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RFK Jr. on 12-02-15 Coast to Coast Interview

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#1 Chuck Barlow

Chuck Barlow

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Posted 04 December 2015 - 11:37 AM

Most of the interview pertained to RFK Jr's involvement with fighting the drug industry using mercury in vaccines suspected of causing autism and corruption within the Food and Drug Administration. However, host George Noory could not resist broaching the topic of JFK's assassination and the Warren Commission's findings.


Noory stated that after years of discussing the assassination with numerous researchers who had made guest appearances on Coast to Coast, that he believed Lee Harvey Oswald probably did not assassinate JFK, and that there was a conspiracy.


RFK Jr. responded ..


1. Neither he nor his father believed the conclusions of the Warren Commission, that LHO had acted alone.


2. At the time Jim Garrison was in the headlines for launching his assassination investigation, RFK  had Walter Sheridan look into the matter and Sheridan obtained Jack Ruby's long distance phone records. RFK was shocked to see that many of the people Ruby had been talking to in the weeks before the assassination, were many of the same organized crime figures that RFK was trying to prosecute as Attorney General. This information convinced RFK that Ruby was anything but a distraught JFK fan who killed Oswald as an act of vengeance or spare Jacqueline the distress of a trial as was his supposed motive.


3. RFK was powerless to investigate the assassination while still in the position of LBJ's Attorney General, and that RFK and J. Edgar Hoover quit speaking to one another following the assassination.


4. RFK Jr. confirmed that RFK had decided to launch a thorough investigation should he attain the Presidency.



Noory broached the topic of RFK's assassination but it wasn't pursued and the topic of vaccines was begun.

I wish Noory would have asked why Walter Sheridan tried to derail Jim Garrison's investigation. I still wonder if Sheridan was acting on RFK's direction or was it on orders from the FBI or CIA?


Anyway it was a peek into how the Kennedy family perceives the assassination.


#2 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 05 December 2015 - 03:17 AM

Sorry I missed it.

Maybe in archives.


Sheridan? A mystery.

From the Senate would RFK have desired to wait for re-examination of the Coup of November until he was POTUS?

Or was Sheridan just another facilitator in service of the Empire?


Little doubt that without the Ambassador Hotel Op RFK would have been elected and the Asian Games would have been over in 1969 without any bullcrap "secret plan" and Anna Chennault aiding Nixon the criminal.

And less than half the names on the wall in D.C.



#3 Chuck Barlow

Chuck Barlow

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Posted 05 December 2015 - 06:15 AM

The show aired this past Wednesday night.  RFK Jr. said Coast to Coast was the only venue that would allow him to speak about vaccines. No main stream media outlet would allow him to speak in fear of losing Big Pharma advertising revenue. He said newspapers and magazines that gladly publish his articles on any other subject, refused to even consider publishing anything about the vaccine/autism connection. Kennedy said that the mercury has been taken out of all the vaccines except the flu shot. Big Pharma is the most morally corrupt industry around. A nest of vipers who buy their scientists and legislators by the dozens and roll the costs into hugely inflated prescription prices. If and when my GIST cancer reappears,  the   gene targeted drug Gleevec will be needed. A one pill per day regimen that lasts from 3 years to one's remaining lifetime costs over one million dollars / year. The reason these drugs costs so much is because 24/7 advertising on every network isn't cheap. Neither is buying boatloads of legislators and regulators cheap. It takes lots of money for drug company sales reps to cater in lunch to every doctor's practice 2 or 3 times/ month. It takes lots of money to fly doctors and their families to all expense paid seminars in vacation resort cities. Big Pharma puts the "fuck you" in fucking corrupt!  Oh and how convenient that Congress passes a law that if a drug kills you or makes you a vegetable, your family can't sue them.

#4 Greg Burnham

Greg Burnham


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Posted 05 December 2015 - 10:26 AM

Big Pharma's penchant for bribing doctors to use their drugs on unsuspecting patients should be against the law. Such unethical practices are illegal in many other businesses.  


Back in the day... real estate peripheral services, such as, escrow--but particularly title insurance companies--regularly obtained and/or "locked in" the business of real estate brokers, to the exclusion of that title company's competition, by granting "favors" to the brokers.


These favors came in all shapes and sizes. The more innocuous ones included free pens, coffee cups, desk calendars and the like, each with the title insurance company's name and logo on them. Sometimes a slogan would be there, too, like: "Think X-Y-Z Title for peace of mind." I have no problem with these straight forward promotional items intended to keep the title insurance company's name in front of the brokers and agents for advertising purposes.


However, there also were less innocuous, extravagant inducements that amounted to bribes and/or kickbacks--that were undisclosed to the ultimate consumer: The home buyer.


When several of the big title insurance companies were all in a position to compete with each other for that same broker's business, the perks could eventually become rather extravagant and the cost quite expensive--sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars per brokerage. I remember one very large real estate company in Orange County, CA, received more perks than I had ever seen before. This office had at least 60 agents so the office space was very large. One year the office Christmas party was provided by the title insurance company aboard the Queen Mary, the broker's entire office received a complete remodel, brand new carpeting, brand new drapes, a dozen or so brand new oak executive desks, season tickets to the LA Dodger's games, use of a fleet of luxury limousines with chauffeurs, and much more--all for free. This was on top of thousands of dollars in pens, coffee mugs, calendars, highest agent performance award plaques, cash or gifts, such as, Monte Blanc pens given to the agents with the highest performance, and trips to Vegas for management, etc.  


This culture existed for decades, irrespective of the fact that the title insurance company was basically bribing the real estate broker and agents in an attempt to obtain all of that broker's business. Obviously this is a violation of anti-trust laws, as a very successful title company could squeeze out its less successful competition through use of these unfair business practices.


A broker should never recommend to his or her clients one title insurance company over another title insurance company because the brokerage will receive perks from the title insurance company, but rather because that title insurance company's services have been equal to or superior to its competition in the past and, therefore, such a recommendation is expected to be in the best interest of the broker's client who is paying for the title insurance policy.


Today there are laws in place to prohibit such practices in real estate. They are known as RESPA laws. A title insurance company can still give away free items (of little value), such as, pens, calendars, etc., provided that these items are promotional items intended as direct advertisement. As such, they must all be clearly marked with the name and logo of the title or escrow company that is giving them away and they cannot exceed a certain (rather small) dollar value.


If this type of regulation is considered important in the real estate industry, how much more important should it be considered in the healthcare industry?

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Greg Burnham



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#5 Phil Dragoo

Phil Dragoo

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Posted 06 December 2015 - 02:24 AM




#6 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 06 December 2015 - 02:17 PM

Thanks Phil,


Last days have been ragged.


Still running catch up reading above.



Granted Pharma is out of control... no Nuremburg Code

no hippopotamus oath either.

#7 Larry Trotter

Larry Trotter

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Posted 06 December 2015 - 11:23 PM

A voice well in need of hearing.


Student of Assassination Research

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