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Hackett's Sailplane Hangar

Interests hobbies

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#1 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 23 April 2015 - 08:30 AM

Most of the founding members know this already but for those that don't...


I have an abiding interest in recovery of this Nation's system of governance to sanity in living to the Constitution.

I sometimes doubt this possibility but know the issue of the "consent of the governed" and vigilence in defense of the rights of WeThePeople are primary concepts in the struggle against the 'powers-that be".


The Patriot Act be damned as the deed of evil interests.


I support the right to bear and keep arms as one of the few protections left to WeThePeople if we can keep the right.


Now the hobbies,


Designing, building and flying my own R/C aircraft within limited means. Building from scratch is cheaper than buying the "almost-ready-to-fly" or "ready-to-fly" aircraft.

I don't do drones, I fly models of aircraft that operate by the same aerodynamics principles as "real" aircraft as modified to account for the lower reynold's number of models. (A scaling effect of smaller aircraft)

Most of all I enjoy flying thermal sailplanes as the hawks do it. Bungee launch and do it. One-on-one with the sky without an engine.

My best duration to date is 32 minutes and 20 seconds.


I can't imagine such foul use of the art of aeromodelling for war but others clearly do.



Attending selected autosport events. Sports car and Indycar and Drag Racing. Just my own choice but I exclude "nascar" and F none from my interests.

Politics of street parades I do not enjoy. Races where bumping and grinding with other cars is accepted is not racing to me.




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#2 Guest_Darren Hastings_*

Guest_Darren Hastings_*
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Posted 23 April 2015 - 04:18 PM

Cool hobbies Jim.
I dragged my wife along to Gainesville for the Gatornationals whilst we we on our holiday in February and March.
Top Fuel doesn't really exist over here (not enough competitors or money so no comp) so it was truly the opportunity to see something completely incredible. The engineering that goes into those machines is mind boggling. The noise, the rush, the vibration. Goose bumps stuff.



Yep, I even bought the t shirt 😉

For a hobby (and semi professionally i suppose) I restore and modify old Australian cars....although I did buy my wife a 65 Ford Futura convertible about 6 months ago that someone had just imported. I attend lots of shows to see what others have and what they've done. I've also my raced my car a few times at the local drag strip (150kms away!). Good fun!

#3 Jim Hackett II

Jim Hackett II

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Posted 24 April 2015 - 04:44 AM

Great to ya,


Back in my youth I never bothered to protect my ears from Nitro engines. Before I figured out God gave me fingers to protect my hearing.

The sensory overload is incredible to those that never have experience.


Even open headers of my own car didn't teach me.


Long before I had a car I'd be hitchhiking 35 miles to get to the Nationals Labor Day. No such thing as "the US Nationals",

Indy was the big go alone when there were only 5 regional national events.


Country music had Dolly Parton, all the racers has the lovely Ms. Linda Vaughn (Miss Hurst Golden Shifter)....

Life long fan of two Dons, Garlits and Prudhomme. Genius innovators.

And the one and only Shirley Muldowney.


Even then the sound of the nitro hemis firing up raised the goose flesh, let alone the stage and get it races themselves.


Sadly NHRA screwed the pooch and wrecked the popularity of the 1970s.

Too much youth and pot smoke drifting out of the stands to suit the corporate jerks of Wally Parks empire.

NHRA has aways sucked crap and courted the corporate dollar.


NHRA bought Indy Raceway Park in 79 and it was never ever the same.

No t-shirt shacks and lunch vendors outside the track any more.

All vendors inside the track and the prices doubled as well as the "food" - NHRA demanded their cut.


There was a police ignited riot outside the track in 1974.

Police command buses and cars burned and the pigs forced to abandon the front gate.

The jerks sought the confrontation and then found they were in way over their head. Playing tough you had better really be tough or gone.

These were race fans not the cowed hoosiers they assumed were intimidated by color of authority.

Veteran Bikers united across "colors" in peace were the target of the "law", a big mistake.

Yes I was present but played no part going back to my car once it was lit off.


After all that, the family that owned the track halted the abuse inside the track and the landowners of the campgrounds and drive-in also stopped the abuse of fans outside the track,

until the track was sold in 1979.

"US Nationals" it became and lessened for all except the corporate interests and the prices doubled right then.

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