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Posted 11 April 2015 - 03:14 PM

Forum Members,


I have removed all videos from my Youtube channel that contained any "third party" content. I still have over 90 videos available and will be adding more. I regret having had to take these steps, but I felt it was necessary. About 6 months ago I had the film "Thirteen Days" on the channel. The Copyright holder allegedly filed a complaint out of the blue. If true, this action was arbitrary and without merit.


Indeed, the film was clearly offered solely for purposes of education and critical review and thus its reproduction was therefore governed under the provisions of Fair Use. After filing the proper appeal forms with YouTube, I was informed that my appeal wouldn't even be forwarded to the complainant for their consideration! As a result, my account received a "copyright strike." Such a "strike" expires automatically after six months. During the interim I was not allowed to upload any videos in excess of 15 minutes in length and other minor restrictions also applied.


Even though that was the only strike I received I decided to remove any other videos that were flagged for matching third party content, such as, The Men Who Killed Kennedy series, among a few others. If more than one strike is garnered in six months, YouTube can delete the holder's account. I think that having a YouTube channel is very important to what we do here. I did not want to run the risk.


Fortunately, the videos I took down are available elsewhere on YouTube for parties who are interested in viewing them.

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