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The Dirty Secret of the Secret Service

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Posted 03 April 2014 - 04:26 PM

Florida Courant...The Dirty Secret of the Secret Service........



Blaine's Errors

Emory Roberts close to LBJ


The Secret Service has been around since 1865. No agent has ever broken the apolitical rule of the Secret Service until Emory Roberts came along. Roberts was appointment secretary to LBJ while still a member of the Service!

This is covered in the book but I thought you would find this post/ link----with the images attached----fascinating

 As I spell out in my book, it only took THREE men:

ASAIC Floyd Boring (the planner of the Texas trip from the Secret Service angle; in charge of all advance work during JFK era; originator of false JFK-told-us-not-to-ride-on-rear-of-limo fable between 11/19-11/21/63);

ATSAIC (Shift Leader) Emory Roberts (commander of follow-up car agents; disgusted with JFK's private life; ordered two agents back at Love Field+Ready on Elm+ ORDERED AGENTS NOT TO MOVE WHEN SHOOTING BEGAN; became WAY too close to LBJ immediately after [before?])

SA William Greer (SA Thomas B Shipman, one of the other drivers, DIED 10/14/63 at Camp David of a--ahem---"heart attack", allowing SA Henry Rybka to join the detail [he was one of the two ordered back at Love Field] and for Greer to assume full-time driving of JFK [Shipman drove JFK many times, as well...last assignment: late September 1963 at the Pinchot Estate...!]). What did Greer think of Kennedy??? As his son Richard told me: "Well, we're Methodists...and JFK was Catholic". Bill Greer was born and raised in County Tyrone, Ireland...

The rest were following orders and/ or negligent and/ or drinking (like the false hero, Clint Hill, the Jessica Lynch of the 1960's. oh, we love our heroes, don't we??? he has made millions * off three books and, while still married, is 81 years old---has a 56 year old son---and is with 48-year-old Lisa McCubbin, as verified BY Hill in an online news article...I am sure it is love, not money or control...ahem. Lisa's dad was in military intelligence--JUST a coincidence...ahem)

*400,000+ sales between all three books [not including advance $, movie advance/ rights, etc]...you do the math :o) ALSO: there will be a MOVIE based on Blaine's garbage


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