nosenko.


Investigations which do not investigate.  Intelligence agencies which destroy evidence and witnesses.


Consistent with an age when a man is a woman and a white girl is black.


And the governments of two political opposites continue a sham war on terror--which is more a strategy of terror.


Fonzi, Lopez and Hardway were on the trail.  As was Garrison.  Today Mantik and Horne. 


And Evica's A Certain Arrogance iterated by Erica Wallach (Talbot, Chessboard, 158) that the main bearing of U.S. intelligence covert operations "believed that he could work with the Devil".


Alinsky's dedication to Lucifer reminds us Hillary and Obama, too, serve other than justice; like Dulles and his downstream, they serve Just-Us.


Science and Research has Truth as its only client.  In yet another age of rush to war we rely on them to negate the spell of psyops shamans.



#7 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 17 December 2015 - 05:32 AM

Humes and the "entry" that wasn't there, or there, or there. Maybe over here obscured by fracturing --- wait no ....


Indeed the investigations that didn't - twice. All the fables empower the present serving COWARDS to abuse all the more.


Never-ending War manufactured and pitting "civilization against civilization" in the fables of terror tension purpetual.


The COWARDS do not care about exposures and science - all that has gone before for 52 years - the psyops don't stop.


Only the faithful dare to imagine that hard science can make any difference.... familiar?


The minions of Empire were not aware of the threat of Oliver Stone's film exposing the coverup posed.


Oh sure they worried and stole scripts to critique so they knew but under estimated the People's reaction.


Even DCI Bu$h as POTUS could NOT turn the tide only delay the time available to the ARRB to work.


Science and Research wrecks the psyops with investigative rigor - IF the People's minds are not already plugged with psyop "mindwax" keeping the ears from hearing and the eyes from seeing,


the old elephant dung poisoning hearts and minds.


Dorothy's illusion preferred over reality is an expensive choice to exercise - denial always is.


So it does distill down to the present greetings here, "Just-Us" at 200 proof truth and hard science again.



War and Hate never change....


P.S. More to follow...

I feel that the "x-rays" disassembled as fakes by Dr.s Mantik and Chesser can be discarded as junk science - proven and dismissable as junk.

Established in the linked articles, and Dr. Mantik's work in his book on the headwounds (and other earlier articles) will be coming up too as well as more IARRB by Doug Horne.


However any that want to check for themselves, Dr. Mantik's Optical Density study can be found in "Assassination Science" p. 153 "Mantik: Optical Density Measurements". 

#8 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 11 January 2016 - 11:11 PM

99 Theses..


99 Feces by WCR and HSCAR to be discarded as junk. Snail mail it all to the recycle joint.


Mental image from old lampoon cartoon.


In IARRB Doug Horne has provided the parchments to nail to the door of the US Attorney General.


It is up to each to get the tack hammer and some brad nails and be the ones to do.

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