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AFTER.....in....The Texas School Book Depository

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Posted 30 March 2014 - 10:08 PM

June 30, 2009

"None of the TSBD employees who thought the shots came from elsewhere other than their building were called as a Warren Commission Witness."......" Crossfire".....Jim Marrs.



Witnesses In or Immediately Outside the Depository..

1: Shelley:William (Steps):.. Manager of the Depository, (Oswald's immediate supervisor)and (part of the floor laying crew that day ) testified that he was on the top landing of the entrance watching the motorcade when he heard the shots:

Ball: " What seemed to be the direction or source of the sound.?"

Shelley:" Sounded like it came from the West."...VOL.V1, 328-9.

"also: WC:.. "something sounded like it was a firecracker and a slight pause and then two more a little bit closer together."

He then ran with Lovelady across a small street in front of the Depository to the North curb of Elm, then down towards the railroad yards where people were converging..."Crossfire"..Marrs..p.46

The Oswald "nest" was directly over Shelley's head.To the West of his position is the Grassy Knoll area.

( Shelley told the FBI that TSBD employee and Oswald look-a-like Billy Lovelady was seated on the steps in front of him at the time of the shooting .

Oswald upon being questioned by the DPD after his arrest, reportedly said he encountered Shelley just outside the Depository after the shooting. According to the official version of Oswald's statements, Oswald said he then went home because Shelley told him there would be no more work that day.Shelley denied this,but admitted to being in the right place for this to have occurred.).."The JFK Assassination." Benson..p.236.

2: Truly: Roy Sansom... Superintendant of the Depository, was standing in front of the building , a little West..at the time of the shots... He joined a policeman, Marrion Baker, and showed him the way to the top of the Depository.

Com.Council David Belin: "Where did you think the shots came from?"

Truly:" I thought the shots came from the vicinity (of) the railroad or the WPA project.(pergola or pavillion on the Knoll) , behind the WPA project West of the building ."

Belin:" Did you have any conversation with the officer (Baker: Marrion L.)...about where you thought the shots came from?"

Truly: I said " ... I think we are wasting our time up here," or words to that effect, "I don't believe these shots came from the building ."... Vol.111, 227.

"Truly said after the initial explosion,( he thought it was a firecracker or toy cannon) everything seemed frozen...Then there were two more explosions, and he realized that shots were being fired....He saw the President's car come to a complete stop"...."Crossfire". Marrs...p.27.

"Truly saw Oswald about 90 seconds after the shooting on the Depository's second floor calmly drinking a coke....Truly says it was he who first noticed that Oswald was absent and drew that to the attention of the police."The JFK Assassination.".Benson...p.268

3: Campbell: Ochus Virgil: ...Vice President of the Depository, was standing next to Truly in front of the building. He gave an affidavit to the FBI.

"...I heard shots being fired from a point which I thought was near the railroad tracks located over the viaduct on Elm Street"..VOL. XX11, 638.

4: Wilson; Steven F. ...Vice President of a textbook publishing company, watched from his corner office on the third floor of the Depository ---three floors directly beneath the Oswald ":nest". Wilson said in an FBI affidavit:

"At that time it seemed the shots came from the West end of the building or from the colonade located on Elm Street across from the West end of out building . The shots really did not sound like they came from above me."... VOL; XX11, 685.

He said he heard three shots and that the entire shooting sequence took less than five seconds...

After making these statements above , to the FBI on March 25/64 Wilson was visited repeatedly by the FBI ."I couldn't get any work done.They were always there ."......he said. He refused to change his statement and was not called as a WC..witness. ."JFK Assassination" Benson.

5: Hopson: Mrs.Alvin ( Mary Madeline)..Employee : was looking out of a fourth floor window on the South side of the Depository,( the window would not open.).. facing on Elm Street, during the assassination. Although she was never called by the WC, she was questioned by the FBI, which reported:

"She stated that it did not sound to her like the sounds were coming from her building ....She stated she thought they had been set off on the street below, and she saw people on the street running toward the underpass and the railroad tracks." ... VOL; XX1V, 521.

6: Davis: Mrs.Charles Thomas ( Avery): (Steps).....was standing on the steps of the Depository, where she worked, when she heard "three explosions

." She told the FBI, "I did not know from which direction the shots had come, but thought they were from the direction of the viaduct which crosses Elm Street West from where I was standing." ..VOL; XX11, 642.

7: Garner: Dorothy Ann .. was watching the motorcade from a fourth floor window in the Depository when she heard the shots.

She said in an FBI affidavit, "I thought at the time the shots or reports came from a point to the West of the building." ...VOL; XX11, 648.

8: Kounas: Mrs.George Andrew (Dolores Arlene). was outside the Depository, her place of employment,standing near South West corner.. when she heard gunfire. She told the FBI:

"Although I was across the street from the Depository building and was looking in the direction of the building as the motorcade passed and following the shots. I did not look up at the building as I had thought the shots came from a westerly direction in the vicinity of the viaduct."... VOL; XX11, 659.

9: Williams;Otis Neville,(Steps):.. Book Depository's credit manager, who was standing on the steps of the building when the assassination occurred. told the FBI that he heard.

" three loud blasts" and that " I thought these blasts or shots came from the direction of the viaduct which crosses Elm Street." VOL; XX11, 683.

10: Adams;Victoria Elizabeth ..was watching from a pair of windows on the fourth floor of the Book Depository, where she worked. The alleged assassin's window was two floors above her and to her left : The Grassy Knoll was below and to her right. Testifying about the source of the shots, she said.

"....It seemed as if it came from the right below, rather than from the left above..".VOL; VI, 338.

11: Billy Lovelady: (Steps):...an employee of the Depository,( had been assigned to lay plywood flooring on the sixth floor that day.."Crossfire"..Marrs)....who at the time of the assassination was standing on the steps at the entrance to the building, was questioned by the Commission Counsel Joseph Ball:

Ball:.."Where was the direction of the sound?"

Lovelady:.."Right there areound that concrete little deal on that knoll..."

Ball:..."How did you happen to go down there.?"

Lovelady..."because everybody was running...toward that way: everybody thought it was coming from that direction."...VOL: V1,338-9.

Lovelady told the FBI, " I did not at any time believe the shots had come from the Texas School Depository Building." ..VOL:XX11, 662.

12: Arce; Danny Garcia ...Employee..part of floor laying crew..who was standing in front of the Depository, near Truly and Campbell.where he worked, he testified:

"I thought (the shots) came from the railroad tracks to the West of the Texas School Depository ."..VOL:V!, 365.

13: Frazier; Buell Wesley :( Steps):...the Depository employee who had driven Oswald to work that morning, was standing on the steps of the Depository building. He testified:

"Well to be frank with you I thought it came from down there, you know, where that underpass is. There is a series, quite a few number, of them railroad tracks running together and from where I was standing it sounded like it was coming from down the railroad tracks there"..VOL:11, 234.

14: Molina: Joseph Rodriquez: ( Steps) :...was standing on the steps of the Depository building. He was interviewed by the Commission:

Ball:..."Where---what was the source of this sound.?"

Molina:..."sort of kind of came from the West side.....I didn't want to think what was happening ....but I wanted to find out so I went down there to where the grassy slope is..."...VOL:V1, 371-2.

15: Baker: Mrs.Donald , "Virgie" (nee Rachley)..TSBD bookeeper... who had been standing at the South-Western corner of the Depository----at the end of the building nearest the Grassy Knoll---testified that she heard shots after the President's car passed the building.

Liebeler:.."Did you have any idea where they were coming from?."

Mrs.Baker.." Well, the way it sounded...there was a railroad track that runs behind the building...so I guess it would be by the underpass....as well as I can remember now, back there, and we all ran to the plaza.."

Liebeler:.."And you say there are some railroad tracks back in there....immediately behind Dealey Plaza away from Elm Street....and is that where you thought the shots came from.?"

Mrs.Baker: "Yes."...VOL;.V11, 510-1

16: Jarman James Jr:."Junior"..a Depository employee, ( floor laying crew) was on the fifth floor of the building ( one floor below the "snipers nest") watching the motorcade from the Southeast windows.( Photos of the Depository taken seconds after the shooting show Jarman's two friends looking out the windows, but Jarman is nowhere to be seen.)..

He thought the shots came from below, near the motorcade..VOL:111, 204.

Jarman was standing with two other employees, Bonnie Ray Williams and Harold Norman, both of whom testified that they heard shots from above them. Upon hearing the shots however, the immediate reaction of all three men was to run to the West side of the building, not upstairs.

"We saw the policeman and people running....There are some tracks on the West side of the building, railroad tracks. They were running towards that way and so we all ran that way."...VOL:111, 175.

17: Bonnie Ray Williams:..(floor laying crew ) was later questioned by Commissioner Gerald Ford:

Ford:.." Why didn't you go up to the sixth floor ?".

Williams: "I really don't know. We just never did think about it."..VOL:.III, 177.


Also: Information from "The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond."

Scott:Hoch:& Stetler..


"Many Depository employees went outside to view the motorcade. Most of them signed reports to the FBI during March 1964..Oddly, the reports all begin to sound alike in that the agents apparently never asked critical questions such as "Where did the shots come from?"..."How many shots?"...or "Did you see the effect of any shot?'...

As the evidence quickly piled up against Oswald and the Depository became the center of the investigation, the authorities, news media, and public soon forgot the initial focus of attention in Dealey Plaza---the Triple Underpass..(area)..."Crossfire" Jim Marrs..



On the day of the assassination ,six employees of the TSBD were laying a new tile floor. According to witness Bonnie Ray Williams , the crew consisted of himself: Billy Lovelady, Harold Norman, Charles Givens, William Shelley, and Danny Arce.

"The Assassination"..Benson..p 85,,



Jack Charles Cason - President of School Book
Depositary - left the building at 12:10 p.m. and went home. (VOL:22:P 640)

Gloria Jean Holt - clerk at TSBD - did not return after shooting.
(VOL:19:P.526) (VOL:22:P.652)

Sharon Simmons Nelson, Secretary, (VOL:19:P.256;VOL: 22-P.665) did not return.

Bonnie Richey, Secretary, (VOL22:P.671) did not return.

Carolyn Arnold (VOL:22:P.635) did not return.

Mrs. Donald Baker, Clerk, did not return (VOL:22:P.635)

Judy Marie Johnson (VOL22:P.256) did not return.

Mrs. Stella Mae Jacob (VOL:22:P.665) did not return.

Charles Givens did not come back.

Virginia H. Brnum - McGraw-Hill employee does not return (VOL:22:P.636)

Vida Lee Whatley, Clerk, does not return.(VOL:22:P.680)

Warren Caster (VOL;22:P.641;VOL 26:P.738) eating lunch in Denton.

Spauldin "Pud" Jones (VOL:22:P.658) eating lunch at Blue Front with Herbert
Junker (another McMillan employee) (22:659)

Mrs. Helen Palmer, clerk, (VOL:22:P.666) not present was at Love Field.

Franklin Kaiser - was absent from work on 11/22.(VOL:6:P.342), (VOL:23:P.751)

Vicki Davis, employee, was absent.

Dottie Lovelady, employee, was absent.

Mrs. Rudell Parsons, employee, was absent.

Joe Bergen, Scott Foresman, absent.

Maury Brown, McGraw-Hill, absent.

John Langston, absent.

Now how did Truly take an accurate roll call?

People on floors:

7th - 0
6th - 1
5th - 4
4th - 8
3rd - 4
2nd -2
1st - 3



FBI : June 15..1964.

Daniel Garcia Arce..................Roy Nolan Lovelady

Jack Edwin Dougherty............Eddie Piper

Buell Wesley Frazier...............William Hoyt Shelley

Charles Douglas Given............Troy Eugene West

James Earl Jarman Jr...............Bonnie Ray Williams

Frankie Kaiser.........................Roy Edward Lewis



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Posted 31 March 2014 - 07:55 PM

Every one on the face of the earth knows by the age of, I dunno, probably 5, not to ask a question if you don't want the answer.  Ford's question to Bonnie Ray Williams here, and the answer is priceless.  Just amazing.


Hony soit qui mal e pense.

#3 Gordon Gray

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Posted 01 April 2014 - 11:27 AM

It would seem that there are only a few, maybe 4 witnesses to shots coming from the 6th floor window: Euins, Brennan,  Williams, and Norman. Norman's and William's testimony evolved radically from their initial interviews. Only Euins and Brennan claimed to have seen a shooter in that window at the actual time of the shooting. I wonder if anyone actually did fire from there. The fact that rifle had rust in the barrel and on the firing pin and the markings and damage to the shell casings are strong indication that the MC had not been fired that day. 

#4 Bernice Moore

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Posted 04 April 2014 - 03:44 PM

And Brennan was their worse witness, they really regretted falling for his b/s as can be seen in their comments, where he was at the time of the shooting he saw nothing of a shooter.he was turned the other way..and GORDON THEY NEVER EVEN BOTHERED TO GIVE THE RIFLE A SNIFF TO PROVE IF IT HAD BEEN FIRED.excuse caps, please.and if so, now that would have been to their advantage but.it appears when the Sherriff told his men, Craig amongst them that they were to not interfere in the motorcade no matter what happened, not to get involved, so they stood most outside lined up in front of their building like they were not on duty, and really I guess they were not..b

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Posted 11 April 2014 - 02:55 PM

Plus there were so many people running around and allowed in the TSBD after the shooting, that none of the so called evidence would ever have been allowed in court, if he had gone to trial.it was all contaminated....newsmen, Dallas officers touching, moving,in the shooter's nest, the boxes, the found rifle area, it was the most uncontrolled crime scene ever, or one of the worse,and it was supposedly important as the scene of the shooting of a President.. after you read about how seriously bad it was, it makes one wonder if it was deliberate,like....... they were so delighted it had gone down so well, they knew who their patsy was,it's all cut and dried, so nothing else mattered.and DPD Captain Will Fritz of Homicide and Robbery if not the worse for not doing his duty and knowing how, was in charge...b

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