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Nix GIF made from the first generation FBI Nix Copy

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Posted 09 March 2016 - 09:33 PM

In agreement with Greg, Scott and Charles' view I write to the real people curious about events and bearing no agenda,


To address the issues of both the Z-toon being worthless for much in terms of the real events as well as the screwed, blewed and tattooed "evidence" other than the film "time clock" manufactured,

"Six Seconds in Dallas" isn't going to show the way.

Not near so well as Mr. Doug Horne's "Inside the Records Review Board" and a few other recent works do.

Follow up as to Mr. Dino Brugioni the photo interpreter for NPIC stated in no uncertain terms that he processed prints of frames and made briefing boards from a completely different film than the "Z-toon" WeThePeople paid 16 million tax dollars to acquire only to gift to Big D and the Sixth Floor Confuseum. Like the bridge to nowhere it is to me.

Sworn testimony in Mr Horne's work lays the whole damn deal out with the cards on the table.


To wit: Dr. Humes sawing away on the corpse's skull before the autopsy started, clearly to me for one purpose, to destroy all evidence of frontal entry/rear exit wounds to fit the fable written IN ADVANCE!


While it is not my nor anyone else here's "job" to elucidate all that "we know now that we didn't know then", each one's steps tread their own road. It is the responsibility of each person to research and put the effort in to educate one's self.


I agree with Scott as to the level of discourse here as opposed to other levels,

some devolve to parlor game and ego driven shit.


Aside from Mr. Horne's work I would direct people to David Talbot's "Devil's Chessboard" and James Douglass' "JFK and the Unspeakable" for the more covert side of the tragedy as well as more current states of knowledge than some JFK books being sold.


But I personally tend more to the political science side of the events

much more than the stage dressing of Dealy Plaza/Lee Oswald details of endless debate.




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