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How much is a silver "kennedy half" worth?

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#1 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 25 June 2015 - 05:50 PM

Nigh on 20 years ago I got a Kennedy Half in change. I knew it was a 1964 because it wasn't a "Johnson sandwich" of clad crap coins.


This post is not about monetary gain.


It is about what was and is no more in my opinion. Oh, and people that were here and are no more.

I can understand the younger folks that do not hold living memory of JFK,MX,MLK and RFK finding it hard to understand how WeThePeople were so easy to fool in that age ago time.

I kind of left out Fred Hampton and Mark Clark and later John Africa and friends, the same hand strikes today, ask any real 'community organizer'.

Nor is it just black/white division, no it is about power and wage slavery or slavery depending on who and where you are.

See "Thy Will Be Done" by Colby & Dennett and "Du Pont Dynasty".


When I think of the Kennedy Half I remember what America was. Was to my parents and grandparents generation when it was minted. It isn't part zinc, it is silver and 50 cents was a bunch to them.

What America was to me until early 1974. But that is another tale for another time. Still I keep this token to what was.


I also think of what change came in the 'long strange trip its been'.


Looking back I know now I was altered by the loss of RFK. 1968 began a catharsis for me that still isn't finished.

Soon there after I began reading the WC critics' works. Mark Lane first.

I was coming into this late I know.... Then Tink Thompson's Z-toon book.

I never thought then that the Z-toon was not the real deal. I was 16 by then.


Meagher's destruction of the fable, and General Penn Jones Jr. USArmy (ret.) came on the path.

And Mae on the radio, AM talk radio before FCC equal time rule ended thank you very much.


In more recent day but no longer with us in body are Col. L. Fletcher Prouty USAF (ret.), George M. Evica and John Judge.

I bet they all knew the loss of our parents and grandparents "America".

The Great Depression folks, the veterans of that nasty war unlimited. And their kids.

They knew a different Republic.

The truth tellers knew a different America.


Those folks are still present in open doors to information, by this I mean that if one seeks to know then the shoulders on which we stand include them as references to reality.

Portals if you will.

But those shoulders include people still doing the work and gettin' the word out today.

To include the founders here. And people like Doug Horne shredding the WCR to provable fiction, with Breach of Trust author McKnight included too.


Why hasn't the assassination of a President gone away from people's thinking in the face of two official er three to include Jim Garrison's effort, anyway why haven't the investigations dismissed the issue?

Because the fable is a fable and the emperor has no clothes.


And because of those that came before and had the real dope on what went down that weekend when America started to die.

It lingered through the Tonkin Gulf trap. But it died quite soon.


The words of the murdered folks still speak of a voice. A voice that not only is still heard but is more important now.

That voice of America still alive in 1963 is what I think of when I remember the 50 cent piece.

The voice of those on whose shoulders we stand, thank you all.


#2 Tom Scully

Tom Scully

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Posted 26 June 2015 - 08:40 PM



I find myself disagreeing with much or the details and opinions in your post.




When I think of the Kennedy Half I remember what America was. Was to my parents and grandparents generation when it was minted. It isn't part zinc, it is silver and 50 cents was a bunch to them.

What America was to me until early 1974. But that is another tale for another time. Still I keep this token to what was.



The 1943 U.S. penny was made of steel, the nickel of zinc, due to wartime raw material priorities. An ounce of silver rose in price to $1.29 in 1964, hence the impracticality in continuing the redemption of one dollar face value, paper silver certificates currency notes. You've described what I assume is a deterioration of value, or of quality, but I have to ask the question, compared to what? Texas Light Sweet Crude Oil was priced at under $3.00 per barrel in 1964, and the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is priced today at a melt value under 12 times 1964 face value. Light Sweet Crude Oil closed at  $59.65 per barrel today,: http://www.kitco.com/ This price, more than 20 times the price in 1964, comes after a more than forty percent recent decline in the price of crude oil. Oswald's 1963 hourly wage of $1.25 has kept much closer pace with the inflation in the prices of silver and copper, than it has with the daily necessity, crude oil. Gold is priced today at more than 30 times the 1964 price of

$35 per troy ounce. Gold or silver do not seem necessities of everyday living. Demand for industrial silver has declined as a consequence of improving resolution and storage media of digital photography. How much time is spent pining over the loss to history of Zapruder's 8 mm or Hill's Polaroid film?


Minimum wage levels and petroleum price are of seemingly greater concern.



$5.7111240311 is the total melt value for the 1964 silver Kennedy half dollar on June 26, 2015.


If your post is mostly of waxing nostalgic, I have misunderstood and I hope you will forgive me for intruding.


Did the sensationalistic editing and delivery of Penn Jones undermine his credibility? Did he really do more good than harm, if the goal was to stimulate fact finding and truth seeking? Does anyone who delivers in a frequently inaccurate manner do more good than harm? Should we confine ourselves, given what we know of the inaccuracies and omissions in the official and corporate media "reporting," to endeavor to be accurate every time? Eddie Benavides's dying before his brother's 1964 WC testimony is an inaccuracy that comes immediately to mind, and it was certainly not a unique error.

...When I think of the Kennedy Half I remember what America was. Was to my parents and grandparents generation when it was minted. It isn't part zinc, it is silver and 50 cents was a bunch to them.

What America was to me until early 1974. But that is another tale for another time. Still I keep this token to what was.....



"What America was....." What was it? If you were a red blooded WASP male, it was a wonderful place. but if you were other than that, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Jew, a female of any race, or gay, or elderly and ill, then no it was not so wonderful. For the folks I just labeled so superficially, are not these the best times ever, in America?


There was no Medicare insurance during the brief time the Kennedy Half Dollar was minted 90 percent silver.

There was however, forced conscription into the military of those without college deferments, and those who had

exhausted their deferments. This system left the underpriviliged to first fill the ranks ordered to Vietnam. MLK took note of this and was early to denounce the policy and the war commitment.


Today there are still more Fortune 500 CEOs named "John" than there are female CEOs, but there is measurable progess. Earlier today, the gays suddenly could legally marry.


What has the preoccupation of Mark Lane, and many others, actually cost? What could they have been doing, all

priorities considered? We do not ponder the opportunity cost of the focus on JFK, LHO, RFK, and MLK assassinations, anywhere near enough, if we ponder those costs at all? Would it have taken until yesterday to

clear the legal hurdles of the corporatist ACA health insurance scheme, or the SCOTUS ruling announced today on the right of gays to marry, or would Obama be such a mediocre and singular example of an elected U.S. President of other than caucasion race, if the opportunities evaporated by the loss and distraction that were consequences of those assassinations were somehow avoided?


Guyana Tape Raises Questions on Lane

By Charles Krause January 25, 1979


...Lane's foreknowledge of the possibility that the cheese sandwiches were drugged -- and his failure to warn Ryan and other members of his party -- has become the focus of a disbarment hearing now under way by a grievance committee of the New York Bar Association.

A complaint of unethical behavior was brought against Lane shortly after The Washington Post reported on Nov. 24 that Lane has said in an interview that he had been warned that the cheese sandwiches served at Jonestown might have contained tranquilizers or other drugs....


I realize I am preoccupied with assassination research and probably because I became interested in these problems and inconsistancies much later in life than is typical, I do not concern myself much about the opportunity costs related to the time and attention I give this. I am concerned for those who seem to give it no thought, and for those who seem to have given much or all of themselves to it, at a younger age. Owing to having less time invested in assassination research, I like to think I have less invested than many I encounter in having a belief system turn out to be so. There is nothing I feel more strongly about than finding and presenting the best supported opinions, details, and versions. Accuracy is more important to me than friendship or fellowship. I am not in this to waste my time fooling myself or anyone else.


Jim, I see names praised in your post who have not consistently demonstrated (at least to me) that always being as accurate as possible is their most important priority.

#3 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 27 June 2015 - 05:44 AM

I can handle your "opposition", no sweat, no offense given energy.


ok, but I do take exception to arguing semantics but being unable to refute the view.


Not unexpected but futile effort.


The earlier Americans KNEW A DIFFERENT REPUBLIC.


One that I refuse to let this heritage forget.


One in which schools were NOT incorporated and controlled by a "school board" most often incapable of finding their own ass with the aid of a flashlight.


One in which all adults raised the children, nobody was so litigation inclined.


One in which police were peace officers not agents of repression, but a real "part-of-the-community", not imported.


When a living wage was attainable without the favor of the "establishment" as it was once called.


When a working head of household could of one income buy land and build (not contract to be built)


a home, raise a family and send children off to university and save to retire with more than stolen pensions.


3 bedrooms turnkey condition could be built for 10,000 furnished.


Today that won't buy a decent car.


In that day that was two up scale autos.


In that day Mom was home to raise the kids.


It all passed about 1973. By census data.


Case Closed!


Mom off to work to provide and children educated by babysitter schools without education and the values of the idiot box culture and values.


Yes that America fast passing in the wind of the Wurlitzer.


I am fully aware of Mr. Mark Lane's past, and questions thereof,


If that's the gist of your complaint, you can save it as I am already aware.


I give credit where credit is due, Mr. Lane and Mr. Thompson were central in 1968 to my political awakening.


I hold severe reservations about both gentlemen, but this DOES NOT discount the work that was important to me in catharsis.


The work and the role the works played is my point, not as you assumed complete endorsement of them as individuals.


Accuracy to include going public with WCR "problems" in public before everyone but Vince Salandria, right?


Even Sylvia Meagher faced being accused of being "communist", encouraging people to throw the baby out with the bathwater.



As diametrically opposed to having a real investigation.


That is the issue, not personalities or perceived flaws or manufactured flaws and evidence and deception, or sidebar distraction to continue the "ENDLESS DEBATE" of the last 50 years, er 51 plus


years for the sake of your "accuracy", right. 


Me thinks thou doth protest too much avoiding the history of "what can be proven today in the obfuscation of history" focusing on divisive issues producing only contention.


OK I can live with it easily. Save it all for the gullible and those willing to waste time in derision and division.


But that ain't me nor any I know.


More important issues arise.


Like exposing the changes of the last 51 plus years and the complete psyop of obfuscation concerning the lies of November and the attending effort of division of honest efforts


of critique/exposure by derision.


Been going on long decades - a worn out blade even for Holland and Dunkle and company. Useless, useless in the dying words of JWBooth.

#4 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 23 July 2015 - 12:22 PM

And I cannot wear the COPA t-shirt I ordered in 2013 without thinking of that fifty-cent-piece.


50 [plus] years of denial is enough.


that many decades of 'unremembering' hope and the like is more that enough too.

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