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The Chicken Bone Caper...

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Posted 30 March 2014 - 09:47 PM

J.F.K.research Forum: Posted: Bernice Moore Sep 6 2005..

.."Chicken Caper" Were there or were there not chicken or chicken bone remains, a paper lunch bag, and a soda pop bottle.? From that days lunch. Who saw them, where did they see them, who took them, were they moved ? How long were they there, whom did they belong to etc..??.. With the FBI thrown in for bad measure.......What time and where was Williams, for how long and when..? Did he eat a sandwich or fried chicken with bones remaining?

All is as clear as mud.....The fix was in immediately..imo...and the DPD falls flat on it's face as an encore..

There are no photos showing the remains of the lunch nor the lunch bag, nor paper rifle bag.. within the TSBD..but there is one of a soda bottle..in the middle of the photo on the floor...and another of them being taken out....


“ The Ole Chicken Bone Caper:"

Interview From Dec. 16/63........
Tom Alyea ..."The Facts and the Photos"..

From Connie Kritzberg's Book......Secrets From the Sixth Floor Window"..1994 ....p.39...46

“I was the first newsman into the building and the only newsman to
accompany the search team as they went from floor to floor searching for
the person who fired the shots. At this time, we did not know the
president had been hit. I rushed in with a group of plain clothes men and a
few uniformed officers.

I (followed) the search team that was on its way to the rear elevator, to
start the floor by floor search. We searched every floor, all the way to
the roof. The gunman could have still been in the building. Finding
nothing, they started back down. After approximately 18 minutes, they were
joined by Captain Fritz, who had first gone to Parkland Hospital.

The barricade on the sixth floor ran parallel to the windows, extending in
an "L" shape that ended against the front wall between the first and
second twin windows. The height of the stack of boxes was a minimum of 5
ft. I looked over the barricade and saw three shell casings laying on the
floor in front of the second window in the two window casement. They were
scattered in an area that could be covered by a bushel basket. They were
located about half way between the inside of the barricade. I set my lens
focus at the estimated distance from the camera to the floor and held the
camera over the top of the barricade and filmed them before anybody went
into the enclosure. I could not position my eye to the camera's view
finder to get the shot. After filming the casings with my wide angle lens,
from a height of 5 ft., I asked Captain Fritz, who was standing at my
side, if I could go behind the barricade and get a close-up shot of the
casings. He told me that it would be better if I got my shots from outside
the barricade. He then rounded the pile of boxes and entered the
enclosure. This was the first time anybody walked between the barricade
and the windows.

Fritz then walked to the casings, picked them up and held them in his hand
over the top of the boxes for me to get a close-up shot of the evidence. I
filmed about eight seconds of a close-up shot of the shell casings in
Captain Fritz's hand. I stopped filming, and thanked him. I do not recall
if he placed them in his pocket or returned them back to the floor,
because I was preoccupied with recording other views of the crime scene. I
have been asked many times if I thought it was peculiar that the Captain
of Homicide picked up evidence with his hands.
Actually, that was the first thought that came to me when he did it,
but I rationalized that he was the homicide expert and no prints
could be taken from spent shell casings.
Therefore, any photograph of shell casings taken after this, is
staged and not correct. It is highly doubtful that the shell casings that
appear in Dallas police photos of the crime scene are the same casings
that were found originally. The originals by this time were probably in a
plastic bag at police headquarters. Why? Probably this was a missing link
in the report the police department had to send to the FBI and they had to
stage it and the barricade box placement to complete their report and
photo records.

The position of the barricade, while difficult to follow for one who was
not there, is important because of the difference in photographs seen

There are four different box positions.

There was one box in the barricade stack that was considerably higher
than the others. This box is the one that can be seen in the photos taken
from outside the window by Tom Dillard, because it was high enough to
catch the sunlight and still be seen from the ground below. It is not to
be confused with the second box set at an angle in the window sill, that
was used as a brace for the assassin's rifle.
A portion of this box can also be seen in these same photos taken by
Tom Dillard. It shows up in the lower right hand corner of the picture.

Two boxes were stacked on the floor, inside the window, to give arm
support to the assassin. The top box was one of the two boxes from which
the crime lab lifted palm prints.

The fourth box of importance was on the floor behind the sniper
location. Officers also lifted palm prints from this box. It is suspected
that the sniper sat on this box while he waited for the motorcade to pass.

The positioning of boxes 2, 3, and 4 were recorded by the police crime
lab. They are the only boxes involved in the crime scene.

The actual positioning of the barricade was never photographed by the
police. It s actual positioning is only on my movie footage, which was
taken before the police started dismantling the arrangement.

We all looked over the barricade to see if the half open window with three
boxes piled to form a shooting rest for a gunman. One box was actually on
the window sill, tilted at an angle. There was a reason for this that I
cover in my JFK Facts newsletter. The shooting location consists of two
windows set together to form one single window. (The police photo showing
the shell casings lying next to the brick wall was staged later by crime
lab people who did not see the original positioning because they were not
called upon the scene until after the rifle was found nearly an hour

Only recently I saw a picture of Lt. Day with a news still cameraman on
the 6th floor. Day was shown pointing to the location where the rifle was
found. This was nearly 3:30 or after. It was my understanding that Day and
Studebaker had taken the prints, rifle and homemade sack back to police
headquarters. I personally would like to know what they were doing back at
the scene unless it was to reconstruct shots they had failed to take
during the primary investigation. But this evidence had been destroyed and
they were forced to create their own version. The photo I have seen of the
barricade wasn't even close. I have also seen recently a police photo of
the assassin's lair taken from a high angle which indicates that it was
shot before the barricade box arrangement was destroyed, but it did not
show the barricade itself. This has no bearing on the case other than the
public has never seen the original placement. I show it in my JFK Facts

Police officers who claim they were on the 6th floor when the assassin's
window was found have reported that they saw chicken bones at or near the
site. One officer reported that he saw chicken bones on the floor near the
location. Another said he saw chicken bones on the barricade boxes, while
another reported that he saw chicken bones on the box which was laying
across the window sill. Some of these officers have given testimony as to
the location of the shell casings. Their testimony differs and none of it
is true. I have no idea why they are clinging to these statements. They
must have a reason. Perhaps it is because they put it in a report and they
must stick to it.

One officer stated that he found the assassin's location at the 6th floor
window. He went on to say that as he and his fellow officers were leaving
the building, he passed Captain Fritz coming in. He said he stopped
briefly to tell Captain Fritz that he had found the assassin's lair
at the 6th floor window. This seems highly unlikely because
Captain Fritz joined us on the 5th floor and aided in the search.
The chances are great that
this or these officers heard the report, that stemmed from WFAA-TV's
incorrect announcement that the chicken bones were found on the 6th floor.
This officer or officers perhaps used this information to formulate their
presence at the scene. There were no chicken bones found on the 6th floor.

We covered every inch of it and I filmed everything that could possibly be
suspected as evidence. There definitely were no chicken bones on or
near the barricade or boxes at the window. I shot
close-up shots of the entire area. The most outstanding puzzle as to why
these officers are sticking to this story is the fact they claim to have
found the sniper's location, then left the building, as they said to join
the investigators at the Tippit shooting location. I have never seen a
report that indicates they attempted to use any telephone in the building
in an attempt to notify other investigators. They just left the scene to
check another assignment, and by chance ran into Capt. Fritz coming in the
front door. They claim to have placed a detective at the location but they
did not relay their finding to any other officer before they left the
building. I presume that the alleged detective they allegedly left at the
scene was instructed to stand there until someone else stumbled upon the
scene, or they found time to report it after investigating the Tippit
scene. Sorry, it doesn't wash.

I do however know that Officer Mooney was present when the rifle was found
because I took film of him at the scene. He is shown talking to another
detective, but this was nearly an hour after the sniper's location was
found at the window. I have no idea when he arrived. We ended up with more
men than when we started. As they joined us during the search the
latecomers would bring us the latest news of the president's condition.
When Captain Fritz arrived 18 minutes after we started, he brought news
that both Governor Connally and the president had been hit but by the time
he left, the seriousness of their wounds was unknown. Fritz left the
hospital almost immediately when he was notified that a search was
underway in the Texas School Book Depository for the sniper. We in the
search team had no phones, radios or TV sets. As I recall, we learned that
the president was dead about the time we found the rifle. I don't know who
brought us this word. Several officers arrived while we were waiting for
Lt. Day. One of them was Roger Craig, who is responsible for giving much
misinformation to the press. None of us were prepared to hear that the
president's wound was a fatal one. We thought perhaps it was a minor thing
or possibly a flesh wound. It was a stunning shock, and our attitude
(towards) the rifle had suddenly changed. We stared at the small portion
of the butt as it lay under the overhang boxes while we waited for Lt. Day
to arrive and recover the weapon that killed our president. I give an
account of this in JFK Facts.

We finished combing the 6th floor, looking for the assassin or any other
evidence. Finding nothing more at this time Captain Fritz ordered all of
us to the elevator and we started searching the 7th floor and from there
we went to the roof.

Nothing in the way of evidence was found so we retraced our search back
down, floor by floor. Shortly after we arrived back on the 6th floor,
Deputy Eugene Boone located the assassin's rifle almost completely hidden
by some overhanging boxes near the stairwell. I filmed it as it was found.
In my shot, the figure of Captain Fritz is standing within the enclosure
next to the rifle. He knew then that the possibility of a fire fight with
the sniper had greatly diminished. He dispatched one of his men to go down
and call for the crime lab. About fifteen minutes later, Lt. Day and
Studebaker arrived. Still pictures were taken of the positioning of the
rifle, then Lt. Day slid it out from its hiding place and held it up for
all of us to see. The world has seen my shot of this many times. Lt. Day
immediately turned toward the window behind him and started dusting the
weapon for fingerprints. Day was still within the enclosure formed by the
surrounding boxes. I filmed him lifting prints from the rifle. He lifted
them off with scotch tape and placed them on little white cards. When he
had finished, he handed the rifle to Captain Fritz. Fritz pulled the bolt
back and a live round ejected and landed on the boxes below. Fritz put the
cartridge in his pocket. I did not see Fritz pick up anything other than
the live round.

I filmed Captain Fritz talking with associates in this dismantled area
( the "sniper's nest") along with Studebaker, who was dusting the Dr.
Pepper bottle which had been brought up to him from the 5th floor. This is
all recorded on my film. I never learned if prints were lifted from the
pop bottle. I'm not sure if anybody ever asked.

I took the film from my camera, placed it back into its metal can, wrapped
the tape around it, and tossed it to our News Editor, A. J. L'Hoste, who
was waiting outside with the other newsmen who were not allowed in the
building. A. J. raced it to the television station which was about three
blocks away. About fifteen minutes later the world saw the murder weapon,
where it was found and pictures of the crime lab people dusting it for
fingerprints, and the shell casings that once housed those bullets. They
also saw how the assassin prepared for his ambush and the view he had of
the killing zone.....”

*******End of quote..

Now this above is also confusing.....well what isn’t? This is from Alyea's first statement ...??
Notice the dates..?? I have checked Connie's book, and this information
from Tom Alyea...seems to be a compilation, or could be, of information
from his interview in Dec.16/63 and Dec.19/63.?......and with his
interview with Connie for her book in 1994....it is so far not clear..

As we all know, time alters recollections. Case in point:
compare Tom Alyea’s more recent statement with his
statement from December 19, 1963:

-------------------------------------------------[quote on]"...I ran on upstairs with the Secret Service men. Then other
units came in - the Riot Squad. I thought I was going to film
a gun fight. They ran to the 4th floor and I went with them.
Some of the other units went to the top of the building. They
were conducting a systematic search. It boiled down to the
sixth floor. After awhile it was obvious that the assassin was
not in the building. They looked for the gun. I filmed 400 ft.
of film of the Secret Service men looking for the assassin,
climbing over boxes, over the rafters, and the actual finding of
the gun. At the time it was suspected that the assassin had stayed
quite a time there. There was a stack with a stack of chicken bones
on it. There was a Dr. Pepper bottle which they dusted for fingerprints.
The fingerprints were not Oswald’s. You know how he piled the boxes up?
The gun was found across the length of the room from where he fired. It
was stashed between boxes. I had difficulty in filming. They did not want
me close to the window or to the gun. I asked permission to go to the
window to film. A Secret Service man said, ‘You are close enough.’ I asked
the Secret Service man to take pictures of the stashed gun. I set the
camera but he wiggled the camera. I got a picture of them taking the gun
from the hiding place and dusting it for fingerprints. After this the Crime
Lab man, Captain Will Fritz - and I have footage of this - pulled the bolt
back and a live round came out. They dusted the gun for fingerprints. This
was my third camera. They wouldn’t let me out of the building and they
wouldn’t let anyone else in. I never saw my film on the air because I had
to get the film to someone outside. This was the first film from there. We
had Mal Couch’s film of the crowd but not of the President being hit.
[How did you get the film out?] There’s a story for you. I actually handed
it out through the door but it had been publicized over the air and
everywhere that I had thrown it out of the building through a window. I
to tell you the real story. I started to throw it out of the building but
so close and knowing that we had the other film, I wanted our station to be
first to show a film of the assassination. A A.J. L’Hoste was under the
I yelled out to him. In actuality I tossed the film out the front door to
Ron Reiland who had gotten back from covering the apprehension of Oswald at
the Texas Theater. This was another ABC exclusive. There were 2 policemen at
the Depository door. They were not sure that I should get things outside.
Ron was outside and I was inside. One of the policemen there called a
Lieutenant and while they were calling him, I threw the film out....."

The Chicken Patrol...
The Officers were: information from "Accessories After The Fact”. Sylvia Meagher
The remains of a chicken lunch, were found on the sixth floor of the TSBD , together with a soda pop bottle, and an empty cigarette box...It was thought that a sniper had been hiding out. A news broadcast on Dallas radios-TV station KRLD on the night of the assassination reported:

"A Dallas police inspector named J. H. Sawyer said the police found the remains of fried chicken and paper on the 5th floor indicating he said that apparently the person had been there quite awhile waiting for this moment in history"..

The theory went through several transformations in the next several days. One was the chicken bones were several days old.....and had no connection. It also was said the one of the workers has eaten the chicken during a coffee break that morning. The empty cigarette box was dropped from mention..
The final version of the story is found in the WR page 68..that Bonnie Ray Williams had gone up to the 6th floor to eat his lunch and had left behind his paper lunch sack, chicken bones, and an empty pop bottle. The report does not say where he left them (he was not asked) and small wonder. Judging from the highly contradictory testimony of the DPD, who searched the 6th floor...the chicken must have been shot out of a cannon..

Deputy Sheriff Luke Mooney who discovered the pile of cartons at the southeast window, stated he saw one piece of partially eaten chicken on top of those boxes, and a small paper bag about a foot away, on the same carton as the chicken..3H 288-298.
Sergeant Gerald Hill saw a chicken leg bone and a paper sandwich bag on top of the cartons 7 H 46.
But Officer L.D. Montgomery saw " one piece of chicken on a box and there was a piece on the floor..just kind of scattered around right there: but he didn't remember if the paper bag was on top of the cartons or on the floor. The soda bottle was " a little more to the west of that window.".7H 97-98..
Officer E.L. Boyd on the other hand, saw chicken bones on top of some boxes about 30 or 40 feet west of the southeast corner where the cartons stood. 7H 121.
Officer Marvin Johnson recalled remnants of fried chicken and a soda bottle “by some other window...toward the west, perhaps at the second pair of windows from the southeast corner” .7H 105.
R.L. Studebaker, who photographed the evidence found on the sixth floor, saw chicken bones, a brown bag, and a soda bottle in the third aisle from the east wall, near a two wheel truck, but the chicken bones were inside the paper bag. He did not see chicken bones on the pile of cartons or on the floor..(where Mooney, Hill and Montgomery saw them) 7 H 146.
Bill Shelley, foreman at the TSBD, also recalled chicken bones were at the third window from the southeast corner, "laying on a sack"...with a coke bottle sitting in he window" and while remembering the chicken bones on top of the paper sack instead of in it...he like Studebaker, remembered seeing no lunch remains elsewhere on the sixth floor. 6H 330-331.
E. D. Brewer however, remembered seeing the paper lunch bag and some chicken bones or partially eaten chicken together with a pop bottle at the southeast corner window ,near the rifle shells. 6H 307.
Lieutenant J. C. Day is in the third aisle faction .He remembered seeing the lunch bag and the pop bottle at the third set of windows with the two-wheel truck. The bag of chicken bones and the empty bottle were brought to the police laboratory and may still be there.??, except for the "chicken bones , I finally threw them away that laid around there." When he heard that one of the workers had eaten his lunch on the 6th floor ,Day explained ,he realized that the chicken bones had no connection with Oswald. He had checked the bottle for Oswald's fingerprints, with negative results, and then put aside the chicken and the paper bag..4 H 266
Day was not asked if there were fingerprints,( heaven forbid)..other than Oswald's on the bottle and, if so, whether those prints had been identified. An attempt should have been made to see if they were Bonnie Ray William’s ...for he was linked to the lunch remains for some time after the assassination.

Four of the 9 witnesses, then remembered seeing the chicken remains at the southeast corner window...on top of the barrier of cartons. One of the four remembered chicken remains on the floor there as well. One witness saw the chicken at the second pair of windows from the east wall, and four of them saw chicken remains with a soda bottle at the third pair of windows.
But none of them saw chicken remains anywhere except where he saw them ..and no one admitted ever moving them or touching them or the lunch bag..
Neither the chicken bones remains, nor the paper bag, is visible in any of the photographs taken on the sixth floor, but there are photographs showing an empty bottle standing on the floor near a two-wheel truck in the third aisle..

All saw the poor old chicken bones or leg bones unwrapped, except Studebaker..who insisted the bones were inside the paper bag " wrapped up and put right back in " together with " a little piece of Fritos in the sack, too."
Finally, we have an opinion from Captain Will Fritz: " I will tell you where that story comes from. At the other window above there, where people in days past, you know, had eaten their lunches, they left chicken bones and pieces of bread, all kinds of things up and down there. That isn't where he (Oswald) was at all. He was in a different window, so I don't think those things have anything to do with it". 4H 239..
Well everything is clear as mud now???

But it is not quite so simple as the Captain suggests. It is a matter for concern that the stalwart men of the DPD have such faulty visual perception, or faulty recall, if in fact the conflicts in their stories really result from impaired facilities..
The predisposition of the DPD is apparent from their concentration on evidence identifiable with Oswald. Day saw no need to check the empty bottle for any fingerprints that were not LHOs..We will never know if there were fingerprints on a bottle or whose they were..The confused and contradictory testimony on the chicken remains permits little trust in a case that rests largely on evidence gathered by investigators of such dubious competance..The WC however nevertheless saw to it that this chicken never came to roost on the DPD..there was no sign that they were even perturbed by the mad variety of the testimony..

Meanwhile back at the chicken ranch..
Williams: In his testimony....stated..when asked by

Ball: "Well, now,when you talked to the FBI on the 23rd. day of Nov.,you said that you went up to the sixth floor about 12 noon with your lunch and you stayed only about 3 minutes ,and seeing no one ,you came down to the fifth floor. Now do you think you stayed longer than 3 minutes up there."
Williams:” I am sure I stayed longer than 3 minutes ...I finished my chicken Sandwich ( I guess he spit out the bones??) maybe 10 or 15 minutes after 12.....Approximately 12.20 maybe...I do not remember telling them I only stayed 3 minutes .......

Ball: And then on the 14th of January 64, when you talked to Carter and Griffin ,they reported you told them you went down to the 5th floor around 12.05 pm....Now do you remember telling them you went down there at 12.05pm ??
Williams: they asked me first, they said," How long did it take you to finish your sandwich?"..I said "Maybe 5 to 10 minutes, maybe 15 minutes”. Just like I said here..I don't remember saying for a definite answer that it was 5 minutes..
Ball: "They reported that you told them on the 23rd of Nov. that you and...Hank Norman...and Junior Jarmen were standing where they would have seen anyone coming down from the 6th floor by way of the stairs..Did you tell them that?"
Williams: "I could not possibly have told them that ,because you cannot see anything coming down from that position ..An elephant could walk by there, and you could not see him..."

Oh ,No, could this possibly mean that the FBI, corrected, changed, Altered his statement....???????? No way....!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would never think of possibly doing such a thing.....would they ???

I have learned to laugh at times, in all of this as I think if you do not, go with the flow and see the ridiculousness in so much of their so called investigation, you will explode or cry...I chose to laugh at times, at their Ineptness..

The end of the poor ole chicken bone saga.......Thanks..... b

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