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The timing of JC and Plate painting

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Posted 30 August 2015 - 02:02 PM

At the end of the sequence we still see JFK just sitting there.  A bullet supposedly having passed thru him... a BIG bullet at that...  also my take, there is not "finger point" to his throat but a simple trick of light and shadow.


Not so much.


Anyway, I find that isolation helps analysis...


With JFK already in mid response to a hit in the throat...  John is reacting at 224 - to his being hit or the sound of a shot?


Jackie appears oblivious.


224 to 244 is supposed to be about a second - by 236 the reaction is definitely pain from a shot.


I see no reason to accept that JC could not hold his hat with an injured wrist... if anything the muscles would clamp down and tense, not open up and relax....


That we see motion blur in only 3 frame from Z's movement of the camera at high zoom as he is panning is also suspect...  


It's one thing to claim alteration... there needs to be not only means and opportunity but reverse engineering to the source material is implied.


HOW this is done in 12-15-24-48 hours is knowable.  David Healy's proof of traveling matte capability and re-filming a finished piece so the sprocket images work as technically possible has to be considered given who was involved...  If SS Rowley's copy gets worked on in the early morning of 11/23 thru the day and delivered to Dino Sat night "with major problems removed" it still may have come from Hawkeyeworks...  


While the film Dino sees is closer to the real one, another day and the fully sanitized version is shown to Homer and his crew who make the briefing boards we have today. 





As for what convinces me it was both altered and painted upon... some things could not be removed, so they were covered...


even on a bad version of this image, the crushing of the black, if that was the cause, would occur all over the image, not just the back of his head...


You can see his hair behind the black "sharpie" cover-up... if this does not bear out with the Hollywood 8 or whatever, I don't understand why this frame has not been made into a poster by them...  if this is NOT alteration... does the best version of the frame bear that out?


It's time to publish those images...  no?



The Evidence IS the Conspiracy

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